Campaign for Working Families

A Partisan Prosecution


Many Americans are infuriated by the obvious lawfare campaign the left has been waging against Donald Trump. Legal experts and professors of constitutional law say these cases are… Read More

The Barbarians Among Us

Demonstrations erupted all over the United States yesterday.  Protesters shut down the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. They shut down O’Hare International Airport in… Read More

Thoughts On Iran’s Attack


Once again, the Islamic Republic of Iran demonstrated who and what they are when Tehran launched hundreds of missiles and drones against Israel this weekend. They are terrorists dedicated to the destruction of Israel, the United States, and Western Civilization. Read More

Leftist Lawfare


Today’s neo-Marxist Democrat Party is committed to waging lawfare to crush, imprison, intimidate, and bankrupt their political opponents -- us. They are obviously doing it to Donald Trump.


Read More

A Great Reception


Former President Trump was campaigning in Georgia yesterday when he made an unscheduled stop at a Read More

Bidenflation Bites Again


The consumer price index, a key measure of inflation, rose 0.4% last month, more than expected. Inflation now stands at 3.5%.Read More

Garland’s Contempt


The Biden Justice Department is vehemently… Read More

Trump’s Statement


Former President Donald Trump issued a statement this morning on his Truth Social platform outlining his position on abortion.


Read More

The Betrayal Continues


What is happening right now to the U.S.-Israel alliance is a monumental shift in the wrong direction at the worst possible time.


Israel and the United States have the same enemy. That enemy… Read More

Biden’s Interference


There is a shocking report from Caroline Glick of the Jewish News Syndicate regarding the recent protests that have erupted in Israel.

 … Read More

A Strange Alliance


During the 2020 “Summer of Love,” so-called “autonomous zones” sprouted up in various progressive cities. Left-wing radicals took over parts of a city and declared them to no longer be covered by U.S. law, while progressive politicians did absolutely nothing. Predictably, businesses were destroyed, and people were… Read More

The Big Picture


The understandable controversy regarding Joe Biden’s smear of Easter Sunday was the timing of his “Transgender Day of Visibility” proclamation, which he released on Good Friday. But, by itself, that misses the main point. 


Read More

A Widow’s Righteous Anger


Sadly, this will be an Easter forever burned into the heart of Stephanie Diller. She buried her… Read More

A Striking Contrast


Every day we get another example of the growing disconnect between normal Americans and the “governing class” who are infected with globalism, neo-Marxism, and… Read More

The Intolerant Left


Well, that didn’t last long. On Friday, NBC News announced that it had hired former RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel to be a conservative voice on the network.

Read More

Official Story


A cargo ship on its way out of Baltimore Harbor lost power, lost backup power, and then crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing its collapse and the loss of life. Baltimore police and rescue officials immediately assured us there was no evidence of… Read More

Ronna, We Hardly Knew You


Former RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel was “shown the door” at the Republican National Committee and promptly landed on her feet – at NBC/MSNBC. What should we conclude from her signing up with the most anti-conservative, anti-Trump network? 


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Biden’s Border Invasion


Hundreds of illegal aliens massed outside of El Paso, Texas, and marched toward our border. Members of the Texas National Guard attempted to block them, but the mob… Read More

A Father's Plea


I hope you remember the name Laken Riley. We must not let this young woman be forgotten. Laken was a strong Christian and a nursing student with her whole life in front of her.


But her life was cut short. She was brutally murdered by an illegal alien because of Joe Biden’s… Read More

Jewish Leaders Slam Schumer


The fallout continues from Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer’s speech last week attacking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Schumer called Netanyahu “a major obstacle to peace” and demanded the overthrow of his… Read More

Back To The “Bloodbath”


As we reported yesterday, Democrats and their left-wing media allies have gone into disinformation overload because of one word Donald Trump said… Read More

Media Malfeasance


The leftist media, which is constantly lecturing the country about “disinformation,” engaged in an orgy of disinformation this weekend. They took a… Read More

Schumer’s Betrayal


I want to revisit something I mentioned in yesterday’s report – the unprecedented speech by Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer. His remarks were incredible, but not in a good way.


For the… Read More

Hide Your Babies – The Vice President Is In Town


Vice… Read More

Biden v. Trump 2.0


Last night, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump officially won their respective party’s nomination for the 2024 presidential election. Whether… Read More


Hur On The Hill


Special Counsel Robert Hur testified for hours before the House Judiciary Committee today. Prior to his testimony, the transcript of his interview with Joe Biden was released to the public, and we learned that… Read More

Biden’s Disgusting Apology


By now, most Americans have heard about the brutal murder of Laken Riley, a young Christian nursing student in Georgia, at the hands of a criminal illegal alien thug from Venezuela.


In… Read More

Biden Unhinged


Over the years, I have watched more State of the Union addresses than I care to admit.  I had significant input on eight of them when I worked for President Ronald Reagan. 


Some are underwhelming.… Read More

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