Campaign for Working Families

So Much For "Mr. Nice Guy"
During her run for the White House, Hillary Clinton made it clear early on what she… Read More

Leftists Seek To Guarantee Permanent Power
The House of Representatives is expected to pass… Read More

The Left vs. Dr. Seuss
Today is Read Across America Day.  Launched in the 1990s to encourage children to read, the… Read More

Cruz Fires Up CPAC
In the past, I have told you that I am not giving up and going away.  Well, neither is Senator… Read More

Communist China's Genocide
There is growing pressure around the world to hold communist China accountable for the… Read More

A Grim Milestone
A few days ago, America hit the grim and undesired milestone of 500,000 COVID-19 related deaths. … Read More

Appeasing Iran
As the Biden Administration steps up its efforts to reengage Iran, the radical Islamic regime is… Read More

Biden's Emergency Bill
President Biden's COVID relief bill – a massive $1.9 trillion emergency spending bill – is… Read More

Limbaugh: A Legend In His Own Time
It is impossible to overstate the impact of Rush Limbaugh on the American media… Read More

Biden's Amnesty Bill
The amnesty bill introduced in Congress yesterday with President Biden's support is the most… Read More

Goodbye, Rush
By now you have probably heard the heartbreaking news that… Read More

Texas Tragedy
Our prayers are with people of the Midwest and Texas who are suffering through a terrible winter storm.  President Biden, who wants to be known as the environmental president, has apparently solved global warming in three weeks!  But this really isn't a joking matter. 
Democrats… Read More

DeSantis vs. Biden
We reported yesterday that the Biden Administration was considering imposing a COVID travel ban… Read More

The Sham Trial Begins
The Senate today began the second fake impeachment trial of Donald Trump. … Read More

The Impeachment Sham
Senate Democrats are beginning another impeachment trial of President Trump this week.  It is a… Read More

Biden Rewards Iran


Well, that didn't take long.  Barely two weeks into office and President Joe Biden is already rewarding Iran.


In a major foreign policy address yesterday, Biden announced that he was… Read More

Iranian Diplomat Convicted
An Iranian diplomat was found guilty today by a Belgian court and sentenced to 20 years… Read More

Biden's Ministry Of Truth
It has often been said that we are living in a post-truth era.  Well, now the left wants… Read More

Compromise, Anyone?
President Joe Biden has been "talking" unity, bipartisanship and compromise for weeks, but his "… Read More

The Biden Family Business
When Joe Biden declared his candidacy for president, it touched off a flurry of articles… Read More

March For Life
Today is one of my favorite days of the year – the annual… Read More

Biden's Pro-Abortion Extremism
President Biden signed more executive orders today, this time rolling back a number of President Trump's pro-life policies.  Biden is taking steps to restore funding to Planned Parenthood, and he is reversing the Mexico City Policy, which was one of the first pro-life actions… Read More

Fanning The Flames
Yesterday, President Biden signed a series of executive orders intended to address "systemic… Read More

Responding to a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas, federal Judge Drew Tipton (a Trump appointee) today imposed a nationwide injunction… Read More

The End Of Women's Sports?
The Biden Administration is off to a strange start.  Several of the president's first… Read More

Sanctity Of Human Life Day
Today is National Sanctity of Human Life Day.  The day marks the somber anniversary 48… Read More

What Unity?
Every inaugural address is filled with soaring rhetoric and phrases.  Some are certainly more lasting than others. 
Yesterday, if you Read More

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