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Biden’s IRS Act


Yesterday, Senate Democrats passed yet another massive spending bill on a party-line vote of 50 to 50 with Vice President Harris casting the tie-breaking vote.  There’s a lot of really bad things in the bill.  But let’s start with the name.  Democrats are calling this the “Inflation Reduction Act” or IRA Act.  That’s a big lie.  Read More

The Cheney’s Go Full Out “Jihad” Against Trump
If things don’t go as well as expected for the GOP in November, the once proudly conservative Cheney family will bear a lot of the blame.
Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) yesterday said that if President Biden’s “Justice” Department doesn’t… Read More

Arizona Ground Zero
Trump-endorsed candidates swept every key race in Arizona’s GOP primary last night.  Read More

Stuck In The Past


The Biden State Department announced yesterday that it is offering a $10 million reward for any information that proves how Russian interests interfered in… Read More

The Biden Recession Is Here


Well, the news we all knew was coming arrived this morning.  The Biden recession is here.  The latest gross domestic product (GDP) figures show the economy shrank by 0.9% in the second quarter.  The “experts” had… Read More

Dueling Speeches


Former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence gave what the media are calling “dueling speeches” in… Read More

Grassley vs. The Deep State


Yesterday, Senator Charles Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI… Read More

Biden Cleans His Plate


Breaking news!  While Vladimir Putin was increasing his hold over the Donbas region of Ukraine, and while communist dictator… Read More

The Left Attacks Again


Rep. Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for governor of New York,… Read More

The Real Threat


A radical leftist group called Shutdown DC is threatening next week’s Congressional Baseball Game.  This game is a long-standing Washington… Read More

Biden’s Abortion “Emergency”


The Biden Administration just extended the national public health emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic.  But Democrats are pushing the White House to declare… Read More

Communist China “Down On The Farm”


If the COVID-19 pandemic proved anything, it proved that the United States is far too dependent on communist China for just about everything. 


When we needed masks and personal… Read More

The Globalist Attack On America


Last week, we reported on the woke makeover of Thomas Jefferson’s iconic home, Monticello.  Now we’re learning that the same thing has happened at James Madison’s estate… Read More

Trump Ready To Run


Former President Donald Trump offered the clearest signal yet that he intends to run for president in 2024.  In an interview with New York Magazine, Trump… Read More

Bidenflation Strikes Again


Today’s inflation report shocked many economists, and no doubt had the “economic experts” inside the Biden White House reaching for the… Read More

Back To Bizarro World


Last week, I told you about the insanity coming out of the National Education Association’s convention in Chicago.  This week, we’re going to… Read More

The Left’s War On The Court


The Biden Administration and the radical left continue to stoke hatred against the Supreme Court and, more specifically, the five justices who correctly decided that there never was a right to abort babies hidden in the U.S. Constitution. 


Read More

Biden’s Abortion Order


Earlier this week, we noted how obsessed the left is with killing babies and ensuring abortion on demand.  Well, we just got more proof.


In a world full of turmoil, President Biden, once… Read More

The Left’s Attack On America


The attack in Highland Park, Illinois, this week wasn’t just a random act of violence.  It was a deliberate attack on America on the Fourth of July by a nihilist inspired by the left’s false narrative of “evil America.” 


Read More

The Left’s Pro-Abortion Extremism


While America is struggling with crisis after crisis, the Democrat Party is obsessed with abortion on demand.  They are all in on ensuring the maximum number of babies are destroyed in the womb. 


Read More

Carnage In Chicago


As normal Americans were celebrating Independence Day, death rained down on a parade in Highland Park, Illinois, an upscale suburb of Chicago.  A 22 year-old aspiring rapper reportedly… Read More

Celebrating Independence Day


Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays -- celebrating patriotism, our history and the tremendous courage, faith and sacrifices of our Founding Fathers.  As the 246th… Read More

Biden Declares War


Speaking at a press conference during the NATO Summit in Spain this morning, President Joe Biden called on Democrats to break the Senate rules and end the filibuster. 

Read More

Pelosi’s Stalinist Show Trial


I’m sure you’ve heard all the “big news” from yesterday’s January 6th Committee hearing by now.  “Kangaroo court” doesn’t even begin to describe what took place yesterday.  It was a Stalinist show trial. 


Read More

Blood On His Hands


Back in April, I wrote an opinion piece making the case for why Joe Biden deserved to be impeached -- just for his outrageous open borders policies alone.  Read More

Another Great Victory


The Supreme Court today issued a decision in the case of Coach Kennedy.  You may recall that Coach Kennedy was fired from his job as a high school football coach by the Bremerton, Washington, school district because he prayed by himself on the 50-yard line after each game. 


Read More

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