Campaign for Working Families

Gary Bauer's End of Day Report

President Joe Biden delivered a speech in Arizona yesterday to honor the late Senator John McCain.  (As I’ve noted before, in the minds of Democrats the only acceptable Republicans are dead Republicans.)  Among other things, Biden announced funding for a new McCain Library at Arizona State University.  It’s being built with $83 million in COVID relief funds.  Sen. McCain, who was known for fighting pork barrel spending, would be outraged.  His son-in-law certainly was.  More importantly, Joe Biden was back in attack mode, demonizing and dehumanizing the majority of the country that would kick him out of office if the election were held today. Biden claimed there is a growing “dangerous” and “extremist movement” in the country that “does not share the basic beliefs of our democracy.”  Well, he’s right about that.  But he says the “extremist” threat is the MAGA movement.  He’s wrong about that.