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The Supreme Court today issued a decision in the case of Coach Kennedy.  You may recall that Coach Kennedy was fired from his job as a high school football coach by the Bremerton, Washington, school district because he prayed by himself on the 50-yard line after each game.  Overtime, students voluntarily joined him and that’s when school officials tried to muzzle Coach Kennedy.  First, he was ordered to stop praying on the football field, and eventually his coaching contract was canceled. Believe it or not, Sports Illustrated saw this praying coach as a threat to democracy.  They may… Read More

God Is Good!  Today is a day many of us wondered if we would ever see.  After nearly 50 years of prayers, marches, heated debates and brutal confirmation battles, the Supreme Court has finally overturned Roe v. Wade! Congratulations to the millions of Americans who would not accept the destruction of innocent life! Today’s decision by Justice Samuel Alito came in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a challenge to Mississippi’s law protecting preborn babies from late-term abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.  The central conclusions of Justice Samuel Alito's… Read More

First, I want to say, “Happy Birthday!” to my good friend Justice Clarence Thomas! Second, I want to say “Thank you, Clarence,” for today’s Supreme Court decision upholding our Second Amendment rights. The justices ruled 6-to-3 that New York’s strict regulation of concealed carry permits was unconstitutionally broad and illegally limited the Second Amendment right of self-defense to the confines of one’s home. 

President Joe Biden today asked Congress to temporarily suspend the federal gas tax, currently 18 cents a gallon, for three months.  I understand that lowering gas prices by 18 cents is better than nothing, but this is just Biden’s latest election year gimmick.  It’s not a given that Democrats will support this.  Democrats, who control the Virginia state Senate, just rejected a proposal by Gov. Glenn Youngkin to suspend Virginia’s state gas tax.  And many progressives want high gas prices to push people into electric cars.  We noted yesterday how Biden again seemingly praised high… Read More

Religious liberty scored a big victory at the Supreme Court today.  The justices heard a case challenging a Maine law that provides state-funded vouchers to private secondary schools.  This is not an uncommon practice in Maine because many rural communities don’t have a public high school.  So, the state provides vouchers to help students attend private schools in their communities.  There’s just one problem:  Maine specifically prohibited religious schools from the voucher program.

Sadly, in multiple cities over the weekend, folks started celebrating Juneteenth early with unlicensed street parties, full of drugs, booze and twerking.  In Chicago, it was another bloody weekend with 47 people shot and four killed.  In Washington, D.C., chaos broke out when gunfire erupted, killing a teenager and injuring one police officer and at least two others.  A shooting in New York City left one dead and eight injured.

Another pro-life organization has been attacked, this time in Minnesota.  The office of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, the state National Right to Life affiliate, was vandalized with spray paint and its office windows were smashed.  This is just the latest in at least 60 such attacks against pro-life organizations nationwide since Justice Alito’s draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked from the Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, I am not aware of one official from the Biden Administration publicly condemning the attacks and demanding that they stop.  All they talk about is the… Read More

In yesterday’s report, we outlined some of the pro-abortion domestic terrorism that has been taking place around the country.  Steel yourselves.  It’s going to get worse in the days and weeks ahead.  A radical pro-group called “Jane’s Revenge” has issued a threat to crisis pregnancy centers across the country.  Here’s a brief excerpt: “From here forward, any anti-choice group who closes their doors, and stops operating will no longer be a target. But until you do, it’s open season, and we know where your operations are. The infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive. We will never… Read More

There were a number of interesting and encouraging results from last night’s primary elections.  Once again, Donald Trump’s endorsement remains a tremendous asset for Republican candidates.  His endorsement record now stands at 129-8.

It’s now been seven days since a wannabe assassin traveled to Washington, D.C., with the intention of killing Justice Brett Kavanaugh in order to give the assassin’s life “meaning.”  As we have pointed out, the wannabe assassin had breathed the poison of the left, which has demonized conservative justices as monsters.  In Kavanaugh’s case, they accused him of being a “gang rapist.”  But within 24 hours Big Media had dropped the story of Kavanaugh’s attempted assassination.

The Supreme Court issued five opinions today, but none involved the blockbuster cases on Second Amendment rights, religious liberty or abortion.  And as the calendar ticks down to the end of June and the end of the Supreme Court’s term, Washington, D.C., is becoming increasingly tense.  Area law enforcement agencies are on alert.  A large fence that went up around the Supreme Court building last month is still up.  One radical group today launched the first of what are expected to be several “blockades” aimed at shutting down the streets around the Supreme Court. 

Last night’s Pelosi Show was a prime waste of time.  It was also a primetime attack on our constitutional Republic.  It was, as one conservative columnist put it, “un-American.” It was nearly two hours of primetime political ads for one party, paid for at taxpayer expense.  Joe Biden should have been forced to appear at the end, saying, “I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message.  And, by the way, you paid for it.”  They even brought in a network TV executive to produce this Nazi/Soviet-style propaganda film.

Hopefully, events over the last 24 hours will cause the scales to fall from many eyes as decent Americans realize just how far the left will go to rule, not govern, our country.  Radical leftists are pushing us to the brink of a disaster -- culturally, economically and politically.  They intend to rule or ruin America.  As you know, there was an attempt yesterday to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh.  The wannabe assassin said that he wanted to give his life meaning.  That’s why he traveled from California to Washington, D.C. -- to kill a Supreme Court justice to give his life purpose. Why… Read More

The Department of Homeland Security warned yesterday that the nation is in a period of high risk for domestic terrorism in the days and weeks ahead.  There’s one major event this summer, which could happen any day, where emotions are running particularly high.  That’s the release of the Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs case regarding the fate of abortion on demand in America. 

All day yesterday, the White House failed to recognize D-Day.  (Well, almost.)  It is incomprehensible that an American president would do that -- except that Joe Biden has done it before! 

Today is the 78th anniversary of D-Day.  More than 150,000 American and Allied troops, many just 18 years-old or in their early 20s, landed on the beaches of Normandy to liberate an entire continent from the evils of national socialism (Nazis).  We might be able to honor those brave men best today by re-reading the tremendous prayer that President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered to the nation as the liberation of Europe was under way. 

The ease with which President Joe Biden and other leftists stand on the bodies of dead Americans to further divide us is disgusting.  He did it again last night during an address to the nation on “gun violence.” Biden began by saying that he didn’t want to ban guns.  But then he talked about banning so-called “assault weapons,” and again demanded a radical proposal that would allow left-wing activists to sue firearms manufacturers into bankruptcy.

It’s June.  The school year is ending.  It’s the beginning of summer.  And it’s also Pride month for those celebrating alternative lifestyles and various genders no one has heard of before yesterday.  Of course, the Biden Administration is all in.  And long gone are the days when the gay rights movement just wanted tolerance for two consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes. 

Evidently, Joe Biden is doing a pretty good Rodney Dangerfield impersonation at the White House these days.  According to NBC News, Biden regularly complains that he’s getting no respect from the American people for all the good things he’s doing! Yes, that’s right.  NBC reports that “Biden has vented to aides about not getting credit from Americans or the news media for actions he believes have helped the country, particularly on the economy.” Credit for helping the economy?  He’s delusional! 

Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, is a free man today.  A Washington, D.C., jury found him not guilty on the charge of making false statements to the FBI.  I’m not at all surprised. Sussmann was the most high-profile defendant charged so far in Special Counsel John Durham’s on-going investigation of the Deep State’s attempted coup against President Donald Trump. Sadly, today’s verdict was not unexpected, and it will only fuel the growing frustration with the apparent “two systems of justice” that seems to prevail in America – one for liberals and one for the rest of… Read More

Monday marks Memorial Day, a national observance first known as Decoration Day.  The first Memorial Day was observed on May 30, 1868, on the orders of General John Logan, commander of the Grand Army of the Republic.  Flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. Initially meant as a time to remember those who fell during the bloody battles of our brutal Civil War, the holiday's significance has been extended to honor all those who paid the ultimate price for our nation.

It's generally accepted that one of the ways to measure a person's character is to see how they react in a crisis.  Do they rise to the occasion or are their worst instincts magnified?  Well, the past two days have been very revealing.  The leaders of the Democrat Party have contributed little of value to the national debate, and have only done their best to exacerbate our pain.

Today, I want to only address the deadly shooting in Texas.  Everything else pales in comparison.  Once again, the country is mourning the senseless murder of innocent Americans, including 19 of our children.  These scenes of death at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, are heartbreaking.  It is impossible to imagine the grief of the parents who had to wait for hours to learn the fate of their children.  We all grieve with them.

Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag yesterday.  He was asked by a reporter about skyrocketing gas prices, which are setting new records almost every day.  The president replied, "We're going through an incredible transition. . . When it's over . . . we'll be less reliant on fossil fuels."  An "incredible transition"?  I think he's enjoying this misery.  Clearly, Joe Biden is not feeling your pain at the pump.  Here's what you need to help your friends and family members understand:  Biden doesn't care about your pain at the pump because he's causing it!

I got some surprising news over the weekend.  As you know, the United States has sanctioned dozens of Russians who are major supporters of Vladimir Putin.  The Biden Administration has targeted Russian oligarchs especially hard, choking off their access to Western sources of finance. Putin just retaliated by imposing sanctions on hundreds of Americans.  The Russian Foreign Ministry warned these banned Americans that they better not travel to Russia or bad things may happen to them.  Well, I am pleased to report that I am number 42 on Russia's banned list.

Wednesday night, the House of Representatives rammed through a disturbing bill under the guise of "fighting domestic terrorism."  The legislation would massively expand the federal bureaucracy by creating new domestic terrorism units inside in the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, laying the foundation for a domestic police state. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is on high alert for domestic violence as a result of the leaked draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito overturning Roe v. Wade.  DHS sent out a memo last week warning law enforcement agencies to be prepared. Predictably, the DHS memo tries to tie the pro-life movement to white supremacy.  I wish I could tell you this was a bad joke.  Unfortunately, it's not.  This is the same bureaucracy that investigated concerned parents at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists."

The left-wing media outlet Politico reports that Joe Biden has had an epiphany, and White House insiders are really excited because big changes are coming to the way he governs. (I hope you're sitting down for this.) After working hard to achieve bipartisan consensus, Biden has evidently concluded that there is just no way congressional Republicans will ever cooperate with his far-left agenda. So, he's changing tactics. He's going to ignore Congress and start issuing more executive orders, effectively putting his radical administration on steroids.

The White House announced yesterday that President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are traveling to Buffalo, New York, today to comfort the families of the victims of Saturday's mass shooting.  That is exactly what a president should do after such horrible events.  The quickness with which the White House moved to get Biden there is impressive.  What is inexplicable, however, is why the Biden White House is so selective in responding to hate crimes. 

The terrible mass shooting at a Buffalo grocery store over the weekend is a tragedy.  We must pray for the victims' families and for the city of Buffalo.  The shooter left a rambling manifesto calling himself a "white supremacist" and expressing hatred for Jews.  He was previously questioned by authorities and examined for mental illness after making statements about wanting to murder someone and kill himself. Almost immediately the left started to exploit this horrible event to demonize mainstream conservatives.  Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Republican members of Congress were all… Read More