Campaign for Working Families

As New York City is about to get pounded by a strong winter storm, thousands lined the streets around St. Patrick's Cathedral as they city buries one of their finest today.  A service was held this morning to honor Officer Jason Rivera. 

Justice Stephen Breyer, who is 83 years old, will retire this summer at the end of the Supreme Court's current term.  A heated Supreme Court confirmation battle in the middle of the heated midterm elections will put both parties in a bind.

2022 is not off to a good start for America.  There are growing threats abroad (see below), growing supply chain problems, soaring inflation and COVID still persists.  But most heartbreaking of all is that five police officers have already been killed in the line of duty this year protecting us.

During his marathon press conference last week, Joe Biden didn't get one question on crime, even though polling shows he and the Democrats are in deep trouble on the issue. 

Today is one of the highlights of my year.  It's the annual March for Life.  Hundreds of thousands of people, including many young women, came to Washington, D.C., braving the bitter winter cold, to defend innocent preborn babies. 

Apparently, the White House was so worried about the perception that Joe Biden isn't up to the job that they decided it would be a good idea for him to hold the longest press conference on record.  It didn't go well. 

President Biden held a rare press conference today.  He seldom engages with reporters even though most are his liberal cheerleaders.  If you think I'm being unfair or overly critical, the left-wing Washington Post even conceded, "Today's news conference is a rare event for Biden."

I have warned for years that threats to our liberty come from the left, not the right.  Those threats were obvious from the beginning of the pandemic. 

An Important Victory


As you know, Supreme Court yesterday blocked Biden's vaccine mandate on American businesses in a 6 to 3 vote.  Whether you've taken the vaccine or haven't, whether you want everyone to get vaccinated or don't care, you should be happy about this decision. 


We are pleased to report that the Supreme Court has essentially overturned President Biden's vaccine mandate for businesses. 

Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to unite the country.  His misleading speech in Georgia yesterday proved what a hollow promise that was.  Biden's remarks were nothing but lies, distortions and division.

Biden Attacks Election Reform


President Biden didn't give the people of Georgia much time to celebrate their first college national football championship in 40 years.  (Congratulations to the Georgia Bulldogs!)  Biden went to Georgia today and delivered a disgusting speech that divided Georgians, divided Americans and bashed democracy.

As we reported Friday, the left is gearing up a major effort to disqualify conservative candidates from the ballot in this year's election.  The first shot in this "insurrection hoax" was fired today in North Carolina. 

Senator Ted Cruz said something the other day that I did not report because I was certain Big Media was distorting his remarks.  But, alas, it wasn't a distortion. 

Two major events occurred in January of 2021.  Today is a good day to reflect on both of them.  One event was the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill.  It lasted about four hours when protests against the disputed election results got out of control.  That riot was a bad thing.  There is very little disagreement about that.

Like many people, I love Apple products.  I have an Apple computer, and I'm probably on my seventh or eighth iPhone.  It's an iconic American company.  I was just reading that Apple's president, Tim Cook, has made a major $275 billion deal to make the country stronger economically, technologically and militarily.  If you haven't heard about this deal, that's because it was a secret. 

In the next six months, the Supreme Court will issue a decision that could finally erase abortion on demand from our society.  The high court's decision is expected to allow pro-life states to regulate abortion in ways that reflect their pro-life values.  But the socialist political left is in absolute meltdown.  They are so vested in the continued destruction of innocent preborn babies.  Some leftists are threatening to pack the Supreme Court with more liberal justices who would preserve abortion on demand.

The big leftist teachers' unions are trying to shut the schools again.  The epicenter of the madness is, not surprisingly, Chicago.  The union in the Windy City reportedly polled its members, and the teachers voted overwhelmingly against reopening the schools unless a series of demands were met. 

Hillary Clinton just said that the progressive left is going to kill the Democrat Party.  You've got to be kidding me!  The only real difference between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Hillary Clinton is about five decades of age. 

We're getting ready to say goodbye to 2021.  Honestly, I won't miss it.  It has been a challenging year, to say the least.  If we were asked what would make 2022 better, most of us would probably say for COVID to disappear.  But the more I thought about it, if we could ask for just one thing in the new year, I believe it should be that America would turn back to the God of the Bible. 

Aside from whatever corruption happened in the 2020 election (see below), most analysts agree (here, here and here) that COVID put Donald Trump on defense and was thoroughly exploited by Joe Biden and his left-wing media allies.  Based on the obscene ads the Biden campaign ran, you'd would have thought that COVID originated in Mar-a-Lago rather than a Wuhan lab.  When Joe Biden occupied the Oval Office, he enjoyed sky-high approval ratings, hitting 63% in one poll.  But in less than a year, he has methodically frittered it all away.

Joe Biden said repeatedly throughout 2020 that he had a plan to "shut down the virus."  But according to the CDC, nearly 427,000 Americans died from COVID this year.  What happened to Biden's plan?  It's been "quarantined."  In a call with the nation's governors yesterday discussing the Omicron variant, Biden made a stunning admission when he said, "Look, there is no federal solution.  This gets solved at the state level."  How's that for passing the buck?!  Harry Truman must be rolling over in his grave. 

The 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled to begin just a little over a month from now.  The Olympic Games should be a time of celebration and competition.  Instead, these games are an atrocity.  They are a celebration of communist genocide. During an interview yesterday, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he "truly regrets" that the International Olympic Committee did not move the 2022 Winter Olympic Games out of Beijing, the capital of communist China.  The games are a huge propaganda coup for President Xi Jinping, and the Chinese Communist Party will not hesitate to take full… Read More

The battle continues in Washington as it does every day.  2021 has been an extremely challenging year in our nation's capital and throughout much of the country.  We have struggled through another year of pandemic panic, economic malaise, partisan recriminations and all kinds of unfortunate records – record crime, record illegal immigration, record inflation, record spending, record drug overdoses, etc., etc. But through all the acrimonious debates, as important as they are, no headline can turn our hearts away from the child whose birth we celebrate tomorrow.

For Christians this is a joyous time of year.  We celebrate the birth of Christ with our families in relative peace and safety in a free country.  But the latest news of nearly 50 Nigerian Christians being slaughtered by Islamists was a stark reminder that our peace and safety is not the norm for many Christians around the world.  Yes, they look forward to the season with joy, but also with fear.  Persecution against believers often accelerates during Christmas.

During the campaign, Biden said over and over again that he had a plan to "shut down the virus."  He lied.  Now faced with a "winter of death," as a result of his long list of broken promises, Biden was forced to face the cameras yesterday.  And he lied again. First of all, the image of a sick Joe Biden coughing his way through the COVID press conference made for terrible optics.  But on matters of substance and policy, he didn't fare any better.

After Senator Joe Manchin's Sunday morning announcement that he would not vote for Joe Biden's $5 trillion socialist wish list, Politico reports that Manchin spoke with President Biden later that night.  They agreed to talk again in the new year about what exactly Manchin could support.  Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are holding an emergency caucus meeting tonight.

Yesterday, Sen. Joe Manchin seemed to drive the final nail into the coffin of the Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer "Build Back Better" bill.  It was actually a "build back bad" bill that would have taken us down the road toward socialism, fundamentally transforming America for generations. Here's my quip for the day: Biden was finally right about something.  He said the bill wouldn't cost anything.  Well, if they don't pass it, he's right! 

Joe Biden must have been naughty this year because he's getting nothing but coal in his stocking.  The administration is suffering defeat after defeat.  Biden admitted late yesterday that his "tear down faster" bill, inaccurately described as "Build Back Better," won't pass this year.  Why not?  Because he can't get his own party in line.  (See next item.)