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Today is an important day in Washington, D.C.  On the first Monday in October the Supreme Court begins its new term, and starts hearing the critical cases that will shape our laws and culture for decades to come.  I have been intimately involved in Supreme Court confirmation battles for decades.  I led the grassroots efforts to get Clarence Thomas confirmed in 1991.  I publicly resisted George W. Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers in 2005, paving the way for his selection of Samuel Alito instead.  Throughout the Trump/Pence Administration, American Values worked hard to ensure the… Read More

Today, at a White House celebration of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), Joe Biden repeated his disgusting lie that President Donald Trump called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, “good people.”  Biden did the same thing at a White House “unity summit” earlier this month. Multiple media outlets – even left-wing outlets like the BBC and CNN – have repeatedly debunked this Biden attack.  It is a vile lie of the worst kind!

That question yesterday from President Joe Biden at a White House event made headlines and raised eyebrows the world over.  This is not a minor thing.  It’s not just another “Biden gaffe.” As we noted in yesterday’s report, Biden was asking for and looking for Rep. Jackie Walorski.  Biden had worked closely with Rep. Walorski, who served as co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus, as they planned a major summit on hunger in America.  Sadly, she died six weeks ago.  At the time of her tragic death, Biden issued a statement from the White House, and he even ordered the flags to be lowered to… Read More

We all see the complete breakdown of civilization that is taking place in our country.  It’s one of the reasons why 79% of Americans believe our country is heading in the wrong direction.  It’s why crime and “the government/poor leadership” have become top concerns for so many. The government’s number one responsibility is to keep its citizens safe.  But the Biden Administration is clearly failing. There are vicious assaults, rapes, carjackings, organized lootings and gang shootings on a regular basis. Businesses are closing solely because of out-of-control crime.

Rep. James Comer, the ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, is once again sounding the alarm over Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.  Speaking with Fox News host Jesse Watters last night, Comer warned that Hunter’s dealings with communist China are a “national security nightmare” because he was likely romantically involved with a Chinese spy, just like Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Speaking at a left-wing event over the weekend, Hillary Clinton compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and his popular rallies to Nazi rallies.  Clinton said that as a student she would watch old news films about the Nazi rallies and wonder how so many Germans could be taken in by Hitler’s rantings.  She continued, “You saw the rally in Ohio the other night, Trump is there ranting and raving for more than an hour, and you have these rows of young men with their arms raised. I thought, ‘What is going on?’" I also watched Trump’s recent Ohio rally. 

As the calendar counts down, we’re entering the final stretch of the 2022 campaign season.  House Republicans today formally unveiled their “Commitment to America” agenda.  House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy vowed that if Republicans take back the House of Representatives, one of the first things the new GOP majority will do next year is vote to repeal Joe Biden’s 87,000 new IRS agents! That would be a very wise move.  The latest Harvard/Harris poll found that 55% of voters oppose hiring tens of thousands of new IRS agents, and 58% believe those new agents will be going after average… Read More

Do you enjoy your iPhone?  Do you like having a comfortable home in the summer and winter?  Do you think abundant and affordable energy is important to our economy and national security? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve got big problems with today’s left that insanely believes “green energy” will power everything.  It won’t and it can’t.

I am happy to see the recent Ukrainian successes on the battlefield.  Russian leader Vladimir Putin is obviously a bad guy.  But I have also been deeply skeptical about the idea that we should be all in on the Ukraine war, particularly when our courageous men and women in uniform would be under the leadership of this commander-in-chief and his woke generals.  After Biden’s disastrous retreat from Afghanistan, I have zero confidence in him and his secretary of defense. 

The fallout from Joe Biden’s meandering and unfocused “60 Minutes” interview continues.  His inflation gaffe got the most coverage, and should be turned into an RNC attack ad.  By the way, the Pentagon has told our brave men and women in the military, whose pay is not keeping up with inflation, to go get food stamps.  That’s enough to make any patriot cry.  But Biden made several problematic comments.

Last week, President Joe Biden sat down for an interview with “60 Minutes” at the Detroit Auto Show.  It was his first extensive media interview in seven months.  Yet, even that still wasn’t enough time for his staff to fully prepare him for a few softball questions. For example, when the subject of inflation came up, as the White House surely knew it would, Biden seemed totally unprepared. 

Federal District Judge Aileen Cannon issued a ruling yesterday that is a clear win for Donald Trump in his ongoing battle with the Deep State.  First, Judge Cannon appointed retired Judge Raymond Dearie to be the special master overseeing the seized Mar-a-Lago documents.  Judge Dearie is an interesting choice in that he has served on the super-secret FISA court.  In fact, he was one of the judges who approved the FBI warrants to spy on Carter Page.  Some speculate that Judge Dearie is now keenly aware of the FBI’s outrageous abuses and outright lies and will not be inclined to give the… Read More

We’ve all been cheering the efforts of Governors Doug Ducey (AZ), Greg Abbott (TX) and Ron DeSantis (FL) to push back against the open border policies of the Biden/Harris Administration.  It seems they are now engaged in a friendly competition to one-up each other. In a recent interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Vice President Kamala Harris said, “The border is secure. . .  We have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration.” Texas Governor Greg Abbott decided to show the vice president just how “secure” the border is.  He sent two… Read More

I know some conservatives were torn over the recent criticism of the FBI following the raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.  But the latest filings from Special Counsel John Durham demonstrate beyond any doubt that the Bureau is systemically corrupt, as Sen. Charles Grassley recently alleged. We previously reported that the FBI knew Christopher Steele’s infamous Russian dossier on Donald Trump was garbage.  But they used it anyway to justify their spying on Trump’s campaign and his administration. Now we’re learning that the FBI paid Christopher Steele’s primary source for the fake… Read More

The Biden White House and its Democrat allies in Congress were hoping for good news in today’s inflation report.  They were sorely disappointed, as was the stock market. The so-called “experts” were predicting that inflation had dipped slightly in August.  Instead, it went up slightly – increasing by 0.1%.  Even the steep drop in gas prices wasn’t enough to overcome increases in other prices, like food and shelter. Looking backwards over the last 12 months, the inflation rate has been a scorching 8.3%. 

Yesterday, Americans all across the country recognized the 21st anniversary of the vicious 9/11 attacks.  I was pleased to see what appeared to be a greater emotional reaction to the anniversary than I had initially expected.  But the left provided its usual quota of disgusting insanity. First, the good.  A young New York City policewoman had the honor of singing the national anthem at the Jets/Ravens NFL game yesterday.  Either her mic went out or she just stopped singing for some reason.  But tens of thousands of New Yorkers in the packed stadium picked up right where she left off and… Read More

Hillary Clinton chimed in this week on Joe Biden’s remarks declaring “MAGA Republicans” threats to our freedom and “semi-fascists.”  She said Biden’s comments were “strong and necessary.” It’s no great surprise that the woman who labeled conservatives “deplorable and irredeemable” endorses Biden’s comments.  Nor is it surprising that she offered her thoughts during an appearance on The View, that preeminent left-wing echo chamber. But I’m revisiting Biden’s speech because it would be a terrible mistake to simply dismiss it as mere election year rhetoric.  It is the continuation of a… Read More

The inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just issued a damning report on the so-called “vetting” of Afghan refugees during Joe Biden’s disastrous retreat from Kabul.  It’s enough to make your blood boil.

The FBI, which we’re told is beyond all reproach, is at it again.  There’s yet another leak in the Washington Post attacking former President Donald Trump as he is battling the Deep State yet again.  Anonymous sources are now alleging that FBI agents found a document regarding the nuclear capabilities of the United States at Mar-a-Lago.  Well, no, that’s not right.  Actually, the document in question is supposedly about the nuclear capabilities of another country. 

Former President Donald Trump scored a big legal victory in his battle with Joe Biden’s politicized FBI.  In a decision released yesterday, federal Judge Aileen M. Cannon agreed with Trump’s request to appoint a special master, an independent third party, to take temporary custody of the documents seized from Mar-a-Lago.  Judge Cannon made it clear that she does not trust the FBI, and with good reason.  The FBI has repeatedly lied to the courts in recent years.  Judge Cannon ordered the FBI to stop reviewing the documents and to pause whatever investigation the Bureau is conducting that… Read More

Joe Biden's speech last night was perhaps the most dangerous and divisive speech ever delivered by an American president, certainly in modern memory.  Stephen Miller suggested that Biden gave the speech of a dictator in the style of a dictator.  I agree. 

President Joe Biden is scheduled to deliver a prime-time address at Independence Hall tonight on the fight for “the soul of the nation.”  Based on his recent remarks, there’s little doubt that he will continue to demonize the 75 million Americans who oppose the socialist, neo-Marxist left in America that now controls the Democrat Party.  It pains me to write this, but I believe Biden’s speech and the doubling down on this theme in recent days may be a sign that the “semi-fascists” running our government right now are getting ready to indict former President Trump. And given the standard… Read More

We’re learning more about former FBI Agent Timothy Thibault, who reportedly spiked the Hunter Biden laptop investigation, and it’s not good.  Sadly, it’s what most conservatives have come to expect from the Bureau these days. Thibault was a top official in the FBI’s Washington, D.C., headquarters, and worked in the public integrity unit, which handles some of the FBI’s most sensitive cases.  The 25-year veteran of the Bureau was reportedly friends with Bruce and Nellie Ohr, who were connected to the Russia collusion hoax through Fusion GPS and the infamous Steele dossier.  Thibault… Read More

The White House announced yesterday that President Biden will deliver a prime-time address Thursday evening outside of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  The theme of Biden’s remarks will be that our “freedoms are under attack” and our “democracy is at risk.” First of all, we don’t have a democracy.  We have a constitutional republic, and there’s a big difference.  But I digress. 

What is being done by the Biden Justice Department, the FBI and other elements of the Deep State to President Donald Trump directly, and to the rest of us indirectly, is beyond outrageous.  As the Justice Department fights with everything it has to prevent any useful information about the Mar-a-Lago raid from being released, operatives inside the Justice Department and the FBI are leaking false charges against Trump to the media every day.  Those leaks alleging horrible things are an attempt to destroy Trump and the movement that has coalesced around him, which Biden denounced as “semi-… Read More

One year ago today, 13 of America’s bravest died while attempting to preserve order at the gates of the Kabul airport.  It was an impossible mission foisted upon them by an incompetent leader.  We were warned by Obama’s secretary of defense and by Barack Obama himself. They died because Joe Biden lied.  Five months prior, Biden insisted, "If we leave, we're going to do so in a safe and orderly way."  It was anything but “safe” and “orderly.”

The left is at it again.  When corruption in the FBI is exposed and demands for reform are made, leftist bureaucrats and their media allies immediately scream, “You’re going to cause violence!” When conservatives opposed the massive increase for the IRS in the Manchin/Schumer climate bill, leftist bureaucrats and their media allies screamed, “You’re going to cause violence!”   Well, now we’re learning that the IRS has launched a full security review because extremist rhetoric is supposedly threatening their agents. 

President Joe Biden announced today that the federal government is canceling up to $20,000 in student loan debt for families making up to $250,000 a year, costing taxpayers another $300 billion. Biden’s authority for this move is a mystery.  Last summer, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said very clearly that Biden cannot do this.

Kudos to Grace Christian School in Valrico, Florida! As many schools do at the beginning of the school year, Grace Christian School sent out a reminder to all parents about the school’s standards of conduct.  Included in that notice was a statement that sexual activity outside of marriage was not permitted by the school.  The school also prohibits the growing transgender ideology that insists we all lie about a person’s gender if they decide they are something other than their biological sex.  In other words, there are no “preferred pronouns” in this school!  Boys are addressed as “he/… Read More

Two left-wing academics, one Harvard professor and one Yale professor, published a column in the New York Times late last week calling for progressives to abandon the Constitution.  They claim the Constitution is “broken,” “inadequate” and “famously undemocratic.” That sounds a little “insurrectiony” to me! Their solution is for progressive politicians and activists to “radically alter the basic rules” of our country and to stop “justifying our politics based on the Constitution.”