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President Biden was speaking at a fundraiser a few months ago when he said we might be on the verge of “nuclear Armageddon.”  Curiously, he didn’t seem to be all that upset about it.  Well, he’s back on the topic again.  While trying to address climate change at another fundraising event last night, Biden said this, “If we don’t stay under 1.5 degrees Celsius, we’re going to have a real problem. It’s the single-most existential threat to humanity we’ve ever faced, including nuclear weapons.” As a man of faith, I always counsel against fear.  But it scares the daylights out of me that… Read More

While some Republicans are still back on their heels, worried about managing the abortion issue and worried that they will be labeled as extremists, Democrats at the state and federal level are taking the most extreme positions possible.  Pro-abortion politicians are promoting radical bills that allow third trimester abortions – destroying an innocent baby in the eight or even ninth month of pregnancy.  Polling shows that only 13% of Americans support that extreme position. Yet, somehow we’re still playing defense.

Late last week, Air Force General Mike Minihan, head of the Air Mobility Command, sent a memo to his officers telling them to be ready for war with communist China by 2025.  Consider this excerpt: “I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me we will fight in 2025.  Xi secured his third term and set his war council in October 2022.  Taiwan’s presidential elections are in 2024 and will offer Xi a reason.  United States’ presidential elections are in 2024 and will offer Xi a distracted America.  Xi’s team, reason, and opportunity are all aligned for 2025.” 

President Biden traveled 10 miles from the White House to Springfield, Virginia, yesterday for what was clearly a campaign event, but the taxpayers are picking up the tab anyway. He repeatedly attacked “MAGA Republicans” throughout his speech.  But when he wasn’t attacking Republicans, he was bragging about the Biden/Harris economy.  I don’t know what he’s bragging about. 

Yesterday’s announcement by Meta, otherwise known as Facebook, that it is lifting its ban on Donald Trump and allowing him back on the platform is long overdue.  How in the world do these American social media giants justify banning conservatives from their platforms?  When Facebook banned Trump, he was the sitting president of the United States!  They kept him off as a private citizen for two years, while all kinds of bad actors are still on.  Seriously, Iran’s Holocaust-denying dictator is allowed on Facebook, but not Donald Trump.  Antifa is allowed on Facebook (here and here), but… Read More

I’m sure you’ve heard the news that former Vice President Mike Pence recently discovered classified documents at his Indiana home.  The National Archives was immediately informed of their existence, and the FBI quickly retrieved them.  Donald Trump instantly jumped to Pence’s defense, posting this statement on Truth Social, “Mike Pence is an innocent man.  He never did anything knowingly dishonest in his life.  Leave him alone!!!”  If anything good is coming out of all this, maybe it’s that whatever breach existed between the two men is on its way to being healed.

Leftist protesters took to the streets of Washington, D.C., Sunday.  They were there to mark the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion on demand.  That night, the pro-abortion mob returned to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home.  They carried symbols of the LGBTQ and pro-abortion movements.  As they marched through Kavanaugh’s neighborhood, they chanted, “Cut his time short.  A rapist should not rule the court.”  “Freedom of religion means freedom from yours.”  “No privacy for us, no peace for you.”  A female reporter covering the demonstration for… Read More

There was breaking news over the weekend that yet another search of Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home turned up even more classified documents.  But there were two big differences between this disclosure and the previous disclosures. First, this search was conducted not by Biden’s personal lawyers, but by the FBI.  That fact suggests, as even CNN noted, “an escalation of the probe into the president’s handling of classified documents.”  Second, they found classified documents dating back to Biden’s days in the Senate!  These classified documents aren’t just five or six years old… Read More

Today is one of the highlights of my year.  It's the annual March for Life.  Hundreds of thousands of people, including many young women, came to Washington, D.C., braving the winter weather, to defend innocent preborn babies.  I was honored to join them on the National Mall. This annual march is unlike any other demonstration that takes place in Washington. Marches and protests happen here regularly.  But most demonstrators are almost always seeking some sort of action or policy that benefits them.  And that's totally fine in a free society. But the March For Life is different. 

I want to bring to your attention perhaps the most comprehensive analysis that I have seen recently regarding the severity of the Biden scandals.  And I want to reiterate that this has never been about “getting” Hunter Biden.  It’s all about Joe Biden and the integrity of the presidency itself. As we approach the two year anniversary of Biden killing the Keystone XL pipeline, it is important to remember that Biden has done his best (here and here) to bankrupt our great energy industries – critical assets to our economic and national security. Now, the left is even coming for your gas… Read More

It must be really great to be a Democrat in Washington, always knowing that the Deep State has got your back. We’ve noted before how it was so odd that Biden’s personal attorneys were the ones who carried out the searches of his homes and former offices looking for classified documents, and not the FBI.  Reportedly, the Department of Justice considered having FBI agents at least tag along so they could monitor and supervise the searches, but Biden’s “wingman” Merrick Garland decided against it. 

If Martin Luther King, Jr., were alive today, I have no doubt that he would condemn President Biden and the progressive movement.  Let me explain. Biden used the Martin Luther King holiday weekend to promote the exact opposite of King’s message of genuine inclusion and tolerance.  Sadly, one of Biden’s offensive speeches was even delivered at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia – Reverend King’s own church. Dr. King desperately wanted racial reconciliation.  He wanted race to be the least important thing about us.  He wanted character or moral conduct to be the most… Read More

Buried in all the news yesterday about more classified documents being discovered in Joe Biden’s garage was the admission that additional classified documents were also found in his home library.  So, that’s a third location where Biden kept classified information from the Obama White House.  There’s every reason to believe there is a fourth, fifth, sixth location and more. If anyone is still confused by why half the country believes there are two systems of justice in America, let’s consider some facts.

We no sooner sent out yesterday’s “End of Day” report when news broke that Joe Biden had a second batch of classified documents in a different location.  Those initial reports did not say where the documents were found.  This morning, Politico reported that the classified documents were discovered in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home.  Of course, we all know just how seriously Biden takes classified documents.  He told us this week that he was “surprised” to find out that top secret documents were in his office closet at the Penn Biden Center, a Washington “think tank… Read More

True to their word, the new Republican House majority voted yesterday to establish a special committee to investigate the abuse of power by the Deep State.  The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government will be led by House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, one of the most stalwart conservatives in Congress today. The committee is charged with investigating how federal agencies “collect, compile, analyze, use, or disseminate information about citizens of the United States, including any unconstitutional, illegal, or unethical activities committed against citizens… Read More

Late yesterday, there were breaking reports that classified documents from the Obama/Biden White House were discovered just before the November midterm elections.  The documents were found at Joe Biden’s old office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy in Washington, D.C.  Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered the U.S. Attorney for Chicago to investigate the matter, and the FBI is reportedly involved as well.  (Sadly, that no longer reassures me.) The Penn Biden Center is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, and Biden used the office as a place to park himself during… Read More

As you know, the impasse among Republicans in the House of Representatives was broken early Saturday morning.  After a modern day record of 15 roll call votes, Kevin McCarthy was finally elected speaker of the House. The breakthrough came after tough negotiations with House conservatives that stretched on into the wee hours of Saturday morning.   In spite of a relentless barrage of condemnation from Big Media, including from many talking heads at Fox News, 20 conservatives held their ground until they secured significant concessions and reforms from Kevin McCarthy, and quite frankly,… Read More

In the surest sign yet that Joe Biden plans to run for reelection, he has suddenly discovered that there is a crisis at our southern border.  In fact, there are reports that he is planning to actually visit the southern border this weekend after having ignored it for the past 40 years!  Biden should start his tour by apologizing to the brave Border Patrol officers he viciously smeared as racists.  But I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, his rambling speech yesterday was solely intended to confuse the American people and hide the fact that he has intentionally pursued an open… Read More

Rep. Kat Cammack of Florida really annoyed Democrats yesterday.    During a speech nominating Kevin McCarthy for speaker of the House, she looked over at House Democrats and referred to how much they were enjoying all of the drama, sarcastically suggesting that they had brought blankets, popcorn and alcohol to the debate.   The Democrat side of the House erupted in boos and jeers, “outraged” that she would suggest Democrats might be drinking on the job.    Give me a break! 

History was made in the House of Representatives yesterday.  For the first time in 100 years, the majority party was unable to elect a speaker on the first ballot.   Or the second ballot.  Or even the third ballot. As you know, House Republicans have a very slim majority, and 19 Republicans initially refused to support Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy for speaker.  But the opposition actually grew on the third ballot when Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida voted for Jim Jordan to be speaker.  After that vote, when things appeared to be getting worse for McCarthy, the House adjourned for the… Read More

Anyone watching last night’s NFL game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills was shocked by what happened.  It wasn’t an anti-American protest or some other left-wing outrage that is so common these days. Sadly, Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed suddenly after he tackled Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins.  This wasn’t a typical injury.  Hamlin’s heart stopped on the field.  And he laid there appearing lifeless as fans in the stadium watched medical staff perform CPR for nearly nine minutes. Hamlin was rushed to a Cincinnati hospital.  He was sedated and remains in… Read More

As communist China struggles to contain a massive COVID outbreak, it is once again seeding the world with sick “tourists.”  Half of the passengers on two recent flights from China to Milan, Italy, tested positive for COVID. As a result of this shocking news, the Biden Administration announced yesterday that it will require Chinese tourists to test for COVID two days before their flights to the United States.  But this new testing requirement won’t take effect until January 5th! 

In a surprising development late yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-to-4 that the Trump Administration’s Title 42 policy would continue to remain in effect at the southern border.  Is this ruling a good thing?  Yes.  But as some commentators have noted, it’s like a Band Aid on a hemorrhage.  Even with this emergency policy in place, the number of illegal aliens still pouring across the border is unlike anything we have ever witnessed.  I know many people are frustrated by the lack of public outrage over this crisis.  Well, the sad reality is that most Americans just don’t know about… Read More

There were more astonishing revelations about the full extent of the Deep State’s involvement with Twitter over the Christmas holiday weekend.  Former Rolling Stone editor Matt Taibbi reported that the CIA, the Pentagon, the State Department and other government agencies were heavily involved in Twitter’s censorship regime.  In fact, the frequency of contacts between government agencies and Twitter was “dizzying.”  So much so, that Twitter employees had to create a “new system for processing/triaging them.”  Curiously, Twitter’s employees referred to the CIA as “OGA” or “other… Read More

Christmas is a time of hope and blessings, a celebration of life and salvation. The Scriptures teach us that children are a blessing from God. It has also been said that the birth of each new child is a sign that God has not yet given up on this world. That was never more true than the night two thousand years ago when the Son of Man was born in Bethlehem; born to bring the hope of salvation and the blessing of eternal life. When the Christ Child came into the world, His cry pierced the night and split all of human history in half.

The FBI released an extraordinary statement yesterday defending its behavior in the wake of multiple revelations about its efforts to censor free speech and shut down legitimate news about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Anybody who thinks it’s going to be easy to clean out the corruption in the FBI needs to see a psychiatrist.  It’s going to be a brutal battle.  In its own way, it may be an existential battle. 

While you’re focused on family and faith this time of year, President Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (with help from Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell) are jamming a massive omnibus spending bill through Congress.  Sadly, this is what “bipartisanship” looks like these days.  It’s called an “omnibus spending bill” because it is a big bill that includes spending on lots of things.  But I call it an ominous spending bill because it’s racking up a big $1.7 trillion bill, most of which is additional debt. Spending money you don’t have causes inflation, which we all know is sky-… Read More

A seventh tranche of information exposing Twitter’s censorship regime was released yesterday by Elon Musk’s team.  Among the latest revelations is the fact that the FBI jumped into action to suppress the news about Hunter Biden’s laptop THE DAY BEFORE the New York Post broke the shocking story. Just a reminder: When the FBI was notifying Twitter executives in October of 2020 that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation, the FBI knew that was false.  They knew that was false because they had seized Hunter’s laptop in December of 2019!  They knew the New York Post story was true.  They… Read More

Outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is seeking to extract one last act of revenge against Donald Trump.  Her kangaroo court, otherwise known as the January 6th Committee, voted today to recommend that the Biden Justice Department prosecute former President Donald Trump on four criminal charges.  This is totally unnecessary -- Attorney General Merrick Garland has already appointed a special counsel to investigate Trump.  The committee is also recommending that four House Republicans – Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Scott Perry and Andy Biggs – be investigated by the House Ethics… Read More

Last night, the Senate finally approved the annual defense authorization bill, sending the legislation to President Biden’s desk.  Better late than never I suppose.  The fact that Senate Democrats prioritized same-sex marriage over the defense bill speaks volumes.  But I digress. Republicans scored a significant victory in the defense bill by ending Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for U.S. troops.  The next step is reinstating the more than 8,000 military personnel who were unfairly thrown out of the Armed Forces. Unfortunately, there was a vote on that issue, and it failed 40-to-54.