Campaign for Working Families

A Big Apple Rebellion?
I don't agree with New York City's politics.  But it is an iconic American city, and it is depressing to see it laid so low by the coronavirus and the virus of progressivism.    

Still A Threat
While Covid is dominating the headlines, it's important to recognize that radical Islam remains a threat to our homeland.  We got a stark reminder of that this morning.

GOP Wins
Republican candidates prevailed in two special elections yesterday.  Both races were cast as referendum on President Trump's performance during the pandemic. 

Obama vs. Trump
Even though Joe Biden will be the nominee and Barack Obama's name won't be on the ballot, it's beginning to look like the presidential race is going to be between Donald Trump and Barack Obama.  The former president's actions in the last several days are extraordinary and revealing.

A Good Day
Justice had a good day in America yesterday.

Signs Of Hope
Two studies regarding Covid-19 mutations have made headlines in recent days.  One got significantly more coverage because the press release noted the researchers' "urgent concern" that the mutating virus could be more contagious, potentially complicating the search for treatments. 

Holding China Accountable
Last summer, President Trump tweeted that he was ordering American companies to "immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies home and making your products in the USA." 

Pelosi Ups Unemployment
The Pelosi unemployment figure was reported this morning at 8:30.  She owns this figure.  No Republican or conservative should refer to today's unemployment figures without putting "Pelosi" in front of it.