Campaign for Working Families

The Peace Cross Can Stay

A Happening
It is hard to describe last night’s massive Trump rally and reelection announcement in Orlando, Florida.  The Amway Center arena was packed with 20,000+ cheering supporters.  Tens of thousands more had requested tickets, but there was no space.

Tune In Tonight

A Win For Now

Dean Flop
Yesterday's House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring former Watergate felon John Dean was a complete flop.  Republican members of the committee were well-prepared and they peppered Dean with tough questions. 

Politicizing The Fourth Of July
A left-wing Washington Post columnist is REALLY upset with President Trump.  (Shocker, right?!) 

Remembering D-Day
Today at the American cemetery in Normandy, France, President Trump may have reached the rhetorical peak of his presidency.  He connected with the deep roots of America and Western Civilization in much the same way he did during his excellent address in Warsaw, Poland.

The President's Prayer
This morning, President Trump joined other European leaders in Portsmouth, England, the British city from which the D-Day invasion was launched.  Each world leader had a small role to play in the ceremony honoring the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. 

Alaska Earthquake
Did you feel that Earthquake?  It happened up in Alaska, and the shockwaves were really strong here in Washington, D.C.

Pray For The President
Reverend Franklin Graham is calling on Christians across the country to join together this Sunday, June 2, for a special day of prayer.  Specifically, Graham is asking men and women of faith to pray for President Donald Trump. 

Mueller Speaks
Special Counsel Robert Mueller addressed reporters and the American people for the first time today.  He declared that his investigation was over, that his office was closing and that he was resigning from the Justice Department.

Memorial Day
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  I also hope you took the opportunity not only to enjoy the extra time with your family but also to thank God for all the sacrifices that brave men and women have made throughout our history to win and preserve our freedom.

The Left vs. Reality
During the Cold War, which Ronald Reagan helped to win, virtually everything that our military recommended and that Reagan wanted to do was opposed by the left in Europe and America. 

Impeachment vs. Infrastructure
President Trump and Democrat leaders were scheduled to discuss a big infrastructure plan at the White House today.  That meeting never happened. 

No Laughing Matter
Comedian Jim Carrey is a funny guy on the big screen.  But give the man a paintbrush and he starts to act like something out of a horror movie. 

Honoring Fallen Heroes
Today the country observes National Peace Officers Memorial Day to honor the law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty over the past year.  If you noticed flags in your community flying at half-staff today, that's why.