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President Biden made good yesterday on his promise to restrict Second Amendment rights via executive orders.  His six orders are certain to face legal challenges because, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, they "could turn millions of Americans into felons overnight."   But it's worth pointing out, once again, that Biden is also gaslighting the American people.  During his remarks yesterday, he made a number of obviously false statements to advance his left-wing agenda.

The crisis at the border gets worse with each passing day.  More than 20,000 migrant children are currently in custody.    Yes, some are five and six years-old, but most are teenagers.  And many of them are young adults -- 18, 19 and 20 years-old.  They are arriving with no identification, and human traffickers have told them to say they're 16.  Some are also gang members.    The Biden/Harris Administration is putting them all in huge detention centers.  Not surprisingly, sexual assaults are reportedly taking place in these taxpayer-funded shelters.

As you know, Georgia Republicans are getting hammered by the left-wing media and corporate America for recently passing an election reform law.  It is absolutely not a "Jim Crow throwback" as the left has labeled it.   But Donald Trump noted yesterday what I have been thinking for several days now:  In many ways, it doesn't go far enough.

The list of iconic American corporations attacking the state of Georgia grows by the hour.  Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Delta have condemned Georgia's commonsense election reforms.  Now other big businesses are jumping on the bandwagon.  American Airlines and Dell have condemned similar election reforms advancing in Texas.   These companies are threatening to punish any U.S. state that requires a voter ID on Election Day.  They claim that requiring a voter ID is a violation of civil rights.  That's absurd!   But while these corporate giants are attacking Georgia and other U.S. states, they are… Read More

Capitol Hill came under attack Friday.  A car rammed a security barrier, striking two Capitol Hill police officers in the process.  The driver then jumped out of the car, armed with a knife, and lunged at the officers.  The attacker was shot and killed.   Capitol Hill Police Officer William Evans, an 18-year veteran of the department, was killed in the attack.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, including his two young children.  Evans was doing an important job on Capitol Hill, and he deserves to be remembered and honored for his service. 

Reverend Patrick Mahoney, of the Christian Defense Coalition, has been working in Washington, D.C., for 30 years.  Over that time, he has held many events on Capitol Hill, including prayer vigils on Good Friday.    But Rev. Mahoney's permit to hold a Good Friday prayer vigil on Capitol Hill tomorrow was denied.  So, he's suing Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Harris in her capacity as president of the Senate.   Why was his permit denied? 

There is a crisis at the border and everybody knows it.  Nevertheless, the Biden/Harris Administration has been running a news suppression operation that would make communist China blush.  Yet, in spite of their best efforts, images are coming out every day of the total chaos at the border.    This chaos was completely avoidable.  It did not exist last year.  But it is a mess the Biden/Harris Administration intentionally created.  This crisis is a small price to pay for their goal of importing new voters sympathetic to big government socialism and racial identity politics.

Have you heard of the COVID passport?  If not, you will soon.  It's a form of ID proving that you have had the COVID vaccine.    According to the Washington Post, the initiative is being spearheaded by the Department of Health and Human Services.  But the Post adds, "The White House this month took on a bigger role coordinating government agencies involved in the work."   Without your COVID passport, you may not be able to travel, send your kids to school, go to a sporting event, or perhaps even go to work.  This is not an exaggeration, my friends.

I am proud to report that we have angered the Chinese communists!  Over the last several years, I have taken a leading role at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) exposing the nefarious activities of the Chinese Communist Party.  And Beijing's communist party bosses aren't happy about it.   Over the weekend, the Chinese Communist Party condemned USCIRF and issued sanctions against the commission's leadership.

During President Biden's press conference yesterday, a left-wing PBS reporter suggested that because Joe Biden is such a nice guy migrants now feel welcome to come to America.  And that's why our border is so overwhelmed right now.   The reporter was expressing something that many people believed, including many young Christians who voted for Biden.  I think it should be obvious by now that Joe Biden is not a nice guy.  

For basketball fans, it's March Madness time.  And the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles are on a roll at the NCAA tournament.  The Number 15 seed Golden Eagles have knocked out Number 2 Ohio State and the Number 7 seed Florida Gators.    But not everyone is happy about the stunning success of the Golden Eagles, and I don't mean just Ohio State and Florida fans.

As you know, there was a terrible attack Monday at a Boulder, Colorado, King Soopers grocery store.  Ten people were murdered, including a courageous police officer who ran into the store attempting to save lives.    Officer Eric Talley leaves behind a wife and seven children.  He is a reminder of what we owe the brave men and women of law enforcement.  Does anyone still want to "defund the police" now?   But two narratives quickly emerged after the shooting.  Both of them are despicable. 

The whole country sees the crisis at the border.  And they know it is a crisis, even if the Biden Administration refuses to admit it.    A new Rasmussen poll finds that 67% of voters say the situation at the border is a crisis.  A Hill-HarrisX poll finds that 76% of voters say the situation at the border "is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately."   But some administration critics on the right still don't get it.  They think President Biden made a mistake when he scrapped all the effective border security policies Donald Trump put into place.  They think Biden was just clueless, and… Read More

If Central American migrants could vote in our elections, it would be a landslide for the open borders left.  They are certainly voting with their feet, marching north in massive numbers.   Over the weekend, Fox News visited a migrant camp on the Mexican side of the border.  They had to go Mexico because the Biden Administration is preventing the media from taking pictures at our border detention facilities.    Think about that for a moment.  There's more freedom of the press on the Mexican side of the border than the American side!    But what Fox News found in Tijuana is deeply troubling.  

A little over a year ago, top Chinese officials came to Washington, D.C., hat in hand to sign a trade deal they hated.  They did so because Donald Trump made it clear that the days of America being taken for suckers were over.    Contrast that to how the Chinese communists walked into yesterday's negotiations on our territory.  They claimed that communist China speaks for the world, not America.    When U.S. officials raised concerns about the communist regime's crackdown on Hong Kong and its genocide against ethnic Muslim Uyghurs, Beijing's lead diplomat shot back:

We've been telling you about all the things the Biden Administration is saying that are encouraging illegal immigrants to head to the border. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did it again yesterday. She was confronted by a reporter who asked if there was a limit to the number of children showing up at the border that we would take in. Psaki's answer was essentially, "No."

The media and our universities have been dominated by the radical left for decades.  But have you noticed that big business now increasingly sides with the left?  Sometimes I wonder whether they even realize they are American companies.    For years, we watched in horror as iconic American corporations moved their factories overseas, often to communist China.  Their actions devastated American families and communities, and the companies became apologists for communist China.    China's human rights abuses have been well-documented for decades. Whether it was forced abortions under its… Read More

A dozen congressmen, led by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, went to the southern border yesterday to see exactly what is happening there.  They knew it was bad, but it was even worse than they imagined.    The numbers are extraordinary.  More than 100,000 illegal aliens were apprehended in February.  That's the largest number of February apprehensions in 15 years.  Experts are warning that more than one million people will attempt to illegally cross the border this year.    And they're not all coming from Mexico or Central America.  We are apprehending people at our southern border… Read More

I'm sure you've heard this old joke:  How can you tell if a politician is lying?  His lips are moving.    Well, a lot of Democrats went on the Sunday talk shows yesterday and claimed that the crisis at the southern border was caused by Donald Trump.  That's breathtaking in its dishonesty.   Speaker Nancy Pelosi led the charge, claiming that the Biden Administration "inherited a broken system at the border" and is working "to correct that."  Pelosi added that the current crisis is "a transition from what was wrong before to what is right." 

President Biden addressed the nation last night on the first anniversary of the pandemic lockdowns.  His remarks were meant to be optimistic and soothing.  You could be forgiven if you missed the fact that it was a viciously partisan speech.   For whatever reason, Joe Biden just can't acknowledge Donald Trump's success in producing the COVID vaccines.  The only reason Biden could offer any hope at all is because Donald Trump produced the vaccines in record time, which many experts said was impossible.    Trump pushed the major drug companies hard.  He ordered the bureaucrats to cut the red… Read More

The long, national nightmare known as the pandemic lockdowns began a year ago today.  Predictably, the left shamefully politicized it.    Democrat politicians and their left-wing media allies constantly berated President Trump and second-guessed him.  They demanded the shutdowns, which Trump resisted, and liberal governors and mayors were all too eager to enforce them.    The left refused to blame communist China for the virus because that didn't help the "blame Trump" narrative.  And when Trump suspended travel from communist China, the left doubled down by labeling Trump a "racist" and a "… Read More

The crisis at the southern border is increasingly out of control.  While Biden Administration officials refuse to utter the word "crisis," Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas conceded this week that Border Patrol agents are being "overwhelmed" by the migrant surge.   Here's what everyone must understand:  The Democrats own this crisis.    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaigned on amnesty.  They promised free healthcare for illegal immigrants.  And they have gutted the border security policies that President Donald Trump put into place.   The results were predictable.  With… Read More

The Biden Administration, liberal Democrat governors and the left-wing media have taken virtually every aspect of American life that people yearn for and labeled those activities as "super spreader events."   For example, they have kept the schools closed because they said they would be super spreader places. That was completely contrary to the science, yet in many big cities they still won't open our schools.    They have almost completely destroyed American sports.  When the Super Bowl took place, we were told that many experts were having sleepless nights, worried that it would cause a… Read More

Over the weekend, the Senate passed a massive $1.9 trillion boondoggle.  Officially titled the "American Rescue Plan," this so-called "coronavirus relief bill" should be called the "Blue State Bailout."  The final vote was 50-49.  Every Democrat voted for it, while every Republican opposed it.   As we have previously reported, approximately one-third of the total funding provided in this bill isn't spent until 2022 or later, and much of it is going to bail out liberal states that refuse to balance their own budgets.   There's a lot in this bill that is scandalous, like stimulus checks going… Read More

As you know, thousands of National Guard troops poured into Washington, D.C., to help secure the Capitol Building on January 6th.  They stayed to help secure Washington during the inauguration.  And then they stayed throughout February and into March over theories that there could be violence at the Capitol yesterday.    Well, March 4th came and went, and nothing happened.  So, the troops are leaving, right?  Wrong.

So Much For "Mr. Nice Guy"   During her run for the White House, Hillary Clinton made it clear early on what she thought about half the country.  She called Trump supporters "irredeemable and deplorable."   Joe Biden tried to come across as an old-style moderate, and he's talked a good game about unifying the country.  But now that a number of states are taking measures to rollback pandemic restrictions and reopen their economies, Biden's "Mr. Nice Guy" schtick is gone.    He said lifting restricts now was "a big mistake" and the result of "Neanderthal thinking."

The House of Representatives is expected to pass HR 1 today.  The bill is a top priority for the left, and it is a disaster on every level.  It is a massive federal power grab that seeks to make permanent everything that was wrong with the 2020 elections.  

Today is Read Across America Day.  Launched in the 1990s to encourage children to read, the day coincides with the birthday of award-winning author Theodor Geisel.  Chances are you know him better by another name:  Dr. Seuss.    But, of course, we live in woke times, and now we have a big problem on Read Across America Day.    Presidents Obama and Trump regularly issued proclamations celebrating Read Across America Day.  They always applauded Dr. Seuss for the joy his books have brought to children for many, many years.    But the Biden White House dropped Dr. Seuss from its statement this… Read More

The former president's CPAC address yesterday was vintage Donald Trump.  The thousands of conservative activists gathered in Orlando loved every word.  Millions watched at home on Fox News.    Predictably, MSNBC and CNN did not televise the president's speech, as part of their ongoing efforts to prevent conservatives from talking to anyone other than ourselves.  If you missed Trump's speech, you can watch it here.

In the past, I have told you that I am not giving up and going away.  Well, neither is Senator Ted Cruz, who fired up the audience on the first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference.  Speaking about the future of the Republican Party, Cruz said this:   "[The left looks] at Donald Trump and the millions of people who went to battle fighting alongside of him and they're terrified.  They want him to go away.  Let me tell you this right now:  Donald J. Trump ain't going anywhere!"