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Wednesday, September 7, 2022 -- Another Day Another Leak, Attacking Justice, Biden's Pro-Abortion Extremism

Another Day Another Leak


The FBI, which we’re told is beyond all reproach, is at it again.  There’s yet another leak in the Washington Post attacking former President Donald Trump as he is battling the Deep State yet again. 


Anonymous sources are now alleging that FBI agents found a document regarding the nuclear capabilities of the United States at Mar-a-Lago.  Well, no, that’s not right.  Actually, the document in question is supposedly about the nuclear capabilities of another country. 


So, what exactly is the real danger here?  The other country certainly knows what its nuclear capabilities are. 


The Post story provided very few details and no corroboration at all.  It’s little more than gossip, and very reminiscent of the Post’s reporting on the Russia collusion hoax, which we now know turned out to be totally false.


I assume that if any such nuclear information was actually at Mar-a-Lago, hidden among Trump’s seized medical records, it would likely alarm the American people.  Perhaps we would learn that North Korea or some other enemy has had nuclear capabilities for a lot longer than we realized.


The bottom line is that the FBI has been throwing mud at Trump for weeks now while trying to stop an independent observer from seeing what they seized from his home.  Just think about that!  As Trump said today, this is like returning to the “days of the Soviet Union.”


Meanwhile, it would be interesting to know if Director Wray is conducting an internal investigation about who is constantly leaking these false reports.  Are there any efforts to seize reporters’ phone records like the Obama/Biden Administration did? 


If there is an investigation underway, they must have appointed the same guy who is investigating the leak of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision.  Remember that?


Judge Aileen Cannon should immediately issue a gag order on all FBI and Justice Department employees.




Attacking Justice


Speaking of Judge Cannon, she’s now being viciously attacked by the unhinged progressive left. 


Some are accusing the judge herself of engaging in obstruction of justice – just because she ordered an independent third party to verify that the FBI acted properly. 


Some suggested her decision was tantamount to slavery.  (Seriously, you can’t make this up!)


The always enlightening Elie Mystal called Judge Cannon “biased and corrupt.”


These are all the same people who have said that Donald Trump is undermining the Constitution, and that the Constitution is “trash.” 


This is from the same people who viciously attacked Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett.  And yet again, they are using rhetoric that resulted in an assassination attempt against a conservative Supreme Court justice. 


Sadly, I am willing to bet that Judge Cannon and her family are now getting death threats.  And I seriously doubt that she has any security protection at all.  Please pray for her safety. 


And shame on the woke progressives who are undermining our constitutional Republic by undermining the public’s confidence in our legal system!




Biden’s Pro-Abortion Extremism


Last Friday, as most Americans were preparing for the Labor Day holiday weekend, the Biden Administration announced that it was authorizing abortion counseling and abortion services at Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals for veterans and their beneficiaries. 


As the VA’s website suggests, this is being done in order to evade state restrictions against abortion.  Just another sign of Joe Biden’s pro-abortion extremism


When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and returned the issue of abortion to the people of each state, pro-abortion Democrats dropped any facade of moderation. 



The White House initially tried to distance itself from these extreme ideas, suggesting there could be “dangerous ramifications.”  (That’s certainly an understatement for the preborn child!)  But, under pressure from more than two dozen Senate Democrats, the Biden Administration has now taken its first step down that radical road.


Not only is this yet another colossal waste of your tax dollars by the Biden Administration, it’s also illegal. 


Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma warned VA Secretary Denis McDonough that the Veterans Health Care Act of 1992 specifically prohibits VA facilities from performing abortions.  “Only Congress can change federal law, and Congress has held for the past 30 years that the VA is not permitted to offer abortion services,” Langford wrote.


Certainly, the Biden Administration is aware of the law and the fact that most Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortions, but it is willfully ignoring both the law and public opinion. 


If Republicans regain control of Congress next year, they had better be prepared to take serious steps to ensure the law is enforced and that the will of the people is respected.




Midterm Tossups


We’re now 62 days away from the 2022 midterm elections, and recent polling suggests several key Senate contests are complete tossups.  For example:


  • In Arizona, Sen. Mark Kelly leads GOP challenger Blake Masters by just three points.
  • In Georgia, GOP challenger Herschel Walker barely leads Sen. Raphael Warnock.
  • In Nevada, GOP challenger Adam Laxalt leads Sen. Catherine Cortez Matso by two points. 
  • In Ohio, Republican J.D. Vance leads Democrat Tim Ryan by five points.
  • In Pennsylvania, Democrat John Fetterman leads Republican Mehmet Oz by five points. 
  • In Washington State, Sen. Patty Murry leads GOP challenger Tiffany Smiley by three points.
  • In Wisconsin, Democrat challenger Mandela Barnes leads GOP Sen. Ron Johnson by two points. 


A lot can happen between now and November, but right now it appears as though everyone of these races will go down to the wire. 


If we’re going to have any chance of holding the rogue Biden/Harris Administration accountable, every conservative, Christian, libertarian, freedom-loving American had better vote this November!  And they had better bring a friend or relative with them to the polls!


But you can’t vote unless you are registered.  So, please make sure all your like-minded friends and family members are registered to vote.  You can do so quickly and easily at




The Commitment To America


Later this month, House Republicans will formally release their agenda for the first 100 days if they are elected with a new conservative majority this November. 


Called the “Commitment to America,” the GOP plan has four major themes:  A strong economy, a safe nation, a free future and government accountability.  Within these various themes are a dozen key legislative priorities. 


Central to the economic theme is rebuilding America’s energy independence.  That’s particularly important for millions of Americans who are sick and tired of Joe Biden’s pain at the gas pump.  (By the way, the Biden Administration has issued the fewest oil and gas leases since 1946!) 


House Republicans want to put more police officers on the streets, and they want to cut off funding to left-wing prosecutors who refuse to keep criminals off our streets.  They want to finish Donald Trump’s border wall.  It’s about time!


They are calling for a Parents Bill of Rights to ensure transparency in public education, and they are vowing to protect the freedom of speech, religious liberty and the right to life. 


I am pleased to report that House Republicans are calling for voter integrity legislation, guaranteeing voter ID, accurate voter rolls and fair access for poll watchers and election observers.


They are also promising to root out government corruption and abuses of power, something that is desperately needed in Washington, D.C.


I am glad House Republicans are making a positive case for why they deserve our vote.  Too many in the GOP establishment were happy to sit on what they thought was a big lead.  They’ve been playing prevent defense for the past year, while that lead slowly disappeared.