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Wednesday, September 6, 2023 -- Back To School, Finishing The Race, RICO Done Right

Back To School


By this point, every school district in America is now back in session.  Already the government-run schools and the left-wing teachers’ unions are asserting that the children God gave you belong to them. 


Radical school officials and leftist politicians from one coast to the other, in California, Maryland and New Jersey, are refusing to allow parents of all faiths to protect their children from graphic sexual material in every grade, including kindergarten. 


We’re told that we must be tolerant of every bizarre behavior imaginable.  But the same people claiming that have no tolerance at all for parents who don’t want their seven year-old daughter to be taught about 52 genders and told she might be a boy. 


School mask mandates and even closures are already returning, in spite of the real science that shows masks are ineffective and school closures seriously harmed children


Meanwhile, Joe Biden is using the full power of the Justice Department and the Department of Education not to help your child, but to support the local left-wing neo-Marxists who are trying to indoctrinate your children.


As a reminder, I served as Under Secretary of Education in the Reagan Administration.  I care deeply about this issue. 


And watching what’s happening in our classrooms today, you’re left with the impression that local officials have either gone insane or they believe they can get away with anything they want. 


How else do you explain the fact that a drag queen once charged for possessing child pornography was just hired to be the principal at an Oklahoma elementary school?  As outrageous as that is, it isn’t our biggest problem. 


The problem is that the leftist teachers are intentionally embedding unacceptable material everywhere and anywhere they can.  This forces parents to spend precious time and resources to find out what is being put into their child’s brain and then to deprogram the leftist indoctrination.


There will be state elections this year in Kentucky, Louisiana and Virginia.  There will be federal elections next year.  They are all extremely important. 


But there will be many local school board elections, too.  And these races will have an equal, if not greater, impact on what happens in your local schools.  We must be involved.  Don’t assume that the people on your local school board share your values.




Finishing The Race


Coach Joe Kennedy returned to the football field last week for the first time in eight years.  After the game was over, he returned to the 50-yard line and knelt in prayer. 


The Marine veteran, who served in the First Gulf War, wasn’t about to surrender his fundamental rights at the schoolhouse door.  When leftist bureaucrats fired him for praying on the field, he fought back.


According to his lawyers at the First Liberty Institute, Coach Kennedy’s case, which he had fought for seven years all the way to the Supreme Court, overturned 50 years of bad jurisprudence on what the First Amendment guarantee of religious liberty means. 


For 50 years, the court was on the wrong road.  Ten years ago, a Supreme Court justice told me that he could not count five votes for religious liberty on the court. 


Because we elected the right president in 2016, the Supreme Court is very different from what it was ten years ago!  It now has six votes in favor of religious liberty, as Coach Kennedy’s 2022 victory revealed.


But the word has not gotten out yet.  In spite of everything Joe Biden and his secular left-wing allies are trying to do, our religious liberty is more secure today than at any time in the past 50 years because one Christian man, one David, “took a knee, made a stand” and prevailed against the left!


The left will continue to insist, “You can’t say this,” or “You can’t do that.”  Sadly, many Christians will still self-censor.  Principals will still pull students into their office and tell them, “You can’t recognize God in your speech.” 


That’s all wrong!  But you must exercise your rights or the left will trample all over them.


Speaking to reporters Friday night, Kennedy said, “We finished the race and we did it together, and there’s nothing better than keeping the faith throughout that.”


With this Supreme Court, we can win on multiple fronts!




RICO Done Right


There have been plenty of examples lately of the left weaponizing law enforcement to criminalize politics. 


Whether it’s targeting conservative churches, parents at school board meetings, harassing grandmothers in the Capitol Building (here and here), persecuting pro-life activists or abusing state RICO laws, the totalitarian left is more than willing to corrupt the legal system in order to achieve its desired political results.  It’s outrageous and wrong.


So, I am pleased to report that Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr is showing how the state’s RICO laws should be applied. 


He’s charged 61 left-wing activists, including many members of Antifa, with racketeering and domestic terrorism charges related to an ongoing campaign of violence and intimidation designed to prevent the construction of a new police training facility in Atlanta.


That’s exactly what RICO laws were meant to do – to crack down on organized crime.  They were never intended to silence speech and punish people for questioning election results.


And I’m pleased to see an elected official FINALLY applying RICO laws to Antifa’s outrageous illegal activities!




Defending Faith, Family & Freedom


I have a podcast up today at the James Dobson Family Institute that explains why America’s neo-Marxist left wants to erase Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy. 


Everything Reverend King said in his famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial 60 years ago stands against today’s radical left and is consistent with what we as Christians and conservatives stand for. 


Learn more in my latest “Defending Faith, Family & Freedom” podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute.