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Wednesday, September 2, 2020 -- Purging History, Left-wing Hypocrisy, Election Warning

Purging History
Many Americans are asking how we got to the point where some segment of young people in the freest, most decent country in the world have come to hate the incredible giants who built a nation based on the idea that liberty comes from God and that all individuals have dignity, value and worth.
The answer is that textbook publishers, teachers and professors (many of whom are revolutionaries who despise our country), as well as the entertainment complex have taught our children "anti-American" history with the purpose of alienating them from the very country they were blessed to be born in.
That brings us to the latest example of the left's attempt to purge our history. 
Mayor Muriel Bowser recently tasked a commission with examining all the historical monuments, memorials, markers and statues in Washington, D.C.  Anything that does not conform to today's standards of progressivism would be flushed down the proverbial memory hole, purged, if possible, from public view.
The commission looked at more than 3,000 properties and monuments around our nation's capital.  They recommended that 153 be removed, relocated or contextualized. 
Who is on the left's "hit list"?  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson and scores of other founders, patriots and presidents.
What does "contextualized" mean?  Well, since it is unlikely that the Washington Monument will be moved or removed anytime soon, Bowser wants families visiting the monument to be greeted by a large display telling them just how horrible George Washington was. 
No doubt many Americans will be tempted to laugh at the idiocy of the Bowser report.
The White House immediately condemned it and said that as long as Donald Trump and Mike Pence are in office, nothing will happen to any of our memorials and monuments.
But because of the left's stranglehold on the educational and media complex, it can take an absurd idea and turn it into a serious issue, like abolishing ICE, free healthcare for illegal aliens or defunding the police.
Here's another point to consider:  By releasing this insane report, Bowser also justified every future attack against our historic monuments by the anarchists, Marxists and nihilists filling Washington's streets.  Their violent actions are fulfilling the recommendation of an official government report. 
So from this point on, the responsibility for every attack on the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and Andrew Jackson's statue rests solely on the shoulders of the liberal Democrat establishment in Washington, D.C.
Left-wing Hypocrisy
There were several examples yesterday of the left's contempt for America and how accustomed they are to the liberal media protecting them. 
First, we have "Salongate."  Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who supported the shutdowns and requiring everyone to wear masks, demanded a salon owner reopen so she could get her hair done while refusing to wear a mask. 
Then there's "Cuomogate."  Tapes of CNN's Chris Cuomo and Michael Cohen have emerged discussing allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo.  He denies them, of course.  But aren't we supposed to believe all women? I don't recall Cuomo giving Brett Kavanaugh the benefit of the doubt.
There's "Hoopsgate."  Last night, "peaceful protestors" in Seattle set another police precinct on fire. While it was burning, Mayor Jenny Durkin was posting pictures of WNBA players.
And finally, we have "Dinnergate."  Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney shut down restaurants in his city and banned indoor dining.  But just like Nancy Pelosi, the rules don't apply to him.  Kenney was recently seen dining inside at a Maryland restaurant. Needless to say, restaurant owners in Philly had some choice words for the mayor.
Election Warning
As you know, Hillary Clinton recently urged Joe Biden not to concede on election night "under any circumstances."  It's clear that Democrats will not accept the results of the elections.  We know this because they have "war-gamed" the 2020 election several times now, and the results are not pretty.
In one scenario, former Clinton operative John Podesta went so far as to predict that Biden would refuse to concede and that Democrat states would secede from the union (again). 
Now the left appears to be conditioning Democrats to refuse to accept the election results after Trump wins big on Election Day.  They are planning to overturn the results seven to ten days later with mail-in ballots. 
As we saw from the California House results in the 2018 election, this may not be such a far-fetched fantasy. 
Meanwhile, a federal judge has just ordered Georgia to accept every absentee ballot that is postmarked as late as Election Day and delivered up to three days later. 
Current Georgia law says ballots must be received by Election Day, and that makes perfect sense.  We don't let people cast in-person ballots days after Election Day.  So why treat absentee ballots differently?
The judge's order guarantees that we cannot have complete results on election night but will have additional chaos in the following days.  You can easily predict where this is going:  If each vote is so sacrosanct, why not extend the deadline to four days or five days later?
The left is insisting that Russia is trying to interfere in our elections.  Well, so is the left.  It is pushing radical policies that make voter fraud far more likely.  Everything the left is doing has the potential to tear the country apart. 
If it appears on election night that President Trump has prevailed, that Republicans have retained the Senate and perhaps even retaken the House majority and Democrats refuse to accept those results, why should Republicans accept the results when they are reversed days later?
There is tremendous value for the peaceful transition of power and continuity of government in definitively knowing the results quickly.  Dragging the election out with needless delays and lawsuits only fuels anxiety and conspiracy theories.
And if scientists say that masks will stop the spread of the virus, there is no reason to not vote in person.  Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx both say that in-person voting is perfectly fine.
A Reminder
Every rioter you see in Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle looting and attacking the police fits into two of three political possibilities: 


  • They are so alienated from society that they won't vote.  (Some of them fall into this category.)
  • They will vote for Biden-Harris.  (I suspect most of them will.)
  • They will vote for Trump-Pence.  (Well, it's a possibility albeit extremely remote.)

My point is that these leftists are rioting in Democrat-dominated cities against other left-wing progressives who share their views.  Yet all of this left-wing violence is now being manipulated to defeat Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who have nothing to do with these left-wing stormtroopers. 
This past weekend, radical demonstrators went into multiple Washington, D.C., neighborhoods demanding people get out of their homes and into the streets.  I couldn't help but notice the irony:  Washington, D.C., voted 93% for Hillary Clinton.  These left-wing fanatics are marching in neighborhoods full of left-wing voters. 
By the way, the progressive mayor of Portland was just forced to flee his own home.  The liberal mayor of Chicago has turned her neighborhood into a fortress.
But Biden is using this imagery and claiming that liberals harassing liberals is Donald Trump's fault. 
Don't fall for it!
Democrats can't control this mob.  Biden can't control this mob.  This violence won't stop if he is elected this November.