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Wednesday, October 12, 2022 -- The Danchenko Trial, More COVID Concerns, Fetterman's Fumble

The Danchenko Trial


The trial of Igor Danchenko for lying to the FBI began this week.  As you may recall, Danchecko, a former employee at the left-wing Brookings Institution, was the primary source for Christopher Steele’s infamous “Trump/Russia collusion dossier.” 


Special Counsel John Durham didn’t waste any time getting straight to the heart of the matter – the FBI’s credibility.


In fact, Durham revealed yesterday that the FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million if he could actually prove any of the wild allegations in the dossier.  He and Danchenko couldn’t.  That should have been the end of the entire Russia collusion hoax.


But it wasn’t.  Anti-Trump bureaucrats in the Deep State kept the hoax alive.  FBI Agent Brian Auten admitted on the stand yesterday that the Bureau had absolutely no proof for any of the dossier’s allegations when it used the document to get a warrant from the FISA court to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign. 


After the campaign was over, Auten interviewed Igor Danchenko in January 2017.  The interview did not go well.  Auten recorded numerous inconsistencies in Danchenko’s statements that seriously undercut the validity of the dossier. 


So, what did Auten and the FBI do?  Rather than admit the truth, exonerate President Trump and shut down the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, they put Danchecko on the government’s payroll for all four years of the Trump Administration! 


Meanwhile, Auten kept Danchenko’s contradictions secret from his supervisors and continued to push the false collusion narrative.  For that malfeasance, he was later referred for disciplinary action


Four years later, Agent Auten would find himself in charge of yet another highly-charged investigation and his bias was once again on full display.  Auten was the FBI agent responsible for spiking the Hunter Biden laptop investigation


Why Auten was allowed anywhere near the Hunter Biden investigation must be a matter of serious investigation if Republicans take back the House and the Senate this November.




More COVID Concerns


In yesterday’s report, we told you that the public health officials in Florida are discouraging young, healthy men from getting the COVID vaccine and any related booster shots.  Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo warns that the vaccine increases the risk of cardiac deaths in young men by 84%.


Well, here’s another concern. 


Remember when Joe Biden told us, “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and ratcheted up the pressure for everyone to get the vaccine?  A lot of anger was aimed at anyone who had second thoughts about the jab.


Sadly, we even turned on the heroes of 2020 – our first responders who braved the worst of the pandemic.  Police officers, firefighters and nurses who resisted vaccine mandates were fired.  Why?  Because taking the vaccine would prevent the transmission of the disease and protect the most vulnerable in society.  Or so we were told.


That turned out to be false, and some people knew it was false.


Earlier this week, a top Pfizer executive admitted to European Union officials that the company did not test the vaccine for its ability to stop the transmission of COVID – the whole point of the COVID passports and vaccine mandates that were implemented worldwide.


Maybe we should be more skeptical of more things our government tells us we must do because, “It’s an emergency.”  A good place to start would be the left’s demands that we fundamentally transform our economy because of global warming.




Planned Parenthood Exposed Again


Last week, we reported the good news that scores of Planned Parenthood clinics have closed or stopped performing abortions after the Dobbs decision.  Yet, Planned Parenthood has insisted for years that abortion was just a very small part of its business model


Of course, we knew better.  They’re not healthcare clinics.  They’re not helping to plan families.  They exist to kill babies, to end families.


But with its literal “blood money” now threatened, Planned Parenthood is transitioning into new ventures, mainly the gender transitioning business.  As we know from executives at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, sterilizing children and mutilating their bodies is a “huge money maker.”


Planned Parenthood is exploiting the left’s latest insane fad, and doing irreversible damage to thousands of innocent and confused children.


It’s always enlightening to ask children what they want to be when they grow up.  Some kids say they want to be police officers or teachers.  Some say they want to help people.  Some may dream of becoming a doctor to cure cancer or heart disease. 


I wonder how many children think to themselves, “If I study really hard, I can run an abortion clinic and destroy 1,000 babies a year!”  What aspiring young pre-med student thinks, “I really want to cut off girls’ breasts and castrate boys in the name of gender care”?


That can only be a sign of a sick society in decline. 




Speaking Of Sick. . .


Like many Americans, I enjoyed the hit musical Hamilton.  I felt it could be helpful if it changed the minds of some people who may have had a distorted view of the American founding.


Well, now we’ve got a new version of 1776, and all the cast members are either women, non-binary, or transgender.  In fact, Thomas Jefferson is pregnant


The left hates our Founding Fathers.  They’ve made that absolutely clear.  They never miss an opportunity to smear them or tear them down, both figuratively and literally, even though these heroes created the most incredible nation the world has ever seen.


Cultural appropriation is a big sin to the left.  If a white actor is selected to play the part of a Hispanic character, the left goes nuts.  But we’re supposed to think it is “enlightened progress” if all of the Founding Fathers are played by people who are not what they were.


The same people who believe it is so offensive to see a statue of Columbus are perfectly happy to insist you see 1776 in drag.  Jefferson is offensive, but your kid must see a drag queen in a public library. 


How long before the left starts demanding statues of drag queens?




Fetterman’s Fumble


We’re now in the final four-week sprint of the 2022 campaign.  Right now the Senate appears to be a complete toss-up.  It could end up 51-49 Republican or still 50-50, and there’s a huge difference in those outcomes.  (Vice President Harris gives Democrats the tie-breaking, majority vote in a 50-50 Senate.) 


That brings me to one of the key races where Democrats have a slight advantage – Pennsylvania. 


If Democrat John Fetterman wins, he will flip a seat currently held by a Republican, meaning we’ve got to win two seats currently held by Democrats.  


More importantly, Fetterman would be among the most radical individuals ever elected to the Senate.  He is a far-left abortion fanatic and a neo-Marxist demagogue who would make Bernie Sanders seem moderate.


On top of all that, he is significantly impaired after a major stroke and refuses to be forthcoming and transparent about his condition. 


Fetterman recently sat down with NBC News reporter Dasha Burns for his first interview in four months.  His staff insisted on having the questions printed for him so he could read them and give a cogent answer. 


This is the same condition he has demanded for the one and only debate that will take place later this month.  Meanwhile, the people of Pennsylvania have already been casting ballots for nearly a month. 


To her credit, Burns said, “In small talk before the interview, without captioning, it wasn’t clear he [Fetterman] was understanding our conversation.”  Left-wing media hacks are now attacking Burns for her honest assessment.


Here's my advice to Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz:  While independent groups trying to help Oz should emphasize the serious unanswered questions about Fetterman’s health, Oz should focus on how much of a neo-Marxist radical Fetterman really is. 


Just this morning, three Philadelphia police officers were shot while attempting to serve a warrant.  Fetterman is endorsed by leading advocates of the defund the police movement, he supports emptying the jails and ending cash bail, and his record on crime is a total disaster


His extremism must be exposed!