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Wednesday, November 17, 2021 -- Is A Big Vacancy Coming, Soccer Moms Are ISIS, Guilty No Matter What

Is A Big Vacancy Coming?


Earlier this week we reported on the increasing tensions between the Biden and Harris camps within the White House.  There's more.  Washington insiders are hearing whispers that the House of Representatives may be facing a big confirmation fight soon. 


How can that be?  Confirmations are done by the United States Senate . . . unless the vacancy being filled is the vice presidency of the United States. 


There are a couple of possibilities here. 


Joe Biden is going to dump Kamala Harris, the only politician in town with lower approval ratings than Biden's.  Or, people want him to get rid of her and have started this rumor hoping to embarrass her into stepping down. Either way, Biden needs a new vice president.  Perhaps this is a good time for Harris's staff to work on their resumes.


The final possibility is that Joe Biden is getting ready to step down and President Harris will need to appoint a vice president. 


Who knows what's really going on.  But polls show most Americans don't want Biden to run again, and they don't think he's mentally fit for the job.  And they don't think Harris is up to the job either.




Soccer Moms Are ISIS?


Attorney General Merrick Garland is in trouble.  During his recent congressional testimony, Garland repeatedly assured members of Congress that the FBI was not treating parents like terrorists.  It seems he lied.


A whistleblower at the Department of Justice sent evidence to Rep. Jim Jordan, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, that directly contradicts Garland's statements.  The evidence is an email from a top FBI counterterrorism official directing agents to use a new "threat tag" created by the Counterterrorism and Criminal Division. 


The email states, "The purpose of the threat tag is to help scope this threat [angry parents] on a national level and provide an opportunity for comprehensive analysis of the threat."


In other words, at Garland's direction, the FBI has in fact set up a reporting system to log "domestic terrorist parents" just like they would if they were cataloging radical Islamic terrorists.  This is a gross abuse of power!


They are doing exactly what Garland said they were not going to do.  They are using the counterterrorism powers of the FBI to track and target parents who are protesting radical curricula in their schools. 


Let's connect the dots.  The Pentagon is monitoring the social media of military personnel reportedly to identify "extremists."  I've said for years we should be monitoring radical mosques and vetting immigrants to ensure that people coming here share our values.  But the left sees our brave men and women in uniform as a potential threat. 


This latest effort to turn soccer moms and dads into the domestic equivalent of ISIS is evidence that the left's goal is to demonize, destroy and criminalize conservatives.  They are the only group the Biden regime is getting tough with.


It isn't getting tough with communist China.  It isn't getting tough with Russia.  It isn't getting tough with the Taliban.  It isn't getting tough with the illegal aliens pouring across our border.  But if Border Patrol guards dare to stop the invasion or if parents dare to defend their children, Big Brother is coming for you.


This is a good time to remind you of the biblical exhortation, "Fear Not!"  The tactics our domestic Bolshevik "wannabes" are using have one purpose – to make us all cower in fear.  Instead, we must boldly act.




Guilty No Matter What


As I am writing, there's been no verdict yet in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.  But I'm increasingly concerned that the left-wing mob has already convicted him and may have intimidated the jury.


Rittenhouse has been smeared as a racist, and many Americans mistakenly think that he shot multiple black men.  That's totally false.  They say he had no business being in Kenosha.  Well, his father lives there.  They say he illegally possessed a gun.  That's false. That charge was dismissed.


Unfortunately, Rittenhouse was convicted last year by the leftist media.  Multiple Hollywood stars and sports figures have condemned him.  Now there's a mob outside the courthouse calling for his conviction. 


There are leaks indicating that the jurors are afraid they and their families will be targeted.  They're right to be worried.  A relative of George Floyd has threatened to dox the jurors


If Kyle Rittenhouse is found not guilty it will be a tribute to the character of the citizens of Kenosha.  If he's convicted, in my view it will say nothing about actual guilt, but merely confirm that the summer of 2020 accomplished its goal.  The rioting that spread throughout our cities in a coordinated way has left many citizens cowering in fear. 


By the way, Nick Sandmann today expressed his support for Kyle Rittenhouse.  I believe both young men, in different ways, have shown the courage we're all going to need in the challenging years ahead as we confront the increasingly intolerant and totalitarian left.




Blocked For Now


As we previously reported, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a scathing rebuke of Biden's vaccine mandate.  Biden initially told businesses to ignore the court


Thankfully, OSHA isn't ignoring the court.  The agency announced yesterday that it has suspended enforcement of Biden's vaccine mandate.




Free At Last


Yesterday, Britney Spears took to social media to say how grateful she is to finally be free, free at last of the conservatorship that controlled her life in recent years.  Now if only I was just as certain that the rest of us will be free this time next year!