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Wednesday, November 15, 2023 -- Standing With Israel, A Key Question, Where Was Joe

Standing With Israel


It was confirmed overnight that there were at least 290,000 people at yesterday’s March For Israel on the National Mall.  It was the largest pro-Israel event ever! 


I just want to reiterate that there was zero vandalism.  No one thought that the way to make a point about the Middle East was to attack local businesses in Washington, D.C.


No one of Arab or Muslim background was attacked.  There were no reports of angry Jewish young men attacking anyone with a Palestinian flag. 


In fact, the only reports of discrimination involved a walkout of bus drivers at Dulles Airport who refused to transport Jewish visitors to the March For Israel.


Very few people in the massive crowd were wearing masks.  But when the left comes out in force, the great majority of them hide their faces.  Why?  There’s no danger of retribution in any legitimate protests. 


But these leftists hide their faces because they know they’re not involved in legitimate protests.  They don’t want to pay the penalty for their obscene hatred, for their calls for genocide and for the violence they’re likely to commit. 


Many American cities have laws prohibiting people from covering their faces for the purposes of intimidating others or committing crimes.  Many of those laws were passed to deal with the KKK, which hid behind hoods. 


But the Jew-hating left loves masks.  They wear masks because many are here illegally on expired student visas and they’re engaging in activity that could and should get them thrown out of the country.




A Key Question


I was surprised to see some unlikely people suddenly claiming to be pro-Israel yesterday.  It’s a reflection of the fact that politicians in Washington will respond when they clearly see the instincts of the American people. 


Well, here’s an easy test. 


If you hear progressive politicians, including even Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, say, “We stand with Israel” and “We’re against anti-Semitism,” the first question should be:  Are you going to reverse your position on unlimited mass migration into America, in the name of compassion, from countries infested with vicious anti-Semitism?


If they refuse to abandon open borders, anything they say in support of Israel is garbage. 


Anyone who still doesn’t understand that much of the Jew-hatred we’re seeing on our streets and on our university campuses has been imported is either sleepwalking or lying.


Here’s another reason why this matters.  Once the demographic shift reaches a certain point, law enforcement often changes how it keeps order. 


London is now so Islamic that when there’s a demonstration with people chanting calls for genocide and a few British veterans show up with the Union Jack, the police arrest the veterans in the interest of preserving public order. 


So, the calls for genocide continue and the patriots go off to jail.  That’s why laws regarding masks are not being enforced now in our cities during these massive pro-Hamas protests because it would likely cause a massive riot.




Where Was Joe?


I find it unbelievable that Joe Biden could not make time or adjust his schedule to walk out onto the National Mall and make a statement yesterday at the March For Israel. 


He regularly accuses MAGA supporters of being “extremists” and “fascists.”  He’s told us over and over again (and lied every time) that fighting the neo-Nazis at Charlottesville was the whole reason he ran for president. 


Well, here was a perfect opportunity for him to condemn real extremists and real fascists, who brutally murdered innocent Israelis, and to condemn their sympathizers chanting calls for genocide in the streets.  He couldn’t do it.


Biden would have gotten a huge welcome from the massive crowd.  It was a tremendous opportunity to show the world that the president of the United States is not afraid of losing the votes of the anti-Semites in his party.  But Joe Biden blew it.


By the way, Senate Democrats blew another perfect opportunity yesterday.  They had a chance to approve $14 billion in emergency support for Israel.  But they voted the bill down on a party-line vote because they are holding aid to Israel hostage to get more money for Ukraine and the IRS.




Another Hit To The Narrative


Remember the name Jonathan Lewis.  Jonathan was a 17 year-old high school student who had the courage to do the right thing.  He stood up for a smaller friend who was being bullied and a group of thugs killed him for it.


This terrible attack occurred in Las Vegas on November 1st.  Odds are you haven’t heard about it at all.  Maybe you’ve seen a passing reference.  Lewis intervened when he saw one his friends get put into a trash can by a gang of teenagers, and the mob turned on him. 


There is video of the vicious attack.  At least 10 other students knocked him down and kicked him in the head.  The attack went on long after Lewis fell to the ground.  He was on life support for days and ultimately died from his injuries a week later.


Why does something so horrific not become national news like the video of George Floyd being held down by an officer, which resulted in his death?  There’s not an American alive who hasn’t seen that video multiple times. 


Well, the Floyd video was weaponized by the left to smear America and impose a narrative on us that our country and the world are divided between the oppressed and the oppressors. 


The oppressed are people of color, sexual minorities, Muslims, etc.  The oppressors are white, heterosexuals or cisgenders as we’re now called (it’s meant to sound weird) and, depending on the issue, Jews and Asians, who are considered to be “white adjacent” because both communities value hard work and academic achievement.


This murder in Las Vegas doesn’t help that narrative at all.  The feral pack of thugs who beat Jonathan Lewis to death were minorities.  Lewis, the boy who was murdered, was white. 


Universally, every “mainstream” media outlet, every social justice warrior and every church committed to “social justice” has ignored this story about the death of this young man from a working-class family. 


His life doesn’t matter. He’s not helpful to anyone.  If anything, he complicates things for the left.


Meanwhile, every decent person – black, white, Hispanic, Asian – in Las Vegas who knows about this incident is mortified.  They know that in real life, the world isn’t divided between “the oppressors” and “the oppressed.”  It’s divided between thugs and decent people of all races. 


And that’s the most important point.


Fox News showed the video of Lewis’s attack at least twice yesterday.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence (I can’t help but think that there is a connection), but law enforcement officials have just announced that eight juveniles (ages 13 to 17) masquerading as human beings were arrested and are facing murder charges. 


The police are also reportedly investigating to determine if this attack was a hate crime.  Gee, you think?!




The Solution


Decent people in Las Vegas realize there is something deeply wrong and very evil going on in their community, and it’s not the gambling. 


Las Vegas made headlines recently when two minority teenagers deliberately ran over a retired police chief, who was also white.  These remorseless thugs recorded the murder and posted a video of it online.  One of the arrested teens told police, “I’ll be out in 30 days.”


We know the major factors responsible for what’s happening in Las Vegas – the breakdown of family, undermining reliable standards of right and wrong, schools that indoctrinate rather than educate, progressive ideas about law enforcement. 


None of these problems are going to be solved without Christians.  Pastors and Christians who still refuse to engage in politics are abandoning the greatest country God ever created.


The very thing the left insists shouldn’t be tolerated in the public square – faith – is the answer we need most!


But never mind.  The biggest danger facing America isn’t rising anti-Semitism or our children morphing into violent animals.  It’s climate change, according to Joe Biden.