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Wednesday, May 29, 2024 -- Deranged DeNiro, What If, Kicker Stands Firm

Deranged DeNiro


The Biden White House has insisted that Donald Trump’s prosecutions are not political in any way and that this is just the legal system at work, proving that no one is above the law. But what did they do yesterday?


The Biden campaign sent a wrecking crew, led by left-wing actor Robert DeNiro, to hold a big press conference outside the Manhattan courthouse as closing arguments in Trump’s bogus bookkeeping trial were underway. What a revealing spectacle that was.


DeNiro may be a good actor, but he’s a terrible legal and political analyst. He launched into a tirade of lies. He insulted MAGA supporters as “clowns” and “gangsters.” He said Trump wanted to be a dictator and wanted to destroy New York City.


Donald Trump built a good bit of New York City. I don’t recall seeing DeNiro’s name on any buildings. Trump’s name is all over New York. I don’t remember DeNiro announcing he would do everything he could to lift up the Bronx. Donald Trump did that.


Yesterday’s PR stunt shows the panic that is gripping the left and how the Trump trials, from top to bottom, are a Biden campaign effort to destroy his political opponent. Biden knows can’t beat Trump by himself.


So, his strategy is to hide and let his henchmen do his dirty work. He’s got the leftist judge inside the courtroom. He’s got a leftist actor outside the courtroom. He’s got leftist prosecutors in other states. And he’s got leftist rioters ready to pour into the streets.


Every day this continues is another day to double down on whatever you can do to ensure Joe Biden loses in November.




What If. . .


Donald Trump’s fate is now in the jury’s hands. A decision could come at any time.


While many legal experts say the charges are absurd, Judge Juan Merchan did everything he could to tip the scales of justice in ways that bolstered Alvin Bragg’s incredibly weak case.


So, what if Trump is convicted?


Some legal analysts, who are naively paying attention to the law, are confident Trump would win on appeal. But a successful appeal won’t happen anytime soon.


In the meantime, what if Trump is locked up or sentenced to house arrest? That would mean no more rallies, no campaigning, and no debates.


What happens if, on the day Trump is booked into jail, law enforcement officials all over the country announce that there are growing threats of right-wing violence and people are urged to report MAGA supporters?


What will happen to the stock market and the bond market if America is seen as just another banana republic where political disagreements are criminalized and the regime jails its political opponents?


These are all disturbing possibilities, but we have already seen many disturbing and previously unimaginable things actually happen.


The Deep State created a hoax to undermine a president’s administration.


The Deep State censored the truth and the American people to influence an election.


Parents and churches were spied on.


A former president’s house was raided.


A former president was criminally charged in multiple jurisdictions on trumped-up charges, and is facing jail time.


Did you ever think you would see anything like this in America?


Well, we’ve seen it all. And we need to be prepared for anything.




Alien Base Invaders


In recent reports, we have told you about illegal aliens attempting to breach our military bases. It’s happening far more often than many people realize. Here’s what Admiral Daryl Caudle, commander of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, told Fox News:


“This thing of our military bases getting penetrated by foreign nationals is happening more and more. This is something we see probably two or three times a week . . . and this is just the U.S. Navy alone. . . [They’re] Russian, Chinese, all different nations.”

There is no good explanation for why this is happening with such frequency. One possibility is that these foreign agents are conducting probes to evaluate base security and determine our reaction time.


A second possibility is that the “axis of evil” we are facing all over the world – communist China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and their terrorist allies in Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. – is sending a message to our government.


Maybe they are warning us that they have countless operatives inside America that we know nothing about because we foolishly let them in, and they are ready to strike multiple military bases at any time.


And how is it that this is not major news? Why aren’t more journalists elevating this story? That’s easy enough to answer. The left-wing media won’t talk about it because it hurts Joe Biden and helps Donald Trump.


So, the left is willing to sacrifice America’s national security to advance their radical agenda.




Kicker Stands Firm


Every day since his address to the graduating class of a Catholic college went viral three weeks ago, Kansas City Chief’s kicker Harrison Butker has faced a “shocking level of hate” from the intolerant left.


But Butker isn’t backing down. He is standing firm and doubling down. He said he has no regrets about boldly speaking up for his values, and there is only one person he is trying to please – Jesus Christ.


One of the intolerant leftists attacking Butker is George Soros’s son, Alexander. He condemned Butker’s pro-family, pro-life views as “misogyny.”


The younger Soros may find it hard to outdo the damage his father has done to Western Civilization, but he’s eager to try.


As we have pointed out repeatedly, one of the biggest problems in America is the breakdown of the family. Anyone who really cares about the poor and the well-being of children should be going all out to promote marriage and fathers in the home.


By the way, Alex Soros is reportedly dating Clinton confidante Huma Abedine, the ex-wife of disgraced politician Anthony Weiner. Based on the people he hangs around with, I don’t think Alex Soros is the best person to be lecturing America about values and making wise choices in life.




Martyred Missionaries


Davy and Natalie Lloyd served as Christian missionaries in Haiti. The young couple had their whole lives ahead of them. But last week, they were brutally murdered by vicious gangs that have devastated the impoverished Caribbean nation.


Earlier this week, Donald Trump called the families of Davy and Natalie to express his condolences. Natalie’s father, Missouri State Representative Ben Baker, was surprised by Trump’s call, given everything he is facing right now. Baker posted, “He really does care about people.”


My heart breaks for the Baker and Lloyd families. But I’m not surprised by the call. It’s what Donald Trump did throughout his entire presidency and throughout his entire life.


I know people who said they were unexpectedly called by Trump long before he became president. As president, he was particularly concerned about the safety and welfare of Christian missionaries overseas.


I know firsthand about his concern because I served on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom when Pastor Andrew Brunson was freed after two years in Turkish prisons. President Trump and the Commission worked very hard to secure his release.




A Disturbing Pattern


Obviously, not all people struggling with gender dysphoria are dangerous or potential murderers. But there is a disturbing pattern that deserves serious attention.


Massachusetts police are investigating what appears to be random stabbings that occurred over the weekend. The victims are five young women and one man.


The suspect, Jared Ravizza, reportedly refers to himself as “she” and has been undergoing a “deeply personal journey.” He is also the suspect in an unrelated murder in another state.


Jared’s father is a well-known psychiatrist on Martha’s Vineyard. As my friend Al Perrotta at The Stream noted, apparently the “elder Ravizza doesn’t make house calls.”


In all seriousness, it is well past time for the medical establishment to stop this transgender insanity, stop encouraging people’s delusions, and reconsider the serious negative effects of pumping individuals full of drugs and hormones that weren’t meant for their bodies.