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Wednesday, May 25, 2022 -- Texas Elementary Massacre, Godless America, Exploiting Suffering And Tragedy

Texas Elementary Massacre


Today, I want to only address the deadly shooting in Texas.  Everything else pales in comparison. 


Once again, the country is mourning the senseless murder of innocent Americans, including 19 of our children.  These scenes of death at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, are heartbreaking.  It is impossible to imagine the grief of the parents who had to wait for hours to learn the fate of their children.  We all grieve with them.


There is much we don't know yet about the disturbed young man who carried out this brutal massacre. But we can still come to some conclusions about why it happened, and how we can prevent future attacks like it.




Godless America


For fifty years, secular progressive values have permeated our culture.  Moral relativism – the idea that there is no right and wrong, only "your truth" – is the prevailing philosophy of the age. 


With each passing day, the Judeo-Christian worldview that guided our Founding Fathers and serves as the foundation of our nation is further eroded away. 


Many of our children are being taught that they are the product of a mindless evolutionary process.  There is no God that made them and loves them.  There is no divine spark in them. 


They are mere animals on a planet speeding through the emptiness of space.  Their existence is without meaning and has no purpose.  When they die, there will be only an empty void.


Mental illness, drug addiction, suicide, mindless violence, meaningless sex and abortion on demand are destroying our youth.  They are all symptoms of America's rejection of God and of His Word.


The number one priority for all of us should be to save or own children and grandchildren from the growing nihilism of our age.




The Breakdown Of The Family


The traditional American family – a mother and a father and their children – has been under attack for decades.  It is mocked by elites and in the popular culture. 


Marxists everywhere, including in the United States, attack it because intact families are a bulwark against Marxist/socialist big government schemes. 


No society in the entire history of civilization has attempted the bizarre experiment of raising so many of its children without fathers.  But we are rapidly headed down that road and far worse, and no one dares to address it in our national political discourse.


In our big cities, gangs take the place of fathers and families. Drugs are pouring across our southern border, killing hundreds of Americans every day.  But we largely ignore that. 


What's happened to us is exactly what our Founding Fathers warned against when they said only a virtuous people can remain free.  It's exactly what Ronald Reagan warned against when he said, "If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under."




What We Can Do


While we all pray for and work toward reversing this cultural moral decline, there is something we can do immediately to make such schoolhouse carnage less likely.


We have security guards in our banks to protect our money.  We have security guards at sporting events, entertainment venues and at meetings with high-profile celebrities and politicians. 


But there is still resistance to putting security guards in our schools to protect our precious children.  Parents in every school district should demand that it be done now.

When possible, there should be one central point of entry and exit. 


The bad kid with a gun yesterday was stopped by a good guy with a gun.  We need more such good guys guarding our children in our schools today.


There are plenty of retired police officers and veterans who could fill these jobs.  There are billions of COVID relief dollars sloshing around state budgets that have not been spent.  We just appropriated $40 billion to help protect the children of Ukraine. 


Don't tell me we can't afford to protect the children of America!


However, not only has this not been done, for the past two years the Democrat "defund the police" movement has actually been kicking police officers out of some schools.  There's no curing stupid. 




Exploiting Suffering And Tragedy


Speaking from the White House yesterday, President Biden addressed the American people for seven minutes.  He started with the tone that everyone would expect of an American president under such circumstances. It is what presidents have done time and again. 


During such tragedies, you speak to the nation to comfort the American people and grieving families.  You don't play politics.  But Biden couldn't resist.  He tried to exploit these bullet-ridden children for his own political goals. 


Keep in mind that when Biden was making his remarks yesterday and railing against the "gun lobby," he knew virtually none of the facts involved in the Uvalde shooting.  For example, it was only confirmed this morning that the weapons used were in fact purchased legally.


This exploitation is all the left has.  Biden tried to exploit dead black Americans in Buffalo.  He's trying to exploit the horror of the Russian/Ukrainian war.  He's trying to exploit a leaked Supreme Court decision that might actually save babies' lives. 


For the left, everything is about one thing – political power. 


Some Democrats were even more over-the-top than usual.  Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut berated his Republican colleagues on the Senate floor.  Rep. Ruben Gallego became totally unhinged.  He lashed out at Ted Cruz and cursed those who prayed for the victims.  [Warning: Explicit Language.]


Beto O'Rourke, in his desperate bid to regain relevance, interrupted Gov. Greg Abbott's press conference this afternoon.  While Abbott was condemning yesterday's evil act, O'Rourke was condemning Abbott.


Hollywood celebrities went on Twitter tirades against the Republican Party and law-abiding gun owners.  Michael Moore called for the Second Amendment to be repealed.


Former President Barack Obama tweeted, "Our country is paralyzed, not by fear, but by a gun lobby and a political party that have shown no willingness to act."


The rhetoric of these powerful individuals is further proof of how much trouble we're in.  And, once again, the left is extremely selective in its outrage.  Where is all this concern about "gun violence" after each bloody weekend in Chicago?


When the news broke, the strategists around Biden and in the Democrat Party were ready to pounce.  They were already drafting remarks for Biden to deliver. 


Just imagine if the shooter had been a young Caucasian.  Biden's speech would have been another attack on white supremacy.  But when it was learned that the shooter was Hispanic, Biden's staff switched to Plan B – an attack on your right to own a firearm to protect yourself and your family in an ever-increasingly unsafe America.


There is not a minute of the day when the political left is not trying to figure out how to exploit our pain and suffering for their own political gain.