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Wednesday, May 19, 2021 -- Biden Caves, Bibi Responds, Biden Caves II

Biden Caves
As you know, support for Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people, is one of my passions.  I have worked with Pastor John Hagee and his wonderful organization, Christians United for Israel.  Pastor Hagee and I played a major role in helping the Trump Administration develop the policies that made it the most pro-Israel administration in modern history.
As a Trump-appointee to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, I pushed the commission to aggressively confront anti-Semitism, specifically denouncing Iran, whose revolutionary goal is to wipe Israel off the wipe.
Sadly, the most powerful, rising forces in the Democrat Party today clearly intend to end bi-partisan support for Israel. The so-called "progressive movement" is extremely anti-Israel, and it is infected with anti-Semitism
We saw it earlier this week when the Black Lives Matter organization clearly aligned itself with Hamas.  And it was on full display yesterday when Rep. Rashida Tlaib confronted President Biden at the Detroit airport. 
Biden was in Michigan to promote electric vehicles.  But Tlaib wanted to confront him about the Middle East.  We don't have the audio of their conversation, but it's clear from the video that it was very animated.  Reports indicate that Tlaib aggressively demanded Biden do more to pressure Israel into a cease-fire. 
Later, during his remarks at a Ford plant, Biden effusively praised Tlaib, even as he botched her name, saying:
"I want to say to you that I admire your intellect, I admire your passion, and I admire your concern for so many other people. . . You're a fighter.  And thank you for being a fighter."
Let me remind you about Tlaib's "intellect."  She celebrated her election to Congress by promising to "go in and impeach the mother--ker," referring to President Trump. 
Referring to the brave men and women on the Thin Blue Line, Tlaib tweeted, "Policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist." 
And while Tlaib may be a fighter, she's not fighting for good causes.  Not only is she an avowed socialist, her anti-Semitism is well-documented.  (Here, here and here.)
Unfortunately, it appears that Joe Biden is listening to her.  According to a White House statement, Biden called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this morning and made it clear that "he expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a cease-fire."
By the way, vicious anti-Israel rhetoric from Tlaib, AOC, Omar, Bernie Sanders and our leftist media is now stoking attacks on Jews right here in the United States.
Bibi Responds
Let's be clear about what Biden and Tlaib are demanding: 

  • Hamas has indiscriminately fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians. 
  • Hamas is not aiming at military targets. 
  • Hamas is hoping to hit a synagogue or an apartment building. 
  • When Israel goes after the terrorists, who are hiding behind Palestinian women and children, the anti-Israel chorus in the Democrat Party demands that Israel stop defending itself.  

This is insane!  And it sets the stage for the next round of attacks because it leaves Hamas's terrorist infrastructure in place. 
Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly pushed back on Biden's demand, insisting that Israel will "continue this operation until the goal is achieved -- to restore peace and security to the citizens of Israel."
Biden Caves II
News broke late yesterday that Joe Biden is waiving congressionally mandated sanctions and allowing the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany. 
The left-wing media outlet Axios called the pipeline "one of Vladimir Putin's core priorities," adding that its completion "would be a huge geopolitical win for Putin and give him substantial new leverage in Europe."
That's quite an understatement.  It would make a key NATO ally dependent on Russia for energy, which Putin has not hesitated to use as blackmail in the past.   
If Donald Trump did this, Nancy Pelosi would be launching a third impeachment effort today. 
The irony is incredible.  Biden stopped America's Keystone XL pipeline.  His political allies, like the governor of Michigan, want to stop another pipeline, making us even more vulnerable to another hack like the one against the Colonial pipeline.  Yet Biden greenlights a Russian pipeline that will make Europe dependent on Russian energy. 
Donald Trump stopped that pipeline with sanctions.  But Biden, who attacked Trump as "Putin's puppet," just reversed Trump's tough sanctions and gave Putin a "huge win."
I have a suspicion about what is happening here. Less than two weeks ago, Russian hackers attacked our Colonial pipeline.  In a few days, more than a dozen states were experiencing severe fuel shortages and long gas lines, and Biden's approval ratings were plummeting. 
Even though we knew the hackers were in Russia, Biden was quick to exonerate Vladimir Putin of any responsibility.  Now suddenly, Biden is rewarding Putin again. 
It's not beyond the pale to suspect, as I do, that the Colonial pipeline hack was in fact Russia delivering a message to the United States, demonstrating what it can do to us.  And, perhaps, if Biden showed some flexibility on Putin's pipeline, maybe Putin could do more to crackdown on "hackers" in the future. 
Joe Biden's latest cave to Vladimir Putin demands serious scrutiny.
Biden's Border Crisis
The Biden Administration has been claiming that horrible conditions in the Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) are responsible for the migrant crisis at our southern border.  But the New York Times reported over the weekend that migrants from 160 countries have illegally crossed the southern border this year. 
It seems that free health care, education, and taxpayer subsidies are magnets for people all over the world to come here.  And, as we have noted before, the Biden Administration is perfectly fine with that.  It's part of the left's plan to fundamentally transform America.
But there are other problems with open borders that should outrage every American – drugs and criminals are pouring across too. 
According to ABC News, more deadly fentanyl has already been seized at the border this year than in all of 2020.  To be clear, that's not a victory for the Biden Administration's drug interdiction efforts.  It simply means that the volume of drugs crossing the border has increased dramatically and more drugs are clearly getting onto America's streets.
Meanwhile, the Border Patrol reported recently that it has apprehended more than 6,000 illegal aliens with serious criminal records, including 34 convicted murderers and 300 sex offenders.  But again, that's just the tip of the iceberg.  We know many more are not being apprehended.
Revisiting Roe
All great nations have really bad days.  America had 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.  I would also include January 22, 1973, as a really bad day. 
On that day, the Supreme Court legalized abortion in a case called Roe v. Wade.  The result has been the carnage of more than 60 million lost innocent lives over the past 48 years.
But the Supreme Court has agreed to review a Mississippi law that restricts abortion after the 15th week of pregnancy.  The case will be argued in the court's next term and decided in 2022. 
In the past, the high court's review would probably have resulted in Mississippi's law being overturned.  But now there are two justices – Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas – who clearly want to end abortion on demand. 
And Donald Trump appointed three other justices, who I helped get through the Senate.  Two of Trump's appointees (Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett) replaced pro-abortion justices (Kennedy and Ginsburg).  I can tell you that President Trump believed, as I did, that his appointees would end abortion on demand.
It is conceivable that there are at least five justices who will allow states to limit abortion.  I hope and pray that is what they will do. 
I believe God has blessed America from the very beginning of our country.  I believe He was with us at Valley Forge, at Constitution Hall and on D-Day.  But I have long feared that God will not continue to bless a country that has so cavalierly destroyed innocent babies in the womb. 
For the sake of those innocent children and our country, please join me in praying that the Supreme Court will do the right thing.