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Wednesday, May 15, 2024 -- Children At Risk, Biden Lies Again, Debate Deal

Children At Risk


It is impossible to exaggerate the extent to which the left is willing to go to indoctrinate our children with the LGBTQ agenda.


For example, Joe Biden is using the federal government to force every school in the country to allow boys into our daughters’ bathrooms and locker rooms. It is also impossible to exaggerate the great lengths they will go to in order to hide what they are doing.


The latest example comes from La Costa Heights Elementary School in Carlsbad, where a fifth-grade class was required to read the book My Shadow Is Pink.


The main character is a young boy who says his shadow is pink and it likes to wear dresses. His shadow also likes ponies and pink toys, as well as “princesses and fairies and things not for boys.”


Fifth graders should not be subjected to transgender indoctrination. That’s evil enough. The book’s graphics and presentation are also very juvenile. Why?


Here’s how you understand just how deep this rot goes and how all in the left is to steal our children and turn them into little warriors for leftist values.


The school has a “buddy” program where older students spend time with kindergarten students. The fifth-grade teacher instructed the class to tell their kindergarten buddies about My Shadow Is Pink.


That’s why the class was reading such a juvenile book. It wasn’t just for them. It was also aimed at the school’s youngest tots – kids who still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus.


School officials knew the risk they were taking if they introduced the book to kindergarteners. So, they not only indoctrinated the fifth graders, they used them to indoctrinate five and six year-olds!


There ought to be hundreds of angry parents at this school. In a healthy America, parents -- and especially fathers -- would go ballistic.


It is a sad commentary on how much we have already walked halfway into slavery that the school doesn’t have to worry about outraged parents.


At least two parents were upset. They said their fifth-grade son didn’t want to indoctrinate his younger “buddy.” So, they posted a video about this assignment on social media to alert other parents in the community.


Well, the principal called them and said that teachers at the school feel unsafe now. That’s the tactic the left always uses to silence debate.


Angry parents upset over how their children are being indoctrinated go to school board meetings, and the school board members claim they’re being threatened. The FBI sets up a “tip line” to report the “domestic terrorists.”


The response to the indoctrination of our children is always, “You’re a fascist and book burner who may be lynching people. Back off and shut up, or we might put you in jail.”


Sadly, the “woke mind virus” has already consumed this school. The mother of the fifth-grade boy who resisted this trans indoctrination says he is too afraid to go to school, and his older brother is being harassed by kids who are all wearing pink in support of the book.


So, the normal kids are the ones being bullied and ostracized. Satanic mission accomplished.




Two Systems Of Justice


Sentences are now being handed down in the trials of pro-life activists who have been aggressively prosecuted and persecuted by the Biden Justice Department. Lauren Handy, the organizer of a non-violent demonstration at a Washington, D.C., abortion clinic, was sentenced yesterday to 57 months in prison.


Other pro-life activists involved in this demonstration have received sentences of 27 months.


Some of these activists are actually progressives who disagree with conservatives on everything except abortion. They see the right to life as a paramount civil rights issue.


We’ve often said there are two systems of justice, one for the right and one for the left. But it’s actually a bit more finely tuned than that.


These are people of the left, and they are not being spared. It’s one system of justice if you believe a certain set of values, and one system of justice if you don’t.


If you believe in God, self-defense, and no indoctrination in schools, there’s one system of justice for you. And if you are leftist but you don’t agree on destroying a million babies a year, you’ve lost your left-wing privilege. You’re lumped in with the “deplorables” and may be put in a cell with January 6th defendants.




Biden Lies Again


During an interview yesterday, Joe Biden repeated the lie that inflation was 9% when he took office, as if he had nothing to do with skyrocketing inflation. He’s said this twice in less than a week.


It’s not a mistake. It’s not that he doesn’t remember. They have intentionally decided to use the big lie technique perfected by Stalin and Hitler. They know exactly what they are doing.


By the way, Biden is also lying when he tries to blame inflation on “corporate greed.”


As a reminder, inflation was 1.4% when Biden took office. It hit 9% in June 2022 – 18 months into Biden’s term. When inflation started going up, Biden initially blamed it on Vladimir Putin. “It’s Putin’s price hike,” he said. Remember that?


The American people aren’t so easily confused. They know who’s to blame.



Debate Deal


There was breaking news this morning that Joe Biden and Donald Trump have agreed to hold at least two debates – one in June and another in September.


Predictably, Biden is trying to rig the debates with a long list of demands, including no audiences and no third-party candidates, meaning no Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


A presidential debate in June is very early. In fact, it’s well before the party conventions. Technically, neither man would formally be their party’s nominee. So, the timing seems a bit odd.


Well, I have a hunch that the Democrat establishment is starting to panic that Biden isn’t up to the job and might have to be replaced. We’re hearing a lot of public criticism from insiders like David Axelrod and James Carville.


Biden wants early debates because the sooner they take place, the harder it will be for the left to push him out. He can say, “Look, the race is locked in. I’ve already debated Trump.”




Trump’s Trials


There is not enough space here to list all the ways that the Stalinist show trial in Manhattan is making a complete mockery of our judicial system. But here’s something that shows just how corrupt it is.


Speaking on MSNBC yesterday, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) appeared to suggest that he has met with Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s key witness, “a number of times to prepare him” for this trial.


As has already been reported, Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter is a left-wing political consultant. One of her clients is Rep. Dan Goldman, who has paid her firm $157,000.


So, someone who is enriching the judge’s daughter is preparing a key witness in a case before that same judge. That seems like a massive conflict of interest.




Honoring Fallen Heroes


This week is Police Week, and today the country observes National Peace Officers Memorial Day to honor the law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty over the past year. If you noticed flags in your community flying at half-staff today, that's why.


Sadly, we are adding too many names to the memorial of fallen officers. Last year, 138 officers died in the line of duty and the killings continue unabated in 2024.


The next time you see a police officer, thank them for the extremely difficult job they are doing to keep us safe.


To all the men and women in law enforcement, please know that millions of Americans are grateful for what you do and the risks you take each and every day! We are hoping, praying, and voting for better days ahead.