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Wednesday, May 12, 2021 -- Carter's Second Term, Israel Under Siege, Cheney Removed

Carter's Second Term
Joe Biden is taking us back to the 1970s.  In the aftermath of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, Americans along the East Coast are facing significant gas shortages and long lines at the pump for the first time since the Carter years.  And surging inflation is back too.
Jimmy Carter was a nice man, but he was a disastrous president because he was weak.  Throughout the Carter years, America careened from one crisis to another, and it's happening again.
Some say Joe Biden is a nice man.  But he immediately signaled weakness at the U.S. border.  He canceled the border wall.  And now record amounts of drugs and record numbers of illegal aliens are pouring across the border. 
Biden signaled weakness in the Middle East by restoring funding to the Palestinians, and begging the Islamic thugs who run Iran for a new nuclear deal.  Now, after years of peace, Israel is once again under attack.  And Iranian gunboats are once again harassing the mighty U.S. Navy.
Biden signaled weakness against communist China by refusing to call the coronavirus what it is – the Chinese communist virus.  He allowed communist Chinese officials to come to the U.S. and insult us.  Now official communist Chinese propaganda outlets are openly mocking Biden, and Beijing is threatening to invade Taiwan.
Not everyone liked Donald Trump.  For some, he was too loud and aggressive.  I think he was a great president.  More importantly, bad actors around the world were afraid of him.  Today, those bad actors do not fear or respect our president. 
So, they rush our border, mock our country, attack our allies and harass our navy.  And it will continue to get worse until somebody in the White House wakes up.
Israel Under Siege
As fighting intensified yesterday between Israeli forces and Hamas, Arab Israeli mobs attacked their Jewish neighbors and ransacked synagogues.  Historically, riotous anti-Semitic mobs attacking Jews is called a pogrom. 
They bedeviled Europe for hundreds of years.  Sadly, pogroms were often carried out by people who thought of themselves as Christians.  Now it is happening again in the Jewish state itself.
When Donald Trump moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, virtually nothing happened in Israel.  Yes, there was some rioting in Gaza.  But it was far from the "eruption of violence in the Arab street" that so many foreign policy experts predicted.
That's because the Arab world and many Palestinians understood the clear messages from Donald Trump.  He made it clear that America was standing firmly behind Israel, and they had better come to terms with Israel because we weren't going to force the Jewish state into a bad deal. 
The contrast between the Trump Administration's support for Israel and the Biden Administration's ambivalence could not be more striking. 
Even as pogroms are taking place and as Hamas rains down 1,200 rockets on Israeli communities, the Biden Administration today is insisting that "Israel has an extra burden . . . to avoid civilian casualties."
So, it's no surprise that with Biden back in the White House, not to mention the growing influence of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, Israel's enemies are emboldened and on the attack.
Please join me in praying for the peace of Jerusalem. 
Cheney Removed
The House Republican caucus voted this morning to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership position.  Democrats like Chuck Schumer and the mainstream media are rushing to Cheney's defense.  And that tells you everything you need to know.
Schumer has never been a fan of the Cheney family.  Nor has the left-wing media.  Many left-wing politicians and pundits accused Dick Cheney of war crimes.  They wanted him impeached, and frog-marched out of the White House.  They loathed Lynne Cheney's pro-America history books.
But there's one thing the left and Liz Cheney have in common – they hate Donald Trump and they despise the America First agenda.  And with Cheney's removal, the left lost a critical "resistance" ally.
As columnist Sean Davis put it, "The only people Liz Cheney attacked over the last several months were Republicans, and the only people who defended Cheney were Democrats."
Frustrated that they are losing their grip on power, other swamp creatures and RINO resisters are throwing a temper tantrum.  They are threatening to take their toys and leave. They may even form a third party
Good luck with that.  I doubt these Biden supporters will find much support for a pro-amnesty, pro-China, pro-globalist, pro-war party. 
Stand with CWF now as we fight the radical left and the Washington establishment.  Help us elect more America First conservatives to Congress!
Centers For Declining Credibility
Yesterday, we learned just how little credibility the CDC has left.  It turns out that when the CDC was clamping down on outside events – no sporting events, no Trump rallies, etc. – it was citing flawed research suggesting there was less than a 10% chance of getting COVID from outside contact. 
Well, that's true to a point.  But it's also a lie. 
In reality, what the research showed was that the risk was less than 1%, and probably even far less than that.  Technically, that's less than 10%. 
But by quoting a possible 10% risk, the CDC gave an entirely false perception, which is why even today you are still seeing some people, like Joe Biden, wearing masks outside. 
The CDC used to be the gold standard for public health.  But COVID has destroyed its reputation.  The CDC can take a step toward restoring its credibility by immediately changing its outdoor guidance, including its absurd guidance for the operation of summer camps.
Right now, the Pentagon is using COVID as the excuse for refusing to allow veterans to use the Pentagon parking lot for the annual Memorial Day Rolling To Remember event.  Biden has been saying that if you don't get vaccinated, you can't have a cookout on July 4th.  All of this is based on the bogus 10% number. 
In fact, even the left-wing New York Times reports, "There is not a single documented COVID infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions."
It's time to end the pandemic paranoia!
The Abolition Of Common Sense
Colin Kaepernick, the multimillionaire athlete who thought injecting radical anti-Americanism into professional sports was a good idea, is back with another really "bright" idea. 
He announced yesterday that his publishing company, named – wait for it – "Kaepernick Publishing," has a book coming out later this year.  It's called, "Abolition For The People:  The Movement For A Future Without Police & Prisons."
A better title for Kaepernick's book would be, "The Abolition of Common Sense."
So, let's get this straight:  We're supposed to take advice on criminal justice and public safety from LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick?  They should stick to basketball and football.  I'll stick with the people who know something about law enforcement and criminal justice. 
But for those on the left who think it's a good idea to take policing advice from James and Kaepernick, the next time you're in trouble I suggest you forget 911 and call Colin and LeBron for help.  Let me know how it goes.