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Wednesday, May 10, 2023 -- Biden's Corruption, Media Malfeasance, About That Verdict

Biden’s Corruption


House Republicans on the Government Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer of Kentucky, held an important press conference this morning.  They were there to provide an update on the status of their investigation into Joe Biden’s corrupt influence peddling schemes. 


Here’s what we know so far:


  • Hunter Biden’s “business” associates created more than 20 shell companies to funnel at least $10 million in foreign cash to various Biden family members, including the sitting president of the United States. 


  • This is not how legitimate businesses function, and there was no actual “business” or work product that justified millions of dollars in payments.


  • There’s only one reason you create a complicated web of more than 20 shell companies to wire money through multiple banks: To deliberately conceal money from the authorities.  That’s money laundering to hide influence peddling and bribery. 


  • More than 170 suspicious banking activity reports were filed flagging these questionable payments.  But nothing was ever done.



I’m furious about all of this, as I know you are.  I come from a working-class family.  My father was a janitor. 


But Joe Biden has spent years cultivating an image as “Lunch Bucket Joe” or “Middle Class Joe” from Scranton, Pennsylvania.  It was all a scam.  He’s spent decades in public office scheming to line his own pockets. 


And when real working-class Americans in East Palestine, Ohio, were worried about losing their homes and livelihoods, Joe Biden couldn’t even find time to meet with them.  


He was too busy counting his cash from corrupt foreign interests in communist China, Romania and Ukraine.




Media Malfeasance


Another major national scandal was also exposed today – the malfeasance of our corrupt “mainstream” media. 


I was pleased to see several House Republicans directly confront the so-called “journalists” there today for how they eagerly ran wild with conspiracy theories about Russian collusion, while they ignore the truth about Biden’s corruption.


One House Republican noted that the reason there is so much cynicism about politics today is because the American people are so disgusted by the extent of the corruption and the lack of accountability. 


She then challenged the media to look at the actual bank records, look at the actual shell companies and look at all the money that flowed from communist China to enrich multiple Biden family members. 


Rep. Byron Donald (R-FL) said to the reporters, “You guys in the press, this is easy pickings.  This is Pulitzer Prize stuff.” 


Sadly, the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism only goes to left-wing fiction these days!


Please share this report.  The “lamestream” fake news media won’t do its job, so you have to make sure your friends and family members know the truth!


While we’re on the subject of journalism, the Biden Administration took another disturbing step toward totalitarianism when it banned the New York Post, one of the nation’s largest newspapers and the nation’s oldest newspaper, from White House events.


Just more evidence of the left’s intolerance for free speech and anything that dissents from “the party line.”




Tucker’s Back


Tucker Carlson announced late yesterday afternoon that he is launching “a new version of the show we’ve been doing for the last six-and-a-half years [on] Twitter.” 


Elon Musk welcomed Carlson’s move to Twitter, but also made it clear that there is no “deal of any kind whatsoever.”  It’s an open platform and anyone is free to post videos.


Meanwhile, Fox News continues to be the biggest loser in all of this.  Since Carlson was dismissed, its ratings have plummeted across the board, just like Bud Light.  Some are referring to the Fox free fall as “cataclysmic” and a “bloodbath.”


And it’s no coincidence that the latest Media Matters leak involves Carlson complaining about “left-wing lunatics” with pronouns in their bios working at Fox News!




About That Verdict. . .


As I’m sure you have probably heard by now, a New York jury yesterday found Donald Trump liable for assaulting and defaming former columnist E. Jean Carroll.  The case is full of holes and there is virtually no evidence to support her accusations.  Trump is vowing to appeal.


Here’s what the media won’t tell you.


  • This was a civil case with a far lower standard of evidence than a criminal case.


  • Carroll cannot say with certainty the year when this alleged assault took place. 


  • In fact, the case was only possible because New York Democrats changed the law regarding the statute of limitations, a change which I believe was clearly designed to target Trump for prosecution.  (Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is attempting a similar distortion of justice in his case against Trump.)


  • The jury found Trump liable for assault, but the judge’s instructions on this point were ludicrous.  He could have been found liable for an “unwanted peck on the cheek.”


  • The jury did not find Trump liable on the more serious rape accusation. So, evidently, the jury thought Carroll was lying about that.



  • The jury found Trump liable for defamation when the defamation in question was Trump declaring his innocence of the rape charge, which the jury agreed with.  So, how does it make any sense to find him liable for defamation?


  • Carroll’s case against Trump was bankrolled by a shady, Democrat mega-donor with connections to Jeffrey Epstein.


No matter what you think of Donald Trump, here’s what should scare the heck out of every American: 


The Deep State has targeted Donald Trump from Day One because he threatened the left’s power, and he threatened the establishment that has run this country into the ground for decades.  They are determined to destroy him. 


And if they can do it to a billionaire former president, they can and will do it to any of us. 


In fact, they already are.  The left has weaponized federal law enforcement against concerned parents, pro-life activists and conservative churches.




The Left Loses


Like many big cities, San Antonio, Texas, is a bastion of left-wing activism.  Joe Biden won Bexar County, which includes San Antonio, by 18 points over Donald Trump. 


So, it wasn’t terribly surprising to see a proposition on the ballot last week that read like a left-wing wish list – legalizing abortion, legalizing marijuana, tying the hands of the police and other so-called “social justice initiatives.”


But in a very liberal electorate, the residents of San Antonio overwhelmingly rejected Proposition A.  They voted against legalizing abortion, against more marijuana, against handcuffing the police and against creating more left-wing “social justice” bureaucracy. 


I didn’t hear much about this vote on the news because the national media ignored it.  If it had passed, the media would have hailed it as a “huge progressive victory in the heart of Texas.”