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Wednesday, May 1, 2024 -- Signs Of Hope, The Speaker Fights Anti-Semitism, The Mar-a-Lago Setup

Signs Of Hope


Watching the disgusting outbursts of anti-Semitism on our college campuses lately has been deeply disturbing. Even worse has been the cowardice of too many university presidents and the silence from the president of the United States.


Yet as the sun rose this morning, there were signs of bravery and courage reasserting themselves. (Here and here.) But the biggest sign of American renewal was at UCLA, where Jewish students have been verbally accosted and physically assaulted.


When Passover ended last night, Jewish students and volunteers from the surrounding community decided to take matters into their own hands. Pitched battles between American Jews and their allies -- God bless them! -- against radical Islamists and far-left agitators swept the campus for hours last night.


I can already hear some people saying, “Violence is always bad.” Well, it’s not bad if innocent people are being hurt and nobody does anything to stop it. That’s exactly the time when we need righteous anger!


We cheer the guy on the subway who stops a thug from terrorizing other passengers.


We applaud the good Samaritan who defends an innocent woman from an attacker.


We should praise the people who went onto UCLA’s campus last night and declared, “Not in America! You don’t get to intimidate Jews and raise the flags of our enemies here!”




Speaking of Praise. . .


The anti-Israel student protesters have said a lot of stupid and outrageous things in recent weeks. But they are also making dangerous comments that should not be ignored.


For example, the organizers of the Columbia protests and the occupation of Hamilton Hall have put out messages like this: “Glory to all our martyrs.”


Just who would that be? There are no good options.


The jihadists who flew planes into the Pentagon and the Twin Towers were hailed as “martyrs.” The terrorists in Israel who blow up buses are considered “martyrs.”


Any of the attackers on October 7th who invaded Israel, killed Jews, and raped Israeli women but were killed themselves before they could return to Gaza were hailed as “martyrs.”


So, here we are in 2024, with radical students at Columbia University, not far from where the Twin Towers once stood, proclaiming, “Glory to all our martyrs.” That is a call for more Jews, more Israelis, and more Americans to be killed.


How did we let this happen? (See below.)


By the way, within hours of the occupation of Hamilton Hall, the College Democrats of America issued a statement praising the “bravery” of the pro-Hamas students.




A Professor’s Warning


Professor Ran Kivetz, who has been teaching at the Columbia Business School for 24 years, was interviewed on Fox News this morning. He expressed his frustration that many media outlets have ignored the growing anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism on Columbia and other college campuses.


He pointed out that the Columbia protests, which we’re told are about the “genocide in Gaza,” started just days after the October 7th Hamas massacre took place.


Rallies were held at college campuses across the country on October 12th, two weeks before Israel went into Gaza. Fliers advertising the October 12th rallies featured paragliders – like the ones Hamas fighters used to invade Israel on October 7th. These were pro-Hamas rallies.


Asked if he was surprised by this level of anti-Semitism, Professor Kivetz said:


“I’m not surprised at all. I’ve seen at Columbia and other campuses for decades now the radicalization of our youth. These will be the future leaders in America. I think it’s a real long-term threat to the United States and to democracies all over the world.”




The Speaker Fights Anti-Semitism


Speaker of the House Mike Johnson held a press conference yesterday to announce a major effort by key congressional committees to combat anti-Semitism in America.


The House Education Committee is expanding its investigations of how colleges are addressing – or failing to address – anti-Semitism on their campuses. At least three more college presidents will be testifying before the committee this month.


The House Judiciary Committee will examine the national security threats presented by these protests against our ally Israel.


The House Oversight Committee will investigate the money trail that is funding this hate.


And at least three other House committees will examine the federal funding going to universities that fail to ensure the safety of Jewish students on their campuses.


This is a good first step. I hope Senate leaders announce similar actions to combat anti-Semitism.


Meanwhile, they’ve been busy at the White House, too. CBS News reports that the Biden administration is putting together a plan to bring 150,000 Gazans as “refugees” into our country. The plan offers various benefits, including “housing assistance and a path to American citizenship.”


They have already brought 10 million people into the country, and now they want to bring in people from Gaza, probably the most anti-Semitic strip of land in the world.


That’s insane!


Again, the people of Gaza voted for Hamas, and they still overwhelmingly support Hamas, which is one reason why no Arab country will take them. They don’t want any more terrorist sympathizers. In addition, there is no reliable way to “vet” people coming from Gaza.


But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris think this is a really good idea. They are out of their minds!


We don’t need any more Hamas supporters in our country! It is painfully obvious that we already have way too many!


It’s precisely these kinds of stupid and suicidal immigration policies that have allowed radical Islamists to take over our college campuses. We are literally importing hate!


The Republican Party should fall on its sword to stop this. It must not be allowed under any circumstances!


ACTION ITEM: Call Congress now at 202-224-3121. Tell your elected representatives that we must not import hate. Tell them to stop Biden’s plan to bring Hamas supporters from Gaza into America.




My Idea


Here’s an idea: Let’s exchange 50 pro-Hamas students for every Israeli hostage. Everybody wins.


It will get the hostages out, it will be good for Israel, and it will be very educational for the students.


What’s not to like?




A Travesty Of Justice


We got a good glimpse recently of the neo-Marxist “justice” that awaits us in the left’s “fundamentally transformed America.”


Heather Idoni, a Christian pro-life activist, is being prosecuted by the Biden administration under the FACE Act. She was led into a Michigan courtroom in full shackles around her hands, her waist, and her feet.


That’s the way we treat violent criminals, not a 61 year-old mother of five. By the way, Idoni has also adopted 10 children from Ukraine.


But she committed the unforgivable sin in Biden’s America of inconveniencing an abortionist while trying to save an innocent baby’s life.




The Mar-a-Lago Setup


While Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial on trumped up bookkeeping charges is dominating the headlines, recent developments in the Mar-a-Lago documents case deserve greater attention. Judge Aileen Cannon ordered several court filings to be unredacted, and the information is very revealing.


For example, we now know that, in spite of repeated denials, the Biden White House was in fact coordinating with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) about the documents at Mar-a-Lago.


Eventually, NARA accused Donald Trump of stonewalling their demands for the documents and referred him to the Justice Department for criminal charges.


Well, we also just learned that Trump initially didn’t have all the documents. The Government Services Administration contacted Trump’s office and said it had “six pallets of items,” including boxes, that had to be removed from its facilities and demanded that Trump take them.


What was in those boxes?


Who packed them?


Who had access to them?


Did NARA ask the GSA if it still had any boxes?


Why was the GSA so eager to make sure that Trump had them?


Those questions must be answered because this chain of events suggests Trump was being “setup.”


As Sean Davis of The Federalist put it, “The corrupt Biden administration sent Trump documents he didn’t ask for, then prosecuted him for having them.”




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