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Wednesday, March 6, 2024 -- Trump Dominates, Haley Drops Out, Looking Ahead

Trump Dominates


As you know, Donald Trump dominated Super Tuesday, winning 14 out of 15 states and capturing 722 delegates to Nikki Haley’s 46 delegates.


While Haley won Vermont, she lost two other states (Massachusetts and Virginia) that some commentators thought she might win. They weren’t even close. Haley lost Massachusetts by 23 points, and she lost Virginia by 28 points.


A look at the Virginia exit poll explains why.


  • White evangelicals backed Trump over Haley by 79% to 20%.
  • Immigration was the top issue among Virginia voters. Those who said they were most concerned about immigration backed Trump by 78% to 20% for Haley.
  • And while Trump won every age bracket, he performed best with young voters (ages 18 to 29), winning 64% to 31% for Haley.


It’s worth noting that Nikki Haley spent $114 million but only won Vermont and Washington, D.C., while Trump’s campaign spent a fraction of that amount to win all the other primaries to date.




Haley Drops Out


After failing to gain any traction in the Super Tuesday races, Nikki Haley suspended her campaign this morning. While she congratulated Donald Trump, she notably refused to endorse him.


She also repeated a major theme of her stump speeches, saying, “It is now up to Donald Trump to earn the votes of those in our party who did not support him. And I hope he does that.”


This narrative has been picked up by many pundits eager to sow division within the GOP. Some on Fox News this morning suggested that Trump has a big problem because a certain percentage of Republican voters say they don’t like him.


Well, there’s no evidence of a big problem in the national polls.


In the latest CBS News poll, Biden and Trump are both getting 96% of their party’s vote. In the latest New York Times poll, Trump gets 7% of Democrats, while Biden gets 6% of Republicans.  


In addition, many of the early states had open primaries, so we really don’t know who Haley’s voters are. For example, CNN’s exit poll found that among North Carolina Republicans who approved of Joe Biden’s job performance, 83% of them voted for Haley in yesterday’s primary.




It’s not that hard to find a Republican who isn’t particularly keen on Donald Trump. But do you know any Republican who thinks Biden is doing a really great job?




Speaking Of Biden. . .


No modern president has faced a truly serious challenge since Jimmy Carter lost 12 states to Ted Kennedy in 1980. Well, last night Joe Biden made history, and not in a good way.


He became the first president in 44 years to lose a primary contest. Biden lost American Samoa to Jason Palmer. (I’ve never heard of him either.)


While his nomination is secure, political observers are noting other signs of weakness for Biden. For example:


  • In Minnesota, Biden lost 19% of the vote to “uncommitted” and another 9% to other candidates.
  • In Oklahoma, he lost 18% to other candidates.
  • In Massachusetts, he lost 17% to “no preference” and other candidates.
  • In Texas, Biden lost 16% to other candidates.
  • In North Carolina, he lost 13% to “no preference.”
  • In Colorado, he lost 13% to “noncommitted” and other candidates.
  • In Utah, Biden lost 12% to other candidates.


If these are all people angry at Biden because he rhetorically seems to be supporting Israel, they won’t find Trump preferable on Election Day. But it does signal a lack of enthusiasm within their ranks.


If just a fraction of these voters stay home, that could make the difference in a number of swing states.


Consider this. There’s a lot of rhetoric about how Biden clobbered Trump in 2020. Let’s put the fraud aside. Based on the reported numbers, Trump lost the presidency by only 42,918 total votes in three states out of 155 million votes cast nationwide.




Other Results


Nikki Haley wasn’t the only one dropping out of the presidential race today. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) ended his campaign against Joe Biden.


Results from the left-wing enclave of San Francisco show that many residents are fed up and coming to their senses. They overwhelmingly passed three commonsense ballot initiatives on minimum police staffing levels (67% to 33%), increasing police authority to pursue criminals (60% to 40%), and requiring drug screening for welfare recipients (63% to 37%).


North Carolina could make history this November by electing its first black governor. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson won the GOP primary and will face Attorney General Josh Stein (D) in November.


In spite of the state’s conservative reputation, the Texas House of Representatives has been an impediment to a number of conservative priorities, particularly school choice. Last year, 21 House Republicans killed Gov. Greg Abbott’s school choice legislation. This year, he went after them.


Initial reports indicate that nine incumbents were defeated and eight more were forced into runoff elections, including House Speaker Dade Phelan. The GOP’s conservative grassroots is making its voice heard!


By the way, when Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg (D) went to vote yesterday, she was told she couldn’t. Why not? Because she had already voted.


Ogg insisted it was a mistake and that something suspicious was going on. It turns out that her “life partner” had voted last week in her name.


Speaking on CNN yesterday, Ogg said, “I’m the top law enforcement official in the third-biggest jurisdiction in the nation. If it can happen to the district attorney, it can happen to anyone.”




Looking Ahead


People inside the Biden White House and those in charge of his campaign are getting nervous. One headline today reads, Democrats Ready To Hit Panic Button In Trump-Biden Race.”

In fact, a reporter asked Biden yesterday about his poor poll numbers. In typical Joe Biden fashion, he denied there was any problem, saying, “The last five polls, I’m winning. Five. Five in a row.”


That’s not true.


Trump is leading in three of the last five polls. Biden leads in two – both by one point. In the last 11 polls, Trump leads in eight, while Biden leads in three.


But the Democrats have a plan. It’s going to be nasty and personal. Biden wants to go for the jugular.


According to Politico, “Biden and allied groups have already signaled plans to launch a sharply negative onslaught,” focused on abortion and January 6th.


It’s all they’ve got. They can’t talk about the economy. They can’t talk about the border. And, with the world on fire, they can’t talk about foreign policy.


I know there are people who say they like Trump’s policies, but they don’t like his style. They think he’s too mean-spirited.


Well, this isn’t a personality contest. The reason we elect a president is for his policies, not his personality. Moreover, the left is always mean-spirited.


They accused George W. Bush of murder. They compared John McCain to segregationists. They accused Mitt Romney of wanting to put black people “back in chains.” (That was “Mr. Nice Guy” Joe Biden, by the way.)


And now Biden is bragging about how mean-spirited he’s going to be.


While the left is at war with normalcy and everything we cherish, too many on our side are still pining for the days of “I Like Ike!” Those days are long gone, and our country will also be gone if we don’t get serious.




"Alien Air" Takes Flight


A new airline started operations in late 2022. Let’s call it “Alien Airways.” It offers non-stop flights for illegal aliens from South America to more than 40 U.S. destinations. Where exactly? Well, that’s classified for security reasons.


While sanctuary cities like Chicago, Denver, and New York City have been complaining about busloads of “migrants” from Texas, they ought to be screaming about the 320,000 illegal aliens Joe Biden has flown into the United States.


Just one more mass migration conveyor belt out of sight from the cameras.


And while Biden is doing everything he can to bury us with “newcomers,” he’s also crushing our local schools and city budgets. A new study by the Heritage Foundation estimates the cost of educating unaccompanied migrant children at more than $2 billion a year.


Where is the compassion for taxpayers?