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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Biden The Bully

Former Vice President Joe Biden continued to have success in the Democratic primaries yesterday, with wins in Michigan and several other states. It increasingly looks like it’ll be a Trump-Biden matchup come November.
Everything both men do between now and Election Day will be put under a microscope. Which is why I think the Biden campaign should be worried about something that happened yesterday in Michigan.
As Biden was touring an auto plant in Detroit, a worker asked him why he wants to take Americans’ Second Amendment rights away. 
The auto worker highlighted a policy-related problem of Biden’s. Biden is often portrayed as a “moderate” or “centrist” politician, and he may have been long ago. But in recent years he has lurched to the left along with his party. And that includes on guns. In fact, just days ago Biden appeared to offer former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) a role in addressing gun control in his administration. O’Rourke, you may remember, was previously a presidential candidate who infamously promised to confiscate people’s guns, even suggesting that police would visit people’s homes to implement an assault weapons ban.
Perhaps feeling a little sensitive about being called out for his extreme position on gun control, Biden immediately escalated things with a heated, profanity-laced response to the auto worker’s question. He got in the guy’s face, called him a horse’s you-know-what and invited him to take things outside. Biden ended by telling the worker that he doesn’t work for him. (Watch the exchange here.)
So, was this an isolated incident? Well, no — Biden has a habit of threatening people who confront him over his far-left positions.
Earlier in the primaries, when an Iowa man asked him a question, Biden called him fat and challenged him to a push-up contest. He called a female student a “lying dog-faced, pony soldier” at a town hall in New Hampshire.
Biden has even threatened physical violence against President Trump. He once told an interviewer that he’d “take him behind the gym and beat the hell” out of Trump if they were in high school.
This is particularly problematic because one of the themes of the Biden campaign is that with him as president, the country would turn away from the boisterous figure of Donald trump and get back to “normalcy.” But Trump rarely gets enraged like this, especially at voters.
There’s been a lot of talk about whether Biden has lost the mental edge needed to run for president, let alone to perform as commander-in-chief. But there’s another question to consider: Do voters want to put their trust in a man who has a tendency to bully and threaten the people for whom he would in fact be working?
Hillary In The Hot Seat
Here's some interesting news you may have missed.  Lost in all the headlines about coronavirus and Super Tuesday comebacks, Hillary Clinton had a huge setback.
The folks at Judicial Watch are doggedly pursuing answers to many important yet unresolved issues surrounding the former secretary of state's private email server.  I'm pleased to report that they recently won a big legal battle in that ongoing effort.
Judge Royce Lamberth has ordered Clinton to submit to a sworn deposition.  She's responded to questions in writing before, but Judge Lamberth found her responses grossly inadequate.  The judge wrote that her answers were "incomplete" and "unhelpful," and "left many more questions than answers."
Now Hillary will finally face a real grilling!  Of course, we know that Hillary was interviewed by the FBI.  But that interview was a total joke and she was handled with kid gloves.  It wasn't recorded and she was never put under oath
Among other things, Judge Lamberth wants answers to the following questions:


  • How did Clinton come to believe that her private emails would be preserved, as is required by law?
  • When did she learn that State Department records management officials did not know about her private server?
  • Why did she think that using a private server for official State Department business was permissible in the first place?

One reason Hillary's emails remain an ongoing issue is that the government is still finding new messages.  Judicial Watch informed Judge Lamberth that the FBI turned over 30 new emails in December and the State Department has no explanation for where they came from. 
Clinton has until mid-May to complete the sworn deposition.
Are Dem Voters Rejecting Socialism?

The consensus in the media, including conservative media, is that Joe Biden’s primary victories show that even Democrats are rejecting the socialism of Sen. Bernie Sanders. I beg to differ! 
Exit polls conducted in states voting yesterday by Fox News asked Democrat voters whether they supported or opposed a “single payer” health care system (Bernie’s proposal), which essentially eliminates private insurance and puts government in charge of all health care.
In every state this proposal was supported by more than 60 percent of Democrat voters. But, these same voters supported Biden over Sanders. Clearly, they aren’t rejecting socialism; they simply believe that Biden will have an easier time winning in November. 
If he wins, these left-wing Democrats believe and will insist he take over U.S. health care. Conservatives must fight back against the idea that somehow Biden is a moderate.