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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 -- So Much For Bipartisanship, Biden's Racism Revealed, Kamala's Crisis

So Much For Bipartisanship
For some time now, the Biden White House and Senate Republicans, led by West Virginia's Shelley Moore Capito, have been attempting to negotiate a bipartisan infrastructure deal.  Those talks abruptly ended yesterday.
Even though Biden suggested he was flexible, Capito complained that the White House was constantly "moving the ball on me."  She thought they were getting close to a deal, but the White House demanded "many tax hikes," and they could never agree "on a definition of infrastructure."
I have no doubt that a large majority of the Senate would gladly support a real infrastructure bill if Biden would drop the most destructive tax hikes and the things that aren't roads and bridges.  But as one Democrat recently admitted, Biden is really pushing a Green New Deal bill, not an infrastructure bill.
Speaking Of Taxes. . .
A story broke late yesterday based on the tax records of America's most high-profile billionaires.  It purported to show how little in taxes they are paying, even while many of them have advocated for higher taxes on working Americans.
The report is grossly distorted.  It is essentially advocating for a wealth tax, every socialist's dream to confiscate and redistribute wealth.  But it's a nightmare in reality.  Multiple nations have tried it and abandoned it.   
I have no problem imposing a special tax just for leftist billionaires who are bankrolling the destruction of America.  But I suspect the courts might find it unconstitutional. 
That said, what they're paying in taxes isn't the most important issue here.  The IRS was massively politicized during the Obama/Biden era.  And with the Obama/Biden gang back in power, here we go again.  
How did confidential tax records get into the hands of a left-wing organization?  Congress should be investigating this illegal breach of privacy.
Biden's Racism Revealed
If you weren't listening to conservative media yesterday, you probably aren't aware of the latest Biden family scandal because most Big Media outlets are spiking the story. 
Messages discovered on Hunter Biden's laptop dating back to 2019 show the junior Biden repeatedly referring to his white lawyer by the "N word."  (By the way, this IS Hunter's laptop!)  In one case, Hunter mocks black speech, writing, "true dat n***a."
Who does that?!  At a minimum, it seems Hunter is guilty of cultural appropriation.  And are we to believe that the only time Hunter Biden used that word was in 2019?  That would be foolish.
No doubt some people may feel this is minor compared everything else going on today.  While that's a fair point, ponder this:  What would be the dominant story if someone discovered text messages by any of Donald Trump's children using the N word? 
There would be a firestorm of liberal criticism.  It would be front-page/prime time news for days.  The messages would be held up as evidence that the whole family is racist.
While the media's double standard is infuriating, we can also use this disgusting incident as a teachable moment.  


  • The Democrat Party is filled with hypocrites on the issue of race. 
  • It does have plenty of bigots in it. 
  • It is the party that fought a civil war to preserve slavery
  • It is the party that passed the Jim Crow laws.
  • Its governors stood in schoolhouse doors to prevent black children from attending white schools. 
  • Today it chooses teachers' unions over black children.
  • It chooses moral and cultural relativism over the black family, refusing to say a word about the crisis of absent fathers in our inner cities. 
  • It is ideologically committed to shrinking the influence of Judeo-Christian values, the belief system that inspired Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Sadly, the influence of the black church is receding, like Christianity generally, and the streets of our urban cities are suffering as a result.  But today leading Democrats would be far more outraged over a poster of the Ten Commandments in a school than the drugs pouring across our borders headed into our schools.
Kamala's Crisis
Kamala Harris's trip south of the border was a complete disaster and a total waste of time.  Before returning to the United States, she again insisted that to stop the "situation" at the border (Harris wouldn't call it a "crisis"), we must address the root causes in Mexico and Central America. 
Harris flew nearly 1,900 miles from Washington, D.C., to Guatemala City to get to the "root causes" when all she needed to do was walk a few yards from her office to the Oval Office.  The "root cause" of this crisis is sitting right there behind the Resolute Desk.  Or she could have just looked in the mirror. 
Biden and Harris are the root causes of our immigration crisis!
They are blaming gangs, corruption, climate change, etc., etc.  All of those things were problems last year and we did not have a crisis at the border.  What changed was who was sitting in the Oval Office. 
Remember, Joe Biden promised to end deportations.  He promised a massive amnesty for illegal immigrants.  He said we should be bringing in two million migrants a year.  And he's well on the way to reaching that "goal."
As long as the United States has a growing welfare state and wide-open borders, we will be a magnet to hundreds of millions of people around the world.  But the "root cause" of our illegal immigration crisis is the unwillingness of the left to secure our borders and to enforce our immigration laws.
Politicizing The Flag
New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay appeared on MSNBC yesterday and caused quite a backlash after she smeared conservatives as racists. 
She claimed to have been "really disturbed" after she ventured into the wilderness of Long Island and saw dozens of pickup trucks with "with expletives against Joe Biden on the back of them, Trump flags, and in some cases, just dozens of American flags, which is also just disturbing." 
Clearly, Ms. Gay needs counseling. 
Of course, the New York Times is defending her, insisting that her words were taken out of context.  According to the Times, Gay was really trying to say that conservatives "have politicized the flag." 
I'm serious, folks, you can't make this up!
To begin with, the American flag is the flag of all Americans, including conservatives. They have every right to proudly fly it, even dozens of flags if they so choose.
But it's the left that has routinely politicized, disrespected and burned the American flag for every cause du jour.  The left will die on a hill to fly the gay pride flag and the BLM flag everywhere, including at our embassies around the world. 
Presumably, Ms. Gay is a huge fan of Colin Kaepernick.  He grossly politicized the flag and our national anthem. 
Dozens of American flags flying on Long Island is the least of our problems, especially compared to the left pulling down statues of our founders.  And when conservatives say we want to make America great, these same leftists respond by saying, "America was never great."