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Wednesday, June 8, 2022 -- A Hot Summer Ahead, Jordan's Warning, Hollywood Comes To Washington

A Hot Summer Ahead


The Department of Homeland Security warned yesterday that the nation is in a period of high risk for domestic terrorism in the days and weeks ahead. 


There’s one major event this summer, which could happen any day, where emotions are running particularly high.  That’s the release of the Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs case regarding the fate of abortion on demand in America. 


Here’s what the Homeland Security statement said: 


“Given a high-profile U.S. Supreme Court case about abortion rights, individuals who advocate both for and against abortion have, on public forums, encouraged violence, including against government, religious, and reproductive healthcare personnel and facilities, as well as those with opposing ideologies.


I’m sure there is a lot of over-the-top rhetoric on social media around the issue of abortion.  But the clear, unambiguous fact is that only one side of the abortion debate has actually committed widespread violence since Justice Alito’s draft opinion was leaked, and it is the pro-death radicals. 


  • Multiple crisis pregnancy centers have been attacked. (Here, here, and here.) 


  • Churches have been vandalized and desecrated. 


  • Pro-life organizations have been firebombed.  (Here and here.) 


  • Death threats have forced law enforcement officials to move pro-life Supreme Court justices to undisclosed locations.  Their homes are under armed guard. 


Just today, Maryland police arrested a California man near the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  According to the Washington Post, the man told police he was there to kill Justice Kavanaugh.  Other reports say he was armed with a gun and a knife.


By the way, in response to threats from pro-abortion protesters, the Senate unanimously approved legislation last month to provide security for Supreme Court justices and their families.  But House progressives are holding up the bill. 


Responding to today’s news of the threat against Justice Kavanaugh, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell demanded that Nancy Pelosi, “Pass [the bill] before the sun sets today.”


Meanwhile, the only thing Biden’s Department of Homeland Security can say is, “Well, emotions are running high and both sides are threatening violence.” 


You can’t come up with a better example of how our institutions that should be miles above the fray of partisan politics are being distorted and manipulated to spread fake news and misinformation.


My friends, please join me in prayer for America.  And as you pray for our country, please pray especially for the safety of our Supreme Court justices and their families. 




Jordan’s Warning


We have written repeatedly about the political weaponization of key intelligence agencies that are supposed to protect us from foreign enemies and criminals here in the U.S. 


There is a growing feeling among many Americans that we now have a two-tiered system of justice -- one that is lenient for liberals and one that is harsh for conservatives.  The evidence of political influence and corruption continues to grow.  Here’s the latest.


Rep. Jim Jordan said yesterday that as many as six current and former FBI officials have come forward to say that the FBI is “purging” agents with conservative views and opinions.  They all claim to have experienced discrimination and retaliation. 


Rep. Jordan, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, is demanding an explanation from FBI Director Christopher Wray for these extremely disturbing allegations. 


But I’m not holding my breath for any answers unless and until conservatives takeover Congress and launch serious oversight investigations and enact serious reforms to drain the swamp!  As long as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are in charge, the bureaucrats will sleep easy at night.




Hollywood Comes To Washington


Hollywood megastar Matthew McConaughey made a big splash at the White House press briefing yesterday. 


He delivered an impassioned plea to find common ground on the issue of the Second Amendment and what, if anything, can be reasonably done to address the public’s concerns about mass shooting incidents.  He also met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. 


The media are hailing his appearance as a big moment for President Biden and the Democrat gun grabbers. 


But while they are quoting McConaughey’s more emotional lines (and he certainly is an effective advocate), they’re not telling you about the many things he said that undoubtedly caused today’s progressive Democrats to foam at the mouth. 


For example, while some may applaud his call for red-flag laws, expanded background checks, waiting periods and higher minimum age limits to buy certain firearms, McConaughey is hardly a poster boy for the far left.  Just consider this excerpt of his remarks:


“We need safer schools.  We need to restrain sensationalized media coverage.  We need to restore our family values.  We need to restore our American values.  And we need responsible gun ownership.”


(I’m going to resist the temptation to turn that into an endorsement for American Values.) 


McConaughey also quoted the biblical command to love God with all your heart, and spoke about not infringing on Second Amendment rights.  I’m sure those remarks had progressives gritting their teeth.


Sadly, many on the left don’t think there are any admirable American values.  They believe the country is “systemically racist.”  All they really want to do is infringe on our rights, and Joe Biden has already ruled out doing more to make schools safer.




Dallas Gets Disgusting


A “gay pride” event in Dallas over the weekend is making headlines.  The name of the event says it all: “Drag The Kids To Pride.”  Yes, it was a drag show for children.


Again, for a movement that started out asking for tolerance and the right of consenting adults to “love the person they love,” this was a bridge too far for many in the community.  In fact, angry parents turned out to protest the event that was clearly aimed at grooming children. 


Kudos to the concerned parents!


This sort of perversion is happening more frequently.  Our public libraries are frequently turned over to drag queens in order to indoctrinate little kids. 


Years ago, I and others warned that many “pride” marches in major cities “tolerated” a group known as NAMBLA.  (When you can no longer make value judgments, you end up tolerating everything.)  In 2001, Nancy Pelosi marched in the San Francisco pride parade not far from a well-known NAMBLA leader.


The group’s motto was “Sex before eight or it’s too late.”  They didn’t mean eight o’clock at night.  They meant that children must be initiated into homosexual sex by eight years old. 


There is clearly an effort underway to groom children and to indoctrinate them into accepting perversion.  We must maintain an attitude of constant vigilance and, yes, righteous indignation to protect our kids. 




Soros Loses


Seven states, from New Jersey to California and in between, held primaries yesterday.  While we’re still analyzing the results for any potentially predictive trends, there were several surprises last night.  Here are some key results.


George Soros took a big hit in San Francisco.  Soros has spent $40 million electing far-left district attorneys in major cities.  His puppet Chesa Boudin was recalled by 60% of the voters last night in the uber-liberal city! 


It’s worth remembering that earlier this year, San Francisco voters also recalled three far-left school board members.  Hopefully, both results signal the beginning of new trends, with voters reclaiming school boards and prioritizing public safety! 


In Iowa, incumbent Republican Senator Charles Grassley easily survived a primary challenge with a strong 73% showing.  But Abby Finkenauer, the Democrat Party establishment favorite, was torched in the Democrat Senate primary by retired Admiral Michael Franken.


In Mississippi, two Republican incumbent House members were forced into runoffs.  In the Third District, Rep. Michael Guest, who voted to authorize Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th kangaroo court, is trailing conservative challenger Michael Cassidy by a few hundred votes. 


In the Fourth District, Rep. Steven Palazzo was held to just 32% of the vote.  He will face Sheriff Mike Ezell in the runoff.