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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 -- The President's Prayer, Amnesty vs. Security, Standing For Life

The President's Prayer
This morning, President Trump joined other European leaders in Portsmouth, England, the British city from which the D-Day invasion was launched.  Each world leader had a small role to play in the ceremony honoring the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. 
When it was his turn, the president got up and read -- horror of horrors -- excerpts of the famous prayer that Franklin Roosevelt delivered to the nation on the evening of June 6, 1944.  The president delivered the prayer with passion against the backdrop of a huge American flag and an enormous portrait of FDR.  You can watch it here.
If Donald Trump, George W. Bush or any other president offered such a prayer from the White House today, they would be denounced by the left as "divisive" and "bigoted."  It was only because of today's historic occasion that the president could get away with reading it without the liberal hive erupting in stinging rebukes.
I was struck by something else this morning.  The European media, and particularly the British press which is far-left like our media, have nonetheless been glowing in their coverage of Trump throughout his trip. 
From diplomatic protocol to his humor and Trump's embrace of the historic alliance between Britain and the United States, the press reaction has surprisingly been relatively positive.
Of course, most Americans are happy to see the president performing well.  That is why it is jarring to see so many on the left desperately hoping he fails.  I couldn't help but contrast the overseas press coverage with these headlines from the Washington, D.C., press today:
"Democrats Fail To Mollify Impeachment Crowd"
"25 Progressive Orgs Petition Pelosi To Begin Impeachment."
Here in the United States, among left-wing commentators and politicians, there is a strange mix of sadness and anger that Trump is still representing the United States.  It seems that many leftists hate the president more than they love America, and that they are rooting for both to fail.
Other than Fox, the big media networks are devoting most of their coverage to the demonstrations in London, which are smaller now compared to Trump's first visit to England.  And the demonstrators themselves are, of course, a menagerie of leftist loons who do not represent most Brits.
Amnesty vs. Security
House Democrats yesterday rammed through legislation granting amnesty to at least 2.5 million illegal immigrants.  While the so-called "American Dream and Promise Act" comes with a hefty $34 billion price tag, it does not include one dime for border security. 
Let me remind you, friends, that President Trump tried to compromise with Democrats in the past.  He offered a very generous deal for the "Dreamers," but Democrats rejected it (here and here) because the president insisted on securing the border.
That tells you everything you need to know about the left's priorities -- amnesty and open borders.
Meanwhile, the Trump Administration continues to do everything it can to fight illegal immigration and secure the border. 
Acting ICE Director Mark Morgan announced yesterday that his agency is planning significant enforcement operations aimed at deporting illegal immigrants who fail to show up for their asylum hearings.  Morgan indicated these operations "will include families."
Morgan stressed that it was important for ICE to do this not only to enforce the law, but also as a "disincentive" to illegal immigrants who think they can get off scot-free once they cross the border.
In addition, Vice President Mike Pence is leading negotiations with Mexican officials today to find out just how serious they are in stopping the flow of illegal immigration through Mexico.  Hopefully, there will be no need to impose tariffs on Mexican products, but Mexico can and should do a lot more to help end this crisis.
And this is a crisis.  The Washington Post reported today that border arrests surged 32% in May, resulting in more than 144,000 apprehensions last month alone!  Customs and Border Protection Commissioner John Sanders warns, "We are in a full-blown emergency, and I cannot say this stronger: the system is broken."
Where Are Trump's Allies?
And what are Senate Republicans doing to end this crisis? 
It is very important for Republicans to be united as we head into the crucial 2020 elections.  But my blood is boiling as a growing number of Republican senators suggest they may join with the Democrats to limit the president's ability to impose tariffs against Mexico. 
Not surprisingly, new polling finds that the president's position is more popular than GOP elites might think.
The entire Democrat Party is all in on transforming America through mass migration.  The Chamber of Commerce and a significant percentage of corporate Republicans appear to be as well. 
We saw yesterday what Pelosi's party is doing in the House with its mass amnesty legislation.  Why isn't the GOP-controlled Senate advancing border security bills? 
Mitch McConnell has been a tireless champion and an extremely effective leader when it comes to getting conservative judges confirmed.  We need to see those same skills and determination applied to driving the president's border security agenda through the Senate.
Standing For Life
I am pleased to report that the Trump/Pence Administration is continuing to take strong stands in defense of the sanctity of life.  The Department of Health and Human Services today cancelled a contract with the University of California that involved medical research with tissue obtained from aborted babies.
Asked to comment on the new policy, an administration official told Fox News:
"There will be continued work on the pro-life agenda throughout the rest of the first term and the second term as well, and so we will always work to err on the side of life in all critical decisions that come to the Oval Office at the president's direction."
Oh No, Joe!
Plagiarism drove Joe Biden out of the 1988 presidential primaries and it's come back to haunt him again in 2019. 
In an attempt to burnish his progressive credentials, Biden recently unveiled a $5 trillion climate change scheme of his own.  But it seems it really wasn't his own plan after all. 
Progressive activists are calling Biden out for plagiarizing his plan from the Blue Green Alliance and the Carbon Capture Coalition.
But wait. . .  There's more!
We reported several weeks ago that Biden had abandoned his "middle-of-the-road approach" on abortion by calling for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment and suggesting that taxpayers should be forced to subsidize abortions. 
His campaign realized that taking such an extreme position undermined his "moderate" appeal, so it tried to walk back Biden's anti-Hyde statement.  Now the radical pro-abortion group NARAL is blasting him.
By the way, this so-called "moderate" told left-wing activists this past weekend that passing the radical Equality Act would be his top legislative priority as president.