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Wednesday, June 19, 2024 -- Biden's Latest Amnesty, We Must Secure The Border, Biden vs. Bibi

Biden’s Latest Amnesty


The Biden administration’s ideological commitment to open borders is stunning. On the day when the arrest of an illegal alien who raped a 13 year-old girl was making headlines, Joe Biden announced a new amnesty for at least 500,000 illegal aliens.


These people who should not be here will now get work permits, driving down wages. And, if they can get away with it, leftist activists will register them to vote, further corrupting our elections.


While announcing his latest amnesty scheme, Biden said:


“We have to acknowledge that the patience and goodwill of the American people are being tested by their fears at the border. They don’t understand a lot of it.”


What condescending arrogance!


Do you really think, Mr. Biden, that the American people are too stupid to understand what’s happening at your open border? In spite of your efforts to lie about it, we do understand!


The family of the 13 year-old girl understands. She understands because, for the rest of her life, she will have to live with the trauma of being raped by an illegal alien with a machete at her throat because of your insane policies.


Rachel Morin’s family, especially her five children, understand. Laken Riley’s family understands. Every Angel mom and father understands. They all understand that you, Mr. Biden and your open borders allies, have the blood of their loved ones on your hands.


Biden’s migrant crime wave is sweeping America. But the left-wing media, an arm of the Democrat National Committee, does its best to ignore it or deceive us, hoping we won’t understand what’s going on.


But we do understand. That’s why 62% of Americans, including 53% of Hispanics, support Donald Trump’s call for mass deportations of criminals, gang members, and terrorists who shouldn’t be here.


Meanwhile, one bad action by a police officer immediately becomes national news. Every police officer killed is met with a collective shrug.


The number of businesses being destroyed by illegal aliens and the number of Americans being assaulted, raped, and murdered by Biden’s migrant crime wave is often a local news story at best.


And they have the audacity to say that some videos of Joe Biden are fake. His entire administration is built on lies, and the media lies to help them.


By the way, while Joe Biden’s toadies are gaslighting us and insisting he is perfectly fine, Biden couldn’t remember the name of his secretary of Homeland Security yesterday. He has also forgotten the name of his secretary of defense and even what the Pentagon is called.




We Must Secure The Border


It’s obvious to most Americans, but I’ll keep saying it until I’m blue in the face: Border security IS national security. Eight foreign terrorists recently crossed the border illegally. But we have far more than eight reasons to “fear” what’s happening at the border.


A record-breaking number of Chinese illegal aliens, mostly military-age men, are coming across the border. For whatever reason, there is a bizarre disinterest among the American media to figure out why this is happening all of a sudden at the very time tensions with communist China are at peak levels.


Is no journalist the least bit curious about why tens of thousands of Chinese are sneaking into our country? Is anyone in the intelligence community doing anything to stop it?


Well, here’s the latest.


The existence of a Chinese-language social media network dedicated to promoting illegal entry into the United States by Chinese citizens has just been exposed. But it’s not run by coyotes or human smugglers. It is run by a Chinese police officer, an official of the communist regime.


Here’s an idea: Let’s take some of the FBI agents spying on conservative parents, churches, and MAGA supporters and have them follow these Chinese illegal aliens to find out where they are going and what they are doing.


China expert Gordon Chang has warned that some of the Chinese illegal aliens “are almost certainly members of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). These military-linked migrants, despite their affiliations, have been released into America.” Chang added that “some are coming to commit acts of sabotage.”




The Neo-Marxist Threat To Freedom


Many Americans, including many Christians, continue to say they don’t trust any politician and “only trust Jesus.” Well, I certainly trust Jesus over any politician, and I trust Jesus more than any other human being, whatever their occupation. But saying we trust Jesus is not a reason to fail to vote.


If we lose the country to the secular left, they will come after Christian schools, homeschool families, churches, and our rights as parents.


Just look at what is happening right now.


There is a concerted campaign to smear people who love Jesus and who love America as “Christian nationalists” and a danger to the Republic. If the neo-Marxists win that debate, no serious Christian will be able to peacefully live in their house, go to their church, and educate their children how they want. Not after they have been labeled a “threat to the Republic.”


There better be some politicians willing to defend us from that absurd charge. I can think of one right now who is aggressively defending Christians, yet some Christians are still squeamish and afraid of “controversy.”


I love homeschooling. Most homeschool families I know are politically active because they know if the left prevails, homeschooling will be shut down.


Don’t believe me?


The Washington Post ran a year-long series about homeschooling and how some homeschooled children are likely to be abused, even though the Post conceded that “Little research exists on the links between homeschooling and child abuse.”


The entire graphic sex-ed curriculum in our public schools is child abuse!


Here’s another example. After Democrats seized control of every branch of government in Michigan, leftist politicians went after homeschool families.


And here’s the latest attack. Scientific American, once a well-respected journal, recently declared that the “federal government must develop basic standards for safety and quality of education in home­school­ing across the country.”


Why? Because Scientific American claimed that homeschooling can lead to “educational neglect” and “home­school­ing hides abuse.”


But that’s not all.


Scientific American went on to say that homeschooling parents should be forced to submit to “a background check” and be required to submit documented evidence of what they are teaching and what their children are learning.


If any parents need to pass a background check, it’s the parents who are allowing their children to be sterilized and mutilated!


Asserting government control, especially over Christian families, is a huge part of the left’s agenda.


But even in the midst of all of this insanity, I still get a few messages from godly people explaining why they can’t bring themselves to vote for Donald Trump, and questioning why I support him. If they don’t understand by now how close we are to losing everything and what is required at a time like this, I don’t know what else I can say.


I know these people love God and America, but they are still unaware that they must vote for a sinner in order to protect our liberties. Yes, every candidate is a sinner. The Bible tells us, “All have fallen short.”


The news is full of examples of how no Christian is going to be allowed to live a normal life under the neo-Marxist left. Unless Christians turn out in massive numbers to elect imperfect people willing to fight for our God-given rights, we are going to lose those rights and our country.




Biden vs. Bibi


It’s no secret that the Biden administration wants Hamas to survive. It is applying virtually all its pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and our alliance with Israel is nearing a breaking point.


The situation is so bad that Netanyahu felt compelled to publicly expose how the Biden administration is withholding desperately needed weapons from the Jewish state. He said:


“It’s inconceivable that . . . the [Biden] administration has been withholding weapons and ammunition to Israel. Israel, America’s closest ally, fighting for its life, fighting against Iran and our other common enemies. . .


“During World War II, Churchill told the United States, ‘Give us the tools, we’ll [finish] the job.’ And I say, give us the tools, and we’ll finish the job a lot faster.”


How did Joe Biden respond? A top administration official told Bibi that his remarks were “out of line,” while another official warned there would be “consequences.” And today, there is breaking news that our petty president canceled a scheduled high-level meeting with Israeli officials.