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Wednesday, June 16, 2021 -- Biden's Big Day, Trump To The Border, Biden Goes Full Big Brother

Biden's Big Day


Today is the culmination of President Biden's European trip – his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Of course, the fawning media are hailing Biden as a master of diplomacy, especially compared to that "ogre" Donald Trump. 


Let me be absolutely clear about this:  The outcomes of such summits are generally settled well before they take place.  Little is left to chance.  The foreign policy establishment does not like surprises or leaders who think outside the box.  That's why Donald Trump so unnerved the foreign policy establishment. 


No matter what the photo-ops look like and no matter what the White House spin is after the fact, Putin has already won this round. 


Putin won when Biden greenlighted the Russian gas pipeline to Europe, a strategic Russian asset that will give Putin billions of dollars in revenue and make our NATO allies more dependent on Russian energy.  Putin won't have to hack European energy companies; he'll just shut off the valve on his new pipeline. 


Putin won when Biden declared war on our energy industry, killing thousands of American jobs and undermining one tremendous advantage we have over our enemies, including communist China. 


Putin won when Biden submitted a massively bloated budget with unimaginable spending, shattering previous debt records, without providing one additional dollar for defense


Putin won when he dared Biden to back up his "killer" comments in a live televised debate, knowing full well Biden wasn't up to the challenge and would never accept. 


Putin won when Biden, unlike any previous recent president, refused to hold a joint press conference after their summit.  Biden told reporters, "This is not a contest about who can do better in front of a press conference or try to embarrass each other."  He's right about that -- it wouldn't be a contest at all.


Both men would be expected to aggressively articulate a strong defense of their nation.  Putin can do that in his sleep.  But Biden can't do that without putting us to sleep. 


A CBS News poll found that the American people overwhelmingly want Biden to be tougher with Russia.  Don't hold your breath.  This president isn't up to the job.




Trump To The Border


While Joe Biden is touring Europe, former President Donald Trump announced that he will tour the "decimated Southern border" with Gov. Greg Abbott at the end of the month.  Clearly, our former president cares more about the border crisis than our current "border czar," Kamala Harris, who refuses to visit the border.


As we previously reported, Gov. Abbott announced that Texas will begin building border barriers on state property.  I admire his boldness, but it won't be easy to do.  Left-wing activists and the Biden Administration will fight him tooth-and-nail.


I couldn't help but notice the irony that Joe Biden has insisted that Russia must understand it cannot cross the border into Ukraine and must respect Ukraine's sovereignty. 


So, once again, we're going all out to protect the borders of some other place in the world, while scandalously leaving our own border wide open as people from more than 160 countries pour across it.


By the way, our "America Last" president just shut down an office Donald Trump established to assist the American victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens.  It is being replaced with an office dedicated to assisting illegal immigrants.  


Just one more reason why we must retake Congress and restore some balance and common sense to government!




Biden Goes Full Big Brother


Yesterday, while listening to Attorney General Merrick Garland announce the Biden Administration's new war on domestic terrorism, I felt like I was in Russia. 


Garland announced that in the view of our politically biased FBI, the top domestic extremist threat comes from those who advocate white supremacy.  


To be clear, no one of any consequence in the United States condones white supremacy.  Racism is a sin. It should always be condemned, and violence of any kind should be prosecuted. 


And it seems equally clear to me after last year's Antifa/BLM riots -- which killed dozens of people, injured hundreds of police officers and did billions of dollars of damage to public and private property -- that white supremacy is not the greatest domestic threat facing this country, but rather the violent Marxist Left.


Nevertheless, to combat white supremacy, Garland declared that the Biden Administration is working closely with social media companies to suppress "disinformation."  So, the leftists in Big Government are working closely with the leftists in Big Tech, who have been routinely censoring conservative speech, to "educate" the American people about what the "truth" really is. 


The left has been attacking traditional values for a long time, but now it's very concerned about the family.  It's not what you think. 


The Biden Administration is developing a special program to make it easy for Americans to report to the government any friend or family member whose behavior may indicate they are being radicalized. 


What could that disturbing behavior be?  Well, just last week a New York Times editorial board member said it was disturbing to see pickup trucks with American flags. 


Some suggest that the iconic Gadsden flag is a sign of white supremacy.  Colin Kaepernick said the Betsy Ross flag was a symbol of slavery. 


Pro-life activists have been accused of being haters of women.  Those who support the border wall have been called "xenophobic bigots."  If you're concerned about extremists like Ilhan Omar, you're an "Islamophobe."  


Over and over and over again we were told that MAGA hats and the phrase "Make America Great Again" were symbols of white supremacy.


What could possibly go wrong?  Unfortunately, a lot is likely to go wrong. 


This is the kind of government surveillance we see in communist China.  Every totalitarian regime throughout history has been marked by getting families to spy on their own relatives.




Language Matters


After 9/11 and other terrorist attacks that followed, the media and various government agencies adamantly opposed the term "Islamic terrorism."  Every time a Muslim committed a terrorist act, the media and our government leaders were quick to lecture us. 


"Don't rush to judgment.  This has nothing to do with Islam," they said, insisting that "Islam is a religion of peace."


To counter such spineless nonsense, I started referring to "Islamofascism" and "Islamic supremacism."  And, of course, I was condemned by many on the left for smearing an entire faith. 


Yet the words "white supremacy" slides off liberal lips as easily as saying, "Good morning."  The same left that cautions us against pointing fingers at any Muslim is eager to point fingers at every Caucasian. 


This administration and the left-wing media and political establishment are guaranteeing -- short of divine intervention -- that racial discord will get worse in this country with each passing day. 


But they're also creating a huge foreign policy and national security problem for the United States. 


When pressed by reporters today about threats against dissidents in Russia, Vladimir Putin declared "Black Lives Matter" to condemn the United States.  Communist China is already using the words of Biden, Harris and the radical left against the United States. 


It is beyond bad when the talking points of our enemies are being written at the DNC, BLM and the White House.