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Wednesday, June 12, 2024 -- Biden's Border Threat, Rising Religious Bigotry, Hamas Is Evil

Biden’s Border Threat


If you’re having trouble sleeping at night over what’s happening to our country, this won’t help.


Arrests were recently made in Los Angeles, New York City, and Philadelphia involving eight individuals from Tajikistan, which is situated along the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan, communist China, and other “stan” nations of the former Soviet Union.


The population is estimated to be at least 95% Muslim, making the country a hotbed of radical Islamic terrorism.


One of the suspected terrorists reportedly used the Biden administration’s app to get into the United States. Supposedly, the app allows the government to better vet illegal aliens. The others were intercepted by the Border Patrol, supposedly vetted, and sent on their way.


However, U.S. officials eventually realized that all eight were likely connected to ISIS-K.


The FBI and other intelligence agencies suspect these eight illegal aliens were planning a terrorist attack, perhaps something like the horrific attack on the Moscow concert hall, which was carried out by ISIS-K. At least four terrorists involved in that attack were from Tajikistan.


How many times have we heard from Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Chuck Schumer that all the people pouring across the border are being vetted at the border?


That’s a lie! In many cases, there’s nothing to vet because not every country shares vital information with us.


But just to be clear, these men were not “gotaways.” They were so confident they could “game the system” that they didn’t even try to avoid being apprehended. And they were right. They were “processed” and allowed to enter the country.


As a reminder, we recently learned that hundreds of foreign nationals are regularly attempting to breach military facilities all over the United States. One recent attempt involved two Jordanian illegal aliens who tried to breach the gates at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia.


To me, this is very reminiscent of the days leading up to 9/11. Many people looked back and were horrified by all the signs we missed. In this case, no one has “missed” the threat created by Joe Biden’s open borders, especially not the terrorists.


Border security IS national security. But with “Open Borders Biden,” we have neither.




Rising Religious Bigotry


Monday, in the middle of the afternoon, Randy Maldonado Avila, 30, attacked a Catholic church in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bensonhurst. He used a hammer to destroy statues of Mother Teresa and Pope John XXIII, as well as the church’s glass doors.


This blatant example of religious bigotry is barely making any news. That’s the default position of the left-wing media now -- you can attack any Christian church, and it doesn’t deserve a sentence in the news.


The only reason it is getting any attention at all is because the police just arrested Avila and charged him with 12 different crimes. But there is not one word in the indictment about hate crimes.


Later Monday night, there was a disgusting anti-Israel demonstration in New York City. A mob of rabid Hamas supporters protested an exhibit memorializing the innocent Israeli victims who were slaughtered on October 7th by Hamas terrorists.


These repulsive protesters chanted calls for genocide such as “There is only one solution: intifada revolution” and “Long live the intifada.” They also carried signs reading, “Long live October 7th,” and “The Zionists are not Jews & not humans! They are the evil of the world!”


Sadly, there’s more.


Last night, the homes of the director of the Brooklyn Museum and several Jewish board members were vandalized with vile anti-Semitic graffiti.


This shocking anti-Semitism is growing in the city with the second-largest population of Jews in the world. But the president of the United States is not saying a word because he doesn’t want to risk losing the Muslim vote.


Once again, Joe Biden is not a nice man. If I hear one more House or Senate Republican say he is a nice man, I will withdraw every bit of support from my political action committee from that clueless and useless politician!


So, in the past 48 hours, the hatred of Judeo-Christian civilization in New York City has been on steroids. Ain’t “diversity” grand?




Hunter Verdict Fallout


Jonathan Karl, chief Washington correspondent at ABC News, reported that Hunter Biden’s inner circle is “absolutely stunned” by yesterday’s guilty verdict. They believed he would be found not guilty or, at worst, there would be a hung jury.


Again, no one should conclude that this verdict somehow shows that conservatives are exaggerating when we say, “The justice system is being weaponized against Donald Trump.”


That doesn’t mean every jury in every case is poisoned by this corruption. It just means that it will happen with increasing frequency.


In this case, Hunter’s crimes were clearly obvious violations of federal law. His infamous laptop was a treasure trove of evidence.


And here’s something else that is driving me insane. The left-wing media keep referring to Hunter as “the president’s child.” Hunter is not a child. He’s 54 years old!




Irreconcilable Differences


Yesterday, we reported on the “scandal” of Justice Samuel Alito suggesting that certain fundamental issues cannot be compromised and only one side can win the culture war. Here’s more evidence of the chasm that exists today.


The Pew Research Center recently asked this question: Is society better off if people make children and marriage a priority?


In the past, it would have been answered in the affirmative by massive majorities. But now, after years of the left attacking every norm, we have a big division over the family, the fundamental pillar of every society.


Only 19% of Biden voters agree with that statement. In contrast, 59% of Trump voters agree with that statement. But here’s the most depressing stat: Only 39% of all voters agree that children and marriage should be a priority.


History is absolutely clear: any society that does not prioritize bringing men and women together in marriage and reproducing itself is on its last legs.


Pew asked another revealing question: How much influence should the Bible have on the nation’s laws, if any?


Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Trump supporters said the Bible should have a great deal (36%) or some influence (33%) on our laws.


But the exact same percentage (69%) of Biden supporters said the Bible should have no influence (53%) or not very much (16%).


Why does this matter?


People who think the Bible should have little to no influence on our laws believe the separation of church and state should prevent Christians from holding public office.


And as we are seeing now with the absurd smears of “Christian nationalism,” those who say the Bible should have no influence quickly morph their religious bigotry into the belief that Christians are “a danger to democracy.”


Once again, pastors and Christians who say, “I’m not interested in politics because it’s divisive,” are sorely mistaken. The government and the neo-Marxist left are very interested in you!




Hamas Is Evil


The Wall Street Journal just published a major investigative report examining the communications of Gaza’s Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar. The Journal concluded that he believes civilian bloodshed will help Hamas.


Virtually every observer of the Middle East already knew that. That’s why Hamas hides behind civilian shields. Hamas knows that whenever Israel acts in self-defense, the Western media will condemn Israel for any civilian casualties.


In other words, the terrorists have weaponized our moral sensibilities against Israel, making the Jewish state out to be the aggressor when it is, in fact, the victim.


But consider for yourself some of Sinwar’s statements:


Thrilled by the large number of Palestinian deaths, Sinwar said, “We have the Israelis right where we want them.”


He also said that the large number of Palestinian deaths were “necessary sacrifices.”


When explaining why he supported repeated attempts by Palestinians to breach Israel’s security fence in 2018, knowing it would get them killed, Sinwar said, “We make the headlines only with blood. No blood, no news.”


Again, Palestinian lives are just “headline fodder” to Sinwar.


Yahya Sinwar is not a leader. He is a terrorist butcher who does not care how many innocent people, even his own people, are killed because of his insanity.


A good percentage of the so-called “civilian Palestinian casualties” could have been avoided if Hamas released all the Israeli hostages. But we know, in addition to everything else Hamas did, they are committing war crimes against the hostages “nearly every day.”


And there is virtually no word of condemnation from Western leaders, including President Biden. The only time they mention the hostages is when they are berating Benjamin Netanyahu for “complicating” hostage release efforts.