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Wednesday, July 20, 2022 -- Biden’s Abortion “Emergency,” Biden’s Baby Poison, The Climate Emergency

Biden’s Abortion “Emergency”


The Biden Administration just extended the national public health emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic.  But Democrats are pushing the White House to declare another public health emergency.


What for?  Monkeypox?  No.  Joe Biden and congressional Democrats are deeply worried that the number of aborted babies in America may drop this year.  Yes, they’re worried more babies will be born alive in America. That’s their “emergency.”


Think of the irony.


We just went through two horrible years where we were told that no matter what the cost in human suffering and economic harm, every COVID death needed to be prevented. 


We shut down our schools. We closed our churches.  We shuttered our businesses.  We suspended the right to assemble.  We forced little kids to wear masks.  We blew up our economy.  There was no price too high to pay to stop COVID.


Keep in mind that while liberal politicians were closing our businesses, closing our churches and closing our schools, they declared that abortion clinics were “essential services” that had to stay open.


Even in the middle of the pandemic, there were certain deaths they were eager to continue.


So, where are we today? 


The same president, the same media and the same left-wing politicians who were so concerned about COVID deaths are now afraid that more babies will live; that not enough of them will die in the womb.  And this is supposed to be an emergency?


In the two years of COVID, one million Americans died, most of them during Joe Biden’s presidency when vaccines were widely available.  (So much for that great plan of his!) 


And in those two years, nearly two million babies were aborted.  But that’s not enough for the pro-death Democrats.


How many abortions would be “too many” abortions for the left?  Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can’t name one abortion they would prevent.  Would they be happy if every pregnancy ended in abortion? 


Shame on them!




Biden’s Baby Poison


If Biden does declare an “abortion health emergency,” his order will reportedly take additional steps to ensure that the chemicals used to wage war against defenseless babies are widely available for use in pro-life states.  He has already issued one order to this effect.


So, Biden clearly wants to force drug stores and other medical clinics in pro-life states to supply “baby insecticide” with no restrictions. 


These are the kind of chemicals that if you used them on an enemy population, you would be accused of a war crime.  But the president wants to ensure that these chemicals are readily and widely available in every community to destroy preborn Americans.


Donald Trump was once excoriated because he joked that bleach could kill COVID.  The media went nuts and said that Trump’s joke would kill people.  It was a total distortion. 


But this president is actually encouraging women to take something that will kill the baby inside them.  This isn’t a misunderstanding or a bad joke.  To Biden, it is an emergency that more babies may live.




Pro-Abortion Kabuki Theater


As you know, dozens of churches, pro-life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers have been vandalized and even firebombed in recent weeks.  House Republicans wanted to vote on a resolution condemning these vile attacks on churches and faith-based ministries, but every House Democrat blocked the resolution from reaching the floor. 


That shows you two things:  First, it shows you just how pro-abortion or how committed Democrats are to the abortion industry.  Second, it shows how little they care about protecting the fundamental right of freedom of religion.


Meanwhile, a few blocks away, the same pro-abortion politicians who blocked this vote later engaged in kabuki theater outside the Supreme Court.  Several members of the socialist Squad were “arrested” for disobeying police orders to stop blocking street traffic in front of the court. 


Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar actually pretended to be handcuffed as they were led away.  Keep in mind that the Supreme Court’s term is over.  The justices are not there. 


AOC represents New York City and Omar represents Minneapolis.  Both cities are experiencing a major crime wave.  I don’t recall either representative addressing this crisis.  But they are fully committed to keeping the baby killing operation in business. 


And they think they are the “tolerant” and “progressive” ones!




The Climate Emergency


Predictably, the radical left is once again using the summer heatwave to declare a “climate emergency.”  Remember this when it’s winter and it’s -13 outside.  It’s called weather.  It happens. 


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was again pushing electric vehicles (EVs) that most Americans can’t afford as some sort of planet-saving solution. 


They really are the “Marie Antoinette Party.”  You know -- the French royal who suggested her suffering subjects should eat cake when they couldn’t even afford bread.  As the American people are going broke trying to buy gas, Pete says, “Let them drive EVs.”


The average price of a new electric vehicle is $67,000.  That’s nearly twice the average price for a new compact SUV ($35,000) with a traditional gasoline engine. 


Incredibly, Buttigieg tried to argue that people can afford the higher car payments for electric vehicles if they’re not buying gas at $5.00 a gallon. 


Well, the problem with that analysis is that many Americans can’t afford any car payment at all.  The average age of cars on the road today is 12.2 years old. Americans are keeping their cars longer so they don’t have to make car payments.


Once again, they are clueless about how the average American family lives.


Kudos to Rep. Thomas Massie for explaining some basic facts to Secretary Buttigieg.  He noted that charging an electric vehicle uses 25 times the amount of electricity as the average refrigerator and four times the amount of electricity as the average home uses for air conditioning. 


So, let’s assume that everyone suddenly went out and bought electric vehicles and plugged in the equivalent of 25 refrigerators or four air conditioners.  If every American actually took their advice, we would crash the electrical grid.  And where exactly is all that extra electricity going to come from?




The Good Samaritan vs. The Insane Left


When news broke over the weekend that a shooting at an Indiana mall was stopped by an armed “Good Samaritan,” most Americans were relieved.  It turns out that Elisjsha Dicken took the shooter down in just 15 seconds.  There is no doubt that his heroic actions saved lives.


His quick action also confirmed the commonsense judgment of most Americans.  A recent poll asked, “What do you believe would best protect you and your family in a mass shooting?”  Forty-two percent of respondents said “an armed citizen,” compared to just 25% who said “local police.”


But the radical left went nuts.  They attacked Dicken as “an armed vigilante.”  They would have preferred that dozens of innocent people had been killed in a mall so they could gin up their attacks on your right to self-defense. 


This shows you what the left is really all about.  They’re not going after criminals with guns.  The left doesn’t seem to care about “black lives” or “gun violence” in Chicago.  They’re going after your right to protect yourself. 


The left is all about regulating every aspect of our life. 


What kind of car you can drive.


What kind of oven you can have.


What foods you can eat.


Even what you can say and believe


I can see why the left is very nervous about Americans having guns.  Just ask the people of Canada and Australia what “Western democracies” are willing to do once they have a disarmed citizenry.