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Wednesday, July 13, 2022 -- Bidenflation Strikes Again, Biden Of Arabia, The "Pro-Choice" Lie

Bidenflation Strikes Again


Today’s inflation report shocked many economists, and no doubt had the “economic experts” inside the Biden White House reaching for the Maalox.  Not surprisingly, Joe Biden got on a plane last night and left the country.  (More on that below.)


While we were all bracing for a “hot” number, the 9.1% inflation rate was much higher than expected.  Just for the month of June, inflation was 1.3%.  That’s 15.6% on an annualized basis!


When adjusted for inflation, hourly wages fell 1% last month and are down 3.6% compared to last year.  That means your paychecks are effectively smaller.  It’s why most Americans now say they are worse off today than they were one year ago.  (Way to go, Joe!)


Biden’s record inflation is terrible news.  It’s crushing seniors on fixed incomes.  It’s busting family budgets.  And it’s hurting working-class Americans. 


Here’s just one example.  Last week, one of the largest aluminum mills in America announced it was laying off 600 workers.  Why?  Because it can’t afford the skyrocketing price of electricity any more. 


When businesses start to shut down because they can’t afford the power they must have to function (think farmers and truckers), that’s deadly for any economy. 


And, yes, Joe Biden did that!




Biden Of Arabia


As I noted, President Biden left last night on Air Force One for an urgent trip to the Middle East.  He’s stopping in Israel first, supposedly to sell the new nuclear deal with Iran to the Israeli government.  Good luck with that!


Unfortunately, the trip got off to a horrible start.  During his remarks at Ben Gurion Airport, Biden said that we must “keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust.”  What?! 


Of course, he meant “horror.”  But can you imagine the “horror” in the media if Donald Trump said that?


It’s worth noting that this trip to the Middle East was delayed because Biden’s handlers felt he needed time to rest after his visit last month to Europe.  It would have made much more sense to send him directly from Europe to the Middle East.  Evidently, he couldn’t handle it.  Sadly, the “rest” didn’t do much good.


While he’s there, Biden is going to visit East Jerusalem to give another $100 million of your hard-earned tax money to the Palestinians.  Why?  What have they done to deserve it? 


Has Mahmoud Abbas held free and fair elections yet?  No. 


Has the Palestinian Authority renounced terrorism?  No. 


Have they stopped paying stipends to terrorists and their families?  Of course not!


Donald Trump cut off the corrupt Palestinian Authority for good reason, but Joe Biden is giving your money to anti-Israel terrorist sympathizers.  Whose foreign policy is this?  Everything Biden does damages America and our allies.


After he leaves Israel, Biden will fly to Saudi Arabia to beg the royal family to produce more oil.  Again, he would rather enrich other countries than work with our great American energy companies.  Why can Saudi Arabia pump oil but Texas can’t?


Before he skipped town, House Republicans blasted Biden’s “confusing display of weakness,” and urged him to travel to energy producing states here in America rather than begging hat in hand overseas for the resources we urgently need.




Mocking America


Before he left on his Middle East tour, Biden met yesterday with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.  While sitting in the Oval Office, Obrador openly mocked Joe Biden and America. 


He again called for open borders, and said that he was allowing Americans to cross the Mexican border so they could get cheap gas, which is heavily subsidized at government-run Mexican gas stations.  Obrador also urged the American people to abandon conservatism and to vote for “bold transformation.” 


Obrador has a vested interest in maintaining Joe Biden’s open borders policies.  He doesn’t want America First conservatives to secure our border because that would mean the drugs and gangs would stay in Mexico. 


It would also mean that illegal immigration would end.  The Mexican people, as well as millions of Central and South America, would stay in Mexico, demanding that Obrador create jobs and effective government programs for them there. 


It’s so much easier for Mexican politicians to tell their poor, unskilled workers, “Go to America.  Uncle Sam will take care of you!”


It's unimaginable that any Mexican leader would have said such things to President Trump.  If they did, that conversation would have ended with Trump throwing them out of the Oval Office!




The “Pro-Choice” Lie


The Marxist left onslaught against crisis pregnancy centers is accelerating, and the vicious attacks demonstrate the ugly lie of the left’s “pro-choice” mantra. 


Under the cover of darkness, the left’s pro-abortion stormtroopers are vandalizing or trying to burn down crisis pregnancy centers.  They are threatening volunteers with vile messages like, “If abortion isn’t safe, you’re not safe.”  More than 50 such centers and pro-life organizations have been vandalized or firebombed since May. 


When the sun comes up, those snakes slither back to their lairs.  And that’s when the “respectable” socialists come out and demand that crisis pregnancy centers be shut down. 


Recently, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said it would be terrible for the economy if there were fewer abortion.  How’s that?  Because women would be at home with their children rather than working.  (Go tell a stay-at-home mom that she’s not really “working.”  Let me know how that goes for you!)


Not surprising, many big corporations like Disney are now eager to pay for their female employees’ abortions.  So, no choice for you ladies.  Get back to work!


Yesterday, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren renewed her jihad against crisis pregnancy centers.  She declared:


"In Massachusetts right now, those crisis pregnancy centers that are there to fool people who are looking for pregnancy termination help outnumber true abortion clinics by 3 to 1.  We need to shut them down here in Massachusetts, and we need to shut them down all around the country. You should not be able to torture a pregnant person like that."


Crisis pregnancy centers make the choice of life possible!  They are dedicated to helping women in need who want the choice of keeping their babies.  But Warren wants them shut down.  That’s not pro-choice.  That’s pro-abortion.


But since she brought it up, where is Warren’s concern for the “torture” that a preborn baby feels during a dismemberment abortion?  That’s the “torture” Senator Warren is proudly promoting as a “right.”




A Transitioning Business Model


No doubt concerned that its lucrative baby killing business would suffer a recession if more women chose life, Planned Parenthood is now providing “gender affirming [transitioning] hormone therapy” to teenagers.  They also provide instructions on how kids can give themselves the injections without any parental knowledge or involvement. 


So, instead of killing little girls in the womb Planned Parenthood is now turning teenage girls into boys.  Just another sign of our “slouching towards Gomorrah.”


These are the abortion clinics that Joe Biden promised to provide with extra security, while continuing to stoke anger against crisis pregnancy centers that are constantly under attack.


Speaking of cultural decline, did you see the unbelievable exchange yesterday between Senator Josh Hawley and the Berkeley law professor who thinks “men” can get pregnant and have abortions?  I fear for the free-thinking students in her classroom where she has real power!


This is the insanity the left has unleashed on America!  For the sake of our children, our future and our freedom. . .


Help me fight back!




Life Wins!


Tune in to Family Talk today! 


Dr. James Dobson and I recently discussed the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.  While this is an important and historic victory for life, the battle is far from over.


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