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Wednesday, January 3, 2024 -- Hamas In America, Common Sense Prevails, Obsessed With Race

Hamas In America


There were mass demonstrations at major airports around the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The media did not give them much attention, but they should have. Here’s why.


What I saw at these protests was a bunch of men waving the flag of Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. Many wore distinctive green headbands, another symbol of Hamas.


They drove vehicles into the JFK Airport with signs reading “Intifada forever” and other anti-Israel slogans. Intifada is a call to jihad against Jews and Israel.


They released a large balloon at JFK Airport, literally risking the lives of hundreds of airline passengers. At one point, all departures and landings were suspended because of this reckless act endangering innocent Americans.


Nobody else is making this point, so I will: What I saw in these protests reminded me of how all this started. It was when a group of men waving Hamas flags and shouting, “Intifada forever,” ran into Israel and massacred 1,200 innocent people.


What we saw at our major airports is the American wing of the Gaza/Hamas organization in action, which is backed by Iran.


Every American ought to be outraged. Every elected official ought to be demanding more information.


Who were these people at the JFK Airport? Did any of them enter as so-called “migrants” under Joe Biden’s open borders policy? Are any of them here on student visas? If so, they should be expelled immediately.


Some may say, “At least this wasn’t violent.” But these are the same people embracing the same evil that is causing an explosion of violent attacks against Jews all over America.


Once again, we see how the failed policies of our current political leadership, beginning in the Biden White House, are putting Americans at risk every day.


By the way, Iranian hackers recently attacked a water utility system in a small Pennsylvania community, attempting to shut down the water supply. These attacks, from both Iran and communist China, have been happening regularly.




Common Sense Prevails


When Harvard President Claudine Gay and other elite university presidents testified before Congress last month, their remarks were revealing and presented the nation with an unexpected teachable moment. We clearly saw the disgusting ideology that is so prevalent on our university campuses.


Now, with her resignation, we are experiencing another revealing and teachable moment.


Gay’s resignation was a victory for common sense. Her pathetic and unacceptable response to the rampant anti-Semitism on Harvard’s campus aside, her continued service as president made a total mockery of academic standards and excellence.


That so many progressives, including Barack Obama, defended her was just another sad example of the total collapse of moral standards of right and wrong in society today. (See next item.)


But here’s how the Associated Press (AP) reacted to Gay’s resignation: “Harvard President’s Resignation Highlights New Conservative Weapon Against Colleges: Plagiarism.”


That was the absurd headline on a report blasted out to hundreds of newspapers and media outlets around the country.


Christopher Rufo, who did much of the research to expose Gay’s plagiarism, was attacked in the Associated Press story. Why? Because he posted a story on social media announcing her resignation with this comment: “SCALPED: Harvard President Claudine Gay resigns.”


The Associated Press attacked Rufo for his use of the term “scalped,” claiming it was a reminder of “a gruesome practice taken up by white colonists who sought to eradicate Native Americans.”


Evidently, the hacks at the AP don’t know much about history either! How many newspapers printed that nonsense? The Native Americans practiced scalping before any European colonists arrived.


But what does any of that have to do with an anti-Semitic plagiarist being forced out at Harvard?


So, the narrative is not that the president of an elite university engaged in rampant plagiarism. The narrative is that conservatives somehow exploited it to “attack” higher education.


No. The “attack,” which is merely exposing the truth, is against the people ruining higher education in America!




Obsessed With Race


Sadly, but predictably, one of America’s leading race baiters, Al Sharpton, launched into a tirade, suggesting this was an effort by racist forces to take down a leading black woman. Sharpton declared, “President Gay’s resignation is . . . an attack on every black woman in this country who’s put a crack in the glass ceiling.”


Well, the first of these female university presidents to step down was a white woman, University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill. So, what’s up with that, Al?


Not to be outdone, Ibram X. Kendi stopped just short of suggesting that Claudine Gay was the victim of a lynching, writing, “Racist mobs won’t stop until they topple all black people from positions of power and influence who are not reinforcing the structure of racism.” 


CNN, MSNBC and other left-wing outlets repeated Kendi’s narrative over and over again.


Listening to these unhinged leftists, you’d be convinced that Gay’s resignation had nothing to do with Jew-hatred being tolerated at Harvard and nothing to do with her violation of a central tenet of academic scholarship. It was all about the color of her skin.


This is proof that not only does anti-Semitism reign supreme among the academic left, but that for much of the progressive left, Martin Luther King’s dream is dead. His legacy and achievements have been murdered by the neo-Marxist left.


Reverend King would have led the charge for Gay’s firing. He adamantly opposed anti-Semitism and strongly supported Israel. He persistently said to America, “Don’t judge us by the color of our skin. Judge us by the content of our character.”


That’s what just happened at Harvard, and the left is furious. Those race baiters masquerading as civil rights leaders are furious. And Martin Luther King would be ashamed of them.




Carson’s Concerns


Dr. Ben Carson is highly thought of among American evangelicals. He is committed to our country, lives a good and decent life, and has a softness in his tone that appeals to many Christians in contrast to the boisterous Donald Trump. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dr. Carson many times.


In a recent interview with Breitbart News, the soft-spoken doctor shared his thoughts about the 2024 election and his concerns about what is happening in America right now. He said:


“When I was running for president. . . one of the things that encouraged me the most was that most Americans have common sense. One of the things that discouraged me the most was that a lot of Americans don’t have courage.”


“They don’t want to be canceled, and they don’t want people to say bad things about them, so they just keep their mouths shut. It’s time to open your mouth. That’s how we fight the narrative, all the false narratives that have been out there, because if they go unopposed [from our silence], people tend to believe them. . .”


“I think [Trump] will win Michigan and a lot more. Right now, he’s leading in all the swing states. This is a very encouraging thing because it shows you that the American people are not stupid. They recognize what’s going on.”


“They realize that if the left and the enemies of Trump are able to use the justice system to neutralize him, this will not be the same country anymore. It will never go back to being ‘liberty and justice for all. . .’” 


I found it encouraging that the soft-spoken Dr. Carson realizes we must speak up more and that this country needs a fighter to take on the Deep State and save our Republic.


I pray more Christian citizens find their courage and their voices.