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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 -- Trump/Pence Stand For Life, Remember Kavanaugh, America The Despised

Trump/Pence Stand For Life
Today is National Sanctity of Human Life Day.  The day marks the somber anniversary 47 years ago of the Supreme Court's notorious Roe v. Wade decision effectively legalizing abortion on demand in America. 
Twice in our nation's history the Supreme Court has ruled that a whole class of individuals were not "people" and thus were not covered by the promises of the American founding.  The first occasion was the Dred Scott case. 
In 1857, the Supreme Court ruled that Scott, a black slave who for many years resided in free states, was property, not a person, so he had to be returned to his "owner."  The poison released by that decision almost destroyed the nation. 
In 1973, the court did it again.  It ruled that unborn children were not "people" deserving of protection under the law.  The poison of that decision is eating away at our souls too.
Sadly, the left refuses to recognize the gross injustice of abortion.  It celebrates the destruction of innocent unborn children.  Even supposed moderates, like Joe Biden, now demand that men and women of faith be forced to subsidize the annual slaughter of hundreds of thousands of children.  That's not "moderate."  That's pro-abortion.
Thankfully, the Trump/Pence Administration is working to create a culture of life in America.  President Trump issued a proclamation recognizing today as National Sanctity of Human Life Day. 
He called on the country to "celebrate the wonderful gift of life," and to defend "the profound truth that all life is a gift from God, who endows every person with immeasurable worth and potential."
Remember Kavanaugh
The Senate was in session until the wee hours of the morning, dispensing with nearly a dozen Democrat amendments to the rules governing the impeachment trial.  As this week unfolds and as the impeachment trial dominates the news, remember the Kavanaugh hearing.  Every stunt the left pulled during Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, you will likely see again.
Remember how the left came up with a "credible, bombshell witness" at the last minute, hoping to derail Kavanaugh? 

Democrats are hoping to have better luck this time than they did with Christine Blasey Ford, but that's why the left is so intent on calling witnesses during the impeachment trial.  It is hoping to ambush the president's defense team, creating a primetime spectacle for the cameras.
There will be the daily grind of new charges.  Just like the Kavanaugh hearing when the left produced one accuser after another, the left will come up with new actions by the president it claims are impeachable offenses throughout these proceedings, hoping to wear down senators and the American people with a steady drip, drip, drip of new lies.
In fact, some House progressives are already plotting new impeachment proceedings.
I assume they will bring the leftist mob back to Washington, storming Senate offices and harassing senators in hallways as they did during the Kavanaugh hearing.  The point then was to manufacture a sense of crisis -- that there must be something seriously wrong with Kavanaugh if so many people were so upset. 
Remember when Sen. Jeff Flake was cornered in an elevator and confronted by angry women?  The intimidation worked.  Flake broke ranks and delayed Kavanaugh's confirmation by siding with Democrat demands for an additional FBI investigation. 
Well, the left desperately needs just a couple of Republican senators to cave this time in order to drag out the trial with more witnesses and investigations. 
While the left's antics are aimed at pressuring weak-kneed senators, the left also wants to sow doubt in your mind.  They want to make you question your beliefs and support for the president, in spite of everything he has done for the country and the conservative values we cherish. 
Steel yourselves, my friends.  The weeks and months ahead will be challenging, to say the least. 
America The Despised
President Ronald Reagan prophetically warned that we're only a generation away from losing our freedom; that freedom isn't inherited but must be fought for, defended and taught to our children. 
Well, if a recent poll is any indication, we're clearly failing to pass on our values to the next generation, and at great risk of losing the freedom we have taken for granted.
According to the Pew Research Center, 21% of Americans believe other countries are "better than the United States."  (I'm seriously tempted to start a GoFundMe page for one-way tickets for these ingrates.)
But here's the truly disturbing part of the poll:  Among those between the ages of 18 and 29, the figure jumps to 36%.  And among self-identified young Democrats, it's nearly half – 47%. 
It's no coincidence that this same generation increasingly embraces socialism and various forms of authoritarianism too.
What is striking to me is that you can't blame this on just "Trump Derangement Syndrome."  While it may be an easy explanation, it doesn't explain why the percentage of all Democrats believing other countries are better than the United States more than doubled from eight percent in 2011 to 18% in 2015.
I can only assume that it is the result of eight years of a president who constantly apologized for America, and an increasingly radicalized educational establishment that is indoctrinating our children with anti-American history.
Again, my friends, we are locked in a battle for the heart and soul of our country.  This is no longer a dispute between two parties that broadly share the same goals but merely disagree on certain issues.  This is about diametrically opposed worldviews, including the very meaning of America itself.
If this moral rot is not arrested and reversed in short order, future generations may not be singing about "America The Beautiful," but about "America The Despised."
Help us defend freedom.  Help us defeat the radical left!
Immigration Insanity
Here's a good example of the diametrically opposed views I'm referring to.  It wasn't that long ago when most Americans instinctively understood that illegal immigrants, especially those with criminal records, should be deported.  Well, now the left can't even agree on that. 
Earlier this week, Joe Biden said that illegal immigrants should not be deported for drunk driving.  Not to be out done, Bernie Sanders said he would ban virtually all deportations.  He "might" allow illegal aliens to be deported for a really "terrible, terrible crime."
This is not a hypothetical issue.  Both Biden and Sanders are all in on the left's "sanctuary city" policies, shielding criminal illegal aliens from deportation.  This insane policy has serious consequences.  New York City is reeling from the news that a freed illegal immigrant recently murdered a 92 year-old woman.
In response, the Trump Administration is stepping up efforts to name and shame state and local officials who refuse to cooperate with ICE.  For the record


  • Last year ICE deported more than 267,000 illegal immigrants, the vast majority of whom had criminal records. 
  • ICE arrested more than 1,900 illegal immigrants who had convictions or charges for homicide. 
  • 10,000 had weapons charges.
  • 12,000 had committed sex offenses.
  • And more than 74,000 illegal immigrants were deported for drunk driving.

If Biden, Sanders or any of their progressive allies had their way, these criminals would still be on our streets.