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Wednesday, February 8, 2023 -- Biden's Delusional Address, Ignore CNN, Let's Talk About Violence

Biden’s Delusional Address


President Biden’s State of the Union address last night was an ode to big government socialism and radical left-wing values. 


Biden told the country that the state of our union is strong.  But 70% of Americans believe we’re headed in the wrong direction and most Democrats don’t want Biden to run again.


Not surprisingly, the same left-wing media that cheered when Nancy Pelosi ripped up President Trump’s speech bitterly complained about the “extraordinary rudeness” of Republicans who objected to Biden’s repeated lies, and there were many. 


So many, in fact, that the New York Post declared Biden’s address set a new record for “dishonesty and emptiness.” 


Get used to it.  What we heard last night was the campaign stump speech that we will hear over and over again for the next two years.


Below are some random observations.




Ignore CNN


CNN quickly put out a poll last night alleging that 72% of Americans who watched Biden’s speech liked what they heard.  Well, when Trump delivered his State of the Union address in 2019, 76% of Americans liked what they heard. 


Here’s a little context:  The audiences watching these formal addresses are self-selecting audiences.  Democrats tune in to watch Democrat presidents and Republicans tune in to watch Republican presidents. 


Not many conservatives, unless they were forced to, tuned in last night.  (I watched so you didn’t have too!)  And not many Democrats watched Trump’s State of the Union addresses. 


The bottom line is that this poll tells you very little, except how a highly partisan, left-leaning audience felt about what it heard.




Let’s Talk About Violence


Biden used his address to once again condemn political violence.  There’s no argument here.   But the only thing he alluded to was January 6th, and he then ham-handedly attempted to tie it to the deranged leftist who attacked Paul Pelosi. 


There were several people in the House chamber who could talk about political violence in a way that would make Biden very uncomfortable.  Let’s begin with House Majority Leader Steve Scalise.


Rep. Scalise will live for the rest of his life with the brutal effects of being shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter who came to Washington, D.C., with a “hit list” of Republican congressmen. 


Sen. Rand Paul could tell us what it is like to have multiple ribs broken after he was attacked by a liberal neighbor.  Paul and other conservatives (including me) attending the 2020 Republican National Convention were accosted on the streets of Washington, D.C., while police were nowhere to be seen.  No one in the Democrat Party condemned the violence. 


Justice Brett Kavanaugh could say something about political violence.  An assassin flew across the country – just like a communist Chinese spy balloon – to try to kill him.  Kavanaugh and other justices now have armed escorts protecting them from violent mobs because Biden’s Justice Department refuses to enforce the federal law that is meant to protect judges from intimidation and violence. 


Maybe Biden should talk to the pastors and leaders of pro-life organizations who have had their churches and organizations attacked by his radical pro-abortion supporters.  So far, his Justice Department has only managed to bring charges against two people in spite of hundreds of attacks.


While we’re on the subject of violence, Biden once again promoted legislation that would force every state to allow abortion on demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy.  The Democrat Party is the primary organization promoting abortion, and every abortion is an act of extreme violence meant to guarantee the death of an innocent baby.


By the way, I don’t know how many members of Congress were wearing Ukrainian flag pins instead of American flag pins last night.  But several Democrats were spotted wearing pins that proudly said “Abortion.”  I guess we’re long past the days when they might have worn pins that simply said “Choice.”




Speaking Of Political Violence


There was an insurrection against the conservative government of Oklahoma yesterday.  The legislature is trying to pass a law protecting young children from mutilating surgery and chemical sterilizations in the name of “gender fluidity.” 


The reason for the law is obvious.  Young children have no ability to agree to such things.  They aren’t allowed to vote, own firearms, smoke, drink alcohol or get tattoos for the same reason. 


But Oklahoma’s capitol building was stormed yesterday by radical Democrats insisting that six, seven and eight year-old kids be mutilated and sterilized if they think they’re trapped in the wrong body.  This is insane! 


Needless to say, Joe Biden did not cite the Oklahoma insurrection as an example of political violence that can’t be tolerated.




Projecting Weakness


After the fiasco with Beijing’s spy balloon, Biden knew he had to at least pretend to be tough on communist China last night.  So, at one point he literally started yelling about Xi Jinping.  It wasn’t a good look.


Biden had every intention of allowing that Chinese communist spy balloon to fly across our country without telling us.  He didn’t stop it when it crossed U.S. airspace over Alaska.  He acted only after an alert American citizen forced his hand


Even then, Biden still allowed the balloon to fly across half the country, and only shot it down as it was leaving U.S. airspace, after its job was done.  Then, Biden ordered his secretary of defense to reach out to his Chinese counterpart, who refused to take the call


Beijing’s balloon was a giant middle finger from Xi Jinping to Joe Biden.  Incredibly, Biden tried to take a bow last night after his performance last week.  But if that’s what passes as strength, we may as well start learning Mandarin now.




Sanders (Sarah, not Bernie) Scorches The Left


Delivering the response to any State of the Union address is always a tough task.  But Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders crushed it with her scorching critique of the left’s cultural insanity.


Sanders made a point that I have stressed repeatedly in these daily reports:  It’s the left that started the culture wars, not the right! 


It’s the left that demands you pay for late-term abortions. 


It’s the left that demands a right to groom children and keep secrets from parents. 


It’s the left that is pushing open borders and wants to defund the police.


Sanders rightly said that the choice confronting America today isn’t between right and left, but normal versus crazy.  She said that Biden “surrendered his presidency to a woke mob that can’t even tell you what a woman is.” 


And while you’re struggling with high energy prices, record inflation and increasing crime, Biden is “more interested in woke fantasies” and “doubling down on crazy.”


Biden made it clear last night in his calls for extreme pro-abortion and pro-transgender legislation that conservatives cannot avoid the culture wars.  The left will not “tolerate” us and our values. 


So, we shouldn’t be afraid to engage in this fight, and Gov. Sanders just showed every conservative how to hit back hard.