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Wednesday, December 27, 2023 -- The Reason For The Season, A Striking Contrast, Faith Under Siege

The Reason For The Season


Earlier this week, millions of Americans and people around the world celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. It is one of the most sacred events on the Christian calendar. Jesus’s birth is what Christmas is all about.


But something strange and disturbing happened at the Biden White House. There was no official statement from the Biden White House regarding Christmas Day, no official Christmas proclamation.


There were just a couple of social media posts from Joe and Jill Biden letting us know that they were enjoying some “quiet reflection” and encouraging others to find “peace in the silent night” and “warmth from those surrounding you.” Those generic platitudes could have applied to almost any occasion.


In another post, the Bidens celebrated our men and women in uniform and the sacrifice many of them are making being overseas, separated from their families. And that’s perfectly fine.


But there was something obviously missing from any of these statements – Jesus Christ, the whole reason for the season!


Sadly, there is a pattern here of blatant disrespect for Christianity from this White House. Joe Biden has repeatedly omitted God from his Thanksgiving Day proclamations, and now he’s dumped Jesus from his Christmas messages.


By the way, he did it last year, too!


So, this isn’t an accident. It’s deliberate, and it’s deliberately insulting. They have abandoned the faith of our fathers and now worship neo-Marxist ideologies instead.




A Striking Contrast


I’m sure some people may be saying, “C’mon, man. Not everyone is a Christian. Joe’s just trying not to offend anyone.”


Well, can you imagine Biden issuing a gay pride proclamation that doesn’t mention the whole LGBTQ agenda? Many of us are offended by that radical nonsense, but he doesn’t care if you’re offended.


Think of all the holidays (holy days) we’re supposed to celebrate. There’s a day for Easter, a day for Christmas and a day for Thanksgiving. There are other events we celebrate like Washington’s Birthday, Independence Day and Veterans Day.


Meanwhile, a very small percentage of the population demands that we celebrate their lifestyle during Pride Day -- I mean Pride Week. No, it’s actually an entire Pride Month, which some want to extend ad nauseam. (Here and here.)


And when Joe Biden issues his “pride” proclamations, there’s no ambiguity at all about what we’re supposed to be celebrating.


But think about that striking contrast for a moment. Easter and Christmas each get a day. But the LGBTQ movement gets an entire month and more?!


This country was founded by Christians on Judeo-Christian principles. It wasn’t built by LGBTQ people on LGBTQ principles. We’re not a majority LGBTQ country. But Christians aren’t demanding that the whole country celebrate us at their workplaces for an entire month or more.


Something is deeply wrong if Biden can thank everyone but God in his Thanksgiving proclamation, and Christmas gets watered down with platitudes, while the birth of Jesus Christ is totally ignored.


More than one billion people around the world and at least half of America believes Jesus is the Son of God!


I will give Biden credit for one thing, however. Because of the damage caused by his policies, he’s probably causing more people to pray for mercy!




A Big Merry Christmas


In stark contrast to Biden’s meaningless mush, former President Donald Trump issued a tremendous Christmas message that completely embraced the meaning of the holiday. Here’s what Trump said:


“Melania and I would like to wish everyone a happy, joyous, and wonderful Christmas season.


“In this holy time of year, Christians everywhere give thanks that over 2,000 years ago, God sent his only Son into the world to be the savior of all mankind. The birth of Jesus Christ is the true miracle we celebrate each Christmas.


“He is the ultimate source of our joy, our hope, and our sense of peace and goodwill as we gather with family and loved ones. It is such a great time of the year. This is why we can never stop saying that beautiful phrase, ‘Merry Christmas.’”


“This holiday, we give thanks for the many blessings God has bestowed upon us. We pray for the safety of our men and women in uniform at home and abroad. And we ask God to guide us, give us strength, and watch over us in this pivotal year ahead.


“With His help, by this time next year, we will be well on our way to making America safer, stronger, greater, and more prosperous than ever before.” 


“Once again, Melania and I wish you a very Merry Christmas. God bless you all. May 2024 be the best year of our lives.”




Faith Under Siege


While far too many Americans take religious liberty for granted, many of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world go to church on Sundays and at Christmas knowing it could well be the last thing they ever do on this earth.


In nations that abandon or reject Christianity and where the government suppresses religious freedom, it’s anything but a joyous time of year.


In the days leading up to Christmas, Muslim terrorists attacked multiple Christian villages in Nigeria. More than 160 Christians were slaughtered, and many more were wounded. The world yawned.


In Nicaragua, the communist regime is waging an all-out assault on Christian leaders. And, of course, the crackdown on Christians continues unabated in communist China.


And closer to home, there was a string of arson attacks on churches in Canada this weekend. More than 100 churches have been vandalized or burned to the ground over the past two years. Four were burned in the past two weeks.


Did you read about this in your local paper? Nope. Unless you looked for it, you would have no idea that there is an epidemic of church arsons just north of the border.


And as we have reported to you, there are growing attacks and desecrations against churches here in the United States, as well as attacks against faith-based ministries that help women in challenging pregnancies.


As Christians, our faith is in God. As Christian citizens blessed to live in America, our fate is in our hands. Just as our Founding Fathers stood up and demanded their rights, it is time for men and women of faith to stand up and say, “ENOUGH!”