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Wednesday, December 23, 2020 -- America First, Faith Under Fire

America First
Many people exploded in anger yesterday, including me, when we saw what Nancy Pelosi and her left-wing socialist squad threw into the short-term government funding bill, which they attached to the COVID relief bill. 
To add insult to injury, they provided only $600 in "emergency relief" for the many Americans at risk of losing their jobs or homes. 
The virus did not shutdown America.  The left has shutdown America!  And struggling business owners and workers are supposed to be satisfied with $600.
I'm not going to ruin your Christmas by repeating all the idiotic things that progressives stuffed into this 5,000+ page monstrosity.  But suffice it to say that is exactly why there is so much disdain for the Washington swamp. 
President Trump was furious.  He posted a video last night blasting Congress for its absurd and wasteful spending that provided money for gender programs in Pakistan while shortchanging the American people.  The president's anger is totally justified.
But this is what divided government gets you.  Nothing can pass the House unless Nancy Pelosi ultimately signs off on it.
President Trump is demanding that the stimulus checks be raised to $2,000 per person while all the other garbage is taken out, saving hundreds of millions of dollars if not more. 
Once again, President Trump is fighting to put America first. 
President Trump also issued a number of pardons last night.  He pardoned George Papadopoulos and Alex van der Zwaan, who were prosecuted by Robert Mueller for minor "process crimes."
He pardoned Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, Nicholas Slatten and Paul Slough, four Blackwater contractors who protected a convoy of U.S. diplomats in Iraq.  When the convoy was attacked, these heroes did their jobs.  Unfortunately, several Iraqi civilians were caught in the crossfire.  But their prosecution was a travesty of justice.  Thankfully, President Trump corrected it.
Trump also issued full pardons to Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.
You Okay, Joe?
Yesterday Joe Biden delivered a broadside against the president as if even Biden thinks he hasn't won the election yet.  That's interesting.  Maybe he's growing concerned that the left's cheating will be exposed!
As he was leaving the press conference, a Fox News reporter asked Biden if he still believed the charges against his son Hunter were Russian disinformation.  Biden answered, "Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  You're a one horse pony." 
The phrase is "one trick pony."
So even after Hunter's laptop was discovered and all the information on it was revealed, and even after Hunter admitted he is under investigation, Joe still clings to the conspiracy that it's all Russian disinformation. 
Does he think we're that stupid or is he that stupid?
And think about this:  Joe Biden continues to say that he won't discuss Hunter with a potential attorney general nominee.  He's doing what Barack Obama used to do. 
Every time Biden publicly talks about Hunter's case, he dismisses it as Russian disinformation.  Those public statements are telling any prospective attorney general exactly what Biden expects him to do – shutdown the "bogus investigation."
By the way, anyone who thinks a Biden/Harris Administration will bring unity to the country should think again. 
Rep. Maxine Waters, who refuses to forgive black conservatives, wants to see Trump "marched out" of the White House by the military or the Secret Service.  And if they don't do it, Nancy Pelosi is threatening to pull Trump out by his hair!
Speaking Of Investigations. . .
President Trump yesterday authorized the attorney general to allow Special Counsel John Durham to use classified information as necessary for his review, "including in a grand jury or other proceeding." 
While it's not clear what Durham is doing with the classified information, the presidential memo suggests that Durham may be getting ready to issue new charges as he attempts to get to the bottom of the left's efforts to undo the 2016 election results.
Stay tuned.
Faith Under Fire
Timothy Cardinal Dolan was interviewed on Fox & Friends this morning.  He discussed the extreme efforts that the Catholic schools are undertaking to stay open in the face of resistance and hostility from New York officials.
He also asked about the document from the Secular Democrats of America that I warned you about in yesterday's report.  Dolan said he was "very concerned" about threats to religious liberty. 
He warned that a lot of Biden's advisers are pushing an "aggressive secular worldview."  He said they want "religion pushed to the side," and they believe that faith should be "very private." 
Dolan said that while "religion is personal" it must not be private, adding that we have a right to bring our faith and deepest convictions "to the public square" for the common good. 
Churches, religious charities and other non-profit ministries do tremendous work that should be encouraged.  But they can't do it if the government is persecuting faith-based ministries, like the Little Sisters of the Poor, for adhering to their deepest convictions.