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Wednesday, December 18, 2019 -- Say A Prayer, The FISA Court Speaks, Never Trumpers Aiding The Left Again

"Say A Prayer"
That's what President Trump tweeted this morning.  He wrote:
"Can you believe that I will be impeached today by the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, AND I DID NOTHING WRONG!  A terrible Thing.  Read the Transcripts.  This should never happen to another President again. Say a PRAYER!"
Some cynics will laugh at that. They would be wrong to do so. 
I know from frequent trips to the White House that it is not unusual at all for the president to call on the vice president or a cabinet member to pray that God would provide wisdom as they debate the pressing issues facing our nation.
I have a cherished photo of then-Candidate Trump, then-Candidate Pence and his wife standing together in the aisle of their campaign plane while they read a Bible verse and prayed together.  It was not a staged photo. 
If someone is looking for something to be cynical about, it is watching far-left progressives saying that they have been praying about impeachment.  Or, in Nancy Pelosi's case, citing her Catholic faith as evidence that she does not hate President Trump. 
Perhaps Pelosi could explain to us why her Catholic faith has not stopped her from condemning a million unborn children to death every year by her support for abortion on demand, which she also wants you to pay for.
Today of all days, our country needs prayer.  Remember II Chronicles:
"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
The FISA Court Speaks
Judge Rosemary Collyer, the chief judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, issued an extraordinarily rare public statement yesterday.  It was a scathing rebuke of the FBI's abuse of the FISA warrant process to spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign. 
Judge Collyer blasted the FBI for its frequent false statements and for withholding information favorable to Page and Trump.  And, just like Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is now conducting an audit of the entire FBI FISA warrant process, Judge Collyer stated that the FBI's deceit "calls into question whether information contained in other FBI applications is reliable."
She ordered the Bureau to come up with new procedures in three weeks to prevent future abuses.  Sadly, I'm not very optimistic.  The FISA Court was created in the 1970s in the wake of a series of wiretap abuses.  It was supposed to be a solution to government abuse.  Instead, it became another vehicle for government abuse.
Again, the use of intelligence and law enforcement agencies to spy on a presidential campaign is a national scandal.  This is Watergate on steroids.  For the super-secret FISA Court to issue such a public statement should be headline news. 
But unless you were watching Fox News last night, you didn't hear about it.  The big three networks totally ignored it because there was absolutely no way to spin it into an anti-Trump narrative. 
When the president calls the media "fake news" and an "enemy of the people," this is what he is talking about.  I do believe a free press is essential to maintaining a free society.  But we do not have a free and fair press.  Today's media are propaganda outlets for the Democrat Party.  They are no better than Pravda, the Soviet Union's mouthpiece.
Never Trumpers Aiding The Left Again
According to the latest Gallup poll, nine out of ten Republicans support President Trump.  Yet in spite of that near-unanimous support, not everyone is on board.  Especially not a handful of die-hard Never Trumpers. 
They just launched a new organization, called the "Lincoln Project," named after America's first Republican president.  You'd think that a group so named would want to help Republicans.  But not this group. 
In an opinion piece in yesterday's New York Times (yes, the left's favorite newspaper), several advisers to the Lincoln Project wrote that their goal is to defeat President Trump and to elect "congressional majorities that don't enable" Trump, "even if that means Democratic control of the Senate and an expanded Democratic majority in the House."
These Never Trumpers include a former state party chairman, top aides to President George W. Bush and his father, strategists to the late Sen. John McCain and advisers to former Governors John Kasich and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
These people made their careers in the party of Reagan and of Lincoln.  They got very rich helping Republicans.  And now they are doing everything they can to see our party -- and our country -- laid low. 
They claim that Donald Trump and his conservative supporters are a grave threat to the nation, and that to save the Constitution they must make "common effort" with national Democrats. 
Are you kidding me?! 
After what we have just witnessed -- the media-fueled Mueller mania, the Comey FBI FISA fraud and now Pelosi's impeachapoolza -- I think it is clear that the Deep State and its progressive/socialist allies are the greatest threat to the Constitution.
Empowering Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and their ilk will not help America. 
Just think about this:  A reelected President Trump will likely get one more and possibly two more Supreme Court appointments.  The slim 5-to-4 conservative majority we have now could be a solid 6-to-3 or even 7-to-2 majority.  Think of what that would mean for the sanctity of life, the Second Amendment, the preservation of religious liberty and serious border security!
But these bitter Never Trumpers would throw all that away.  They obviously do not care about any of those issues.
This just proves once again that Donald Trump is fighting the entrenched establishments of both political parties as he fights to put America first!