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Wednesday, December 16, 2020 -- The Fight Continues, What We Knew, The Resistance Grows

The Fight Continues
You may not have noticed this, but Republican electors from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (states we're told Joe Biden won) met separately on Monday when the Democrat electors were meeting, and those Republican electors cast their votes for President Trump. 
Why would they bother to do that?  Well, if there is a legal breakthrough in court or some other discovery that helps the president prove his case, his electors will have fulfilled their legal obligation to have met on the required date. 
Meanwhile, the president continues to use every precious hour of the remainder of this first term.  He's appointing strong conservatives to boards and commissions all over the federal government.  He's doing other things I can't mention here that will make it more difficult for Biden and Harris, if they take office, to implement their radical agenda. 
There are also unconfirmed reports that the president wants the Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor to take over the Hunter Biden case.  If that happens, it will make it harder, not impossible, but much harder for Joe Biden to end the investigation if he takes office in January.  I think he should do it. 
Polling shows that the American people believe the media deliberately ignored reports about Hunter's corrupt foreign dealings, and they also believe that Joe Biden was fully aware of those dealings. 
We deserve to know if the Biden family has been compromised by communist China.
What We Knew
Just think of everything we already knew about Hunter Biden before the election, which the media deliberately ignored. 

  • He flew to China with his father, who was then the vice president, and came back with a billion-dollar deal backed by Beijing's communist bosses. 
  • He got an $80,000 diamond ring from a Chinese businessman with ties to the Communist Party as a "gift," but it was most likely a bribe. 

The media didn't think that any of this was relevant in any way, and it actively suppressed much of this information.
Contrast the way Hunter has been protected by the press and political establishment with the way Michael Flynn was persecuted.  Or how Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself for having briefly met with the Russian ambassador.  And how Donald Trump Jr. was investigated for collusion for simply meeting with a Russian who wanted to discuss foreign adoption policies.
The left's double standards are disgusting.  But, as one commentator likes to say, if the left didn't have double standards it wouldn't have any standards at all.
The Resistance Grows
I am pleased to see that the grassroots outrage and resistance to the left's lockdown orders is growing.  Here's the latest: 


  • 150 businesses in Minnesota are defying the shutdown orders of Gov. Tim Walz.
  • Restaurant owners and workers demonstrated against the latest round of restrictions imposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.
  • A New Jersey gym owner is refusing to close despite facing more than $1 million in fines.
  • Rural towns in Washington state are defying Governor Jay Inslee's lockdown orders.
  • California Governor Gavin Newsom, who ignores his own shutdown orders, is facing a growing recall effort.
  • The Supreme Court ruled 6-to-3 to overturn Colorado Governor Jared Polis's absurd restrictions on churches. 

Here's something you should know:  According to New York state's contact tracing data, private household gatherings were responsible for 74% of the coronavirus spread from September through November.  Yet Cuomo is attacking restaurants and churches, which were responsible for only 1.43% and 0.69% of coronavirus cases.
While I am pleased to read reports that Congress may be on the verge of passing additional emergency relief measures to help struggling businesses and families, I think progressive politicians should lead by example.
Every governor and mayor who orders businesses to essentially commit suicide by depriving them of customers and income should not be allowed to collect their own income.  Period.
The Fake News vs. The First Lady
First Lady Melania Trump went to Children's National Hospital yesterday for an annual Christmas event to read to some of the sick children there.  And, of course, the fake news media attacked her for it.  While she entered the hospital with a mask on, she took it off to read to the children. 
This is another false attack on the first lady, just like they have attacked her husband. 
To begin with, attendance at the event was limited to allow for social distancing of the children.  Moreover, the first lady was seated not six feet away, not eight feet away, not ten feet away, but twelve feet away from the few children who were present.  The event was also broadcast to more than 300 hospital rooms for other children who could not attend.
But there was another big point that most of the media neglected to mention or remember.  The first lady has already had virus.  She has antibodies.  She's not going to infect anyone else.  I'm sure there will be plenty of apologies later today.  NOT!