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Wednesday, August 31, 2022 -- About That Agent, My Son Hunter, The Left Strikes Again

About That Agent. . .


We’re learning more about former FBI Agent Timothy Thibault, who reportedly spiked the Hunter Biden laptop investigation, and it’s not good.  Sadly, it’s what most conservatives have come to expect from the Bureau these days.


Thibault was a top official in the FBI’s Washington, D.C., headquarters, and worked in the public integrity unit, which handles some of the FBI’s most sensitive cases. 


The 25-year veteran of the Bureau was reportedly friends with Bruce and Nellie Ohr, who were connected to the Russia collusion hoax through Fusion GPS and the infamous Steele dossier.  Thibault attended a conference with the Ohrs in the Czech Republic in February 2016.


Bruce Ohr, you may recall, was forced to leave his position at the Justice Department because of his involvement in pushing the bogus dossier that his wife, Nellie, helped to create at Fusion GPS. 


Thibault has a long history of posting vehemently anti-Trump messages on social media, including articles from the Lincoln Project.  As I have noted before, the group should be named the “John Wilkes Booth Project” because it is trying to kill Republicans politically.


Thibault also reportedly pushed out unvaccinated agents from his team at the “Election Squad” believing they were Trump supporters.  That’s blatant discrimination.  They could have been Kamala Harris supporters.


In addition, there are reports that Thibault was pressuring agents “to pad domestic terror data” in order to promote the Biden Administration’s preferred narrative that right-wing political violence is a major threat to the country.


Thibault’s political partisanship has been obvious to everyone around him.  The idea that Christopher Wray only just now realized that Thibault is a raw partisan after Sen. Charles Grassley pointed it out is absurd.  He was walked out of the FBI last week because Director Wray is scrambling to save himself. 


The proverbial dam may be about to burst, or at least we can hope so.  According to the Washington Times, rank-and-file agents have lost confidence in Director Wray, feeling that he has lost control of the FBI, and they are calling for his resignation. 


By the way, it’s clear that the Biden Administration knows it has a big problem on its hands.  Attorney General Merrick Garland just put his finger in the dike.  He fired off a memo warning everyone at the Justice Department against communicating with members of Congress. 


Well, that sounds like a violation of the Whistleblower Act, like an attempt to intimidate and silence the agents who are coming forward to expose corruption and abuse.


In what world are we supposed to believe that there are no problems or just minor problems at the FBI?  Who is watching the watchers?  That’s the age-old question for every free society.


So, is Thibault just one bad apple?  Or is there reason to believe something is seriously rotten at the FBI when we keep finding one bad apple after another like Strzok, Page, Trask, Langeman, McCabe and Comey?




Just How Deep?


Just how deep does the rot go at the FBI?  It’s deep enough that the Bureau tried to influence the 2016 election, the 2020 election, the 2022 election and the Bureau is well on its way to meddling in the 2024 election. 


It’s clear that there are huge problems at the FBI, and every elected Republican should be screaming about it!


Not only are there people like Timothy Thibault in key positions, but let’s recall the raid on Donald Trump’s house. 


The FBI demanded that the Mar-a-Lago security cameras be turned off.  Does that sound reasonable? 


The FBI demanded that all of Trump’s legal representatives leave the house so they could not observe what was happening.  Does that sound reasonable? 


The FBI has leaked uncorroborated charges against Trump virtually every day since the raid, while fighting every attempt at transparency.  Does that sound reasonable? 


The FBI resisted efforts to unseal the affidavit.  When the Bureau lost in court, it produced a heavily redacted, virtually useless document. 


The FBI opposed having a neutral third party review the seized material for privileged attorney-client information before they rifled through it.  Lo and behold, we learned this week that privileged information was in fact seized.


Today, some commentators breathlessly expressed outrage over how Trump allegedly handled the classified materials.  Their hair is on fire over a photo showing documents scattered on the floor.


Well, first of all, we don’t know what those documents are.  We don’t know if they were declassified.  But most importantly, the fake news media are grossly distorting the facts yet again to paint a false narrative


Here is the document the Justice Department filed with the court last night where the much-hyped photo came from.  On page 13, the photo is referred to as Attachment F. 


Here’s the relevant line:  “Attachment F (redacted FBI photograph of certain documents and classified cover sheets recovered from a container in the ‘45 office’).”


In other words, the documents were not found on the floor.  FBI agents “recovered” the documents from a box and then put them on the floor so they could take pictures of the documents showing their supposed classification labels. 


I hope you realize what is happening, my friends.  This is all being orchestrated to smear Trump.  This is nothing more than a continuation of the never-ending Clinton/Comey effort to take down Donald Trump and the political movement he created. 




My Son Hunter


Breitbart News is jumping into the movie business in a big way with the September 7th release of “My Son Hunter.”  Predictably, the left-wing media are attacking the film, suggesting it will be welcomed by Vladimir Putin in Moscow because it undermines the government of the United States.  They have no shame!


The film exposes Hunter Biden’s corruption and his “laptop from hell,” which the left and their media allies labeled as “Russian disinformation.”  They were lying.  The laptop was real.  But now that a movie about it is set to be released, they are screaming, “Russia! Russia! Russia!” all over again.


Let me tell you what brings a smile to Putin’s face. 


The increasing evidence that powerful forces in the United States are engaged in widespread corruption makes Putin smile.


Knowing that U.S. federal law enforcement agencies have been weaponized against America First conservatives, who are most supportive of our national defense, makes Putin smile.


Knowing that federal agencies have been weaponized against conservative Americans who are resisting the left’s radical efforts to convince our children that America is an evil country makes Putin smile.


Knowing that we have a president who is waging war against our great American energy industry makes Putin smile.


Knowing that we have a media that routinely lies to the American people makes Putin smile.


Remind me again who is doing Putin’s bidding?




The Left Strikes Again


Intolerant leftists attacked a county GOP office in Florida over the weekend.  Among other things, the message “Eat sh-- fascists” was spray painted on the windows. 


You’ve got to give the Biden operation credit.  Last week, Biden called Republicans “fascists,” and within days his street fighters are attacking GOP offices, even parroting his rhetoric. 


Biden has turned his entire party into an arm of Antifa – ironically an acronym for “anti-fascism.”  I don’t recall Joe Biden ever condemning the violence of Antifa, which engages in unhinged fascism.  I suppose that’s because he’s too busy comparing normal conservatism to fascism. 


By the way, it wasn’t that long ago, January 20, 2021, when Joe Biden said in his inaugural address, “We can see each other not as adversaries but as neighbors. We can treat each other with dignity and respect.”


Yet last week, Biden said something very different.  He said, “What’s happened is there are not many real Republicans anymore. . .  I don’t respect MAGA Republicans. . . It's not just Trump, it's the entire philosophy . . . it's like semi-fascism." 


He called 75 million Americans fascists!  So much for “dignity and respect.”


I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on Joe.  He may not remember what he said in his inaugural address, but that’s another subject for another day.