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Wednesday, April 3, 2024 -- A Strange Alliance, Biden's Border Crisis, 2024 Update

A Strange Alliance


During the 2020 “Summer of Love,” so-called “autonomous zones” sprouted up in various progressive cities. Left-wing radicals took over parts of a city and declared them to no longer be covered by U.S. law, while progressive politicians did absolutely nothing. Predictably, businesses were destroyed, and people were killed.


Well, far-left radicals just established a new autonomous zone in New York City. You can learn everything you need to know from their agenda. It’s a bizarre coalition of Hamas sympathizers and transgender activists. Only in Biden’s America!


You may laugh, but it’s deadly serious.


There is only one thing that unites the trans ideology and Hamas’s agenda – they both want Judeo-Christian civilization destroyed.


Hamas sympathizers want to rip America out of its Judeo-Christian tradition because of our support for Israel and our fundamental belief that liberty comes from the God of the Bible.


The trans ideology is driven by a war against one of the main pillars of every society – the family. Marxism always tries to destroy the family and replace it with the state.  


These are the left’s stormtroopers. If we head into another “Summer of Love,” where left-wing violence rips through U.S. cities, the leaders of that chaos will come out of encampments like this one. They will come from the ranks of the anarchists trying to stop a police training center in Atlanta.


But they aren’t the only problem. Their enablers hold power in the White House, in government bureaucracies, and in major institutions all over the country, led by elites who would dance on America’s grave as long as they get to keep all their money and power and can continue to be globalist citizens.




Biden’s Border Crisis


The massive demonstrations by Hamas sympathizers and the explosion of anti-Semitism on our college campuses after the massacre of Israelis on October 7th should be a central issue of this election.


Polling shows that immigration has risen to the top of voters’ concerns because of Joe Biden’s open borders policies, which are hurting our country. 


For example, we are literally importing hate into the country. One recent Pew Research Center survey found that 49% of Muslims in America believe that Hamas has valid reasons for attacking Israel, and 21% said they supported the October 7th massacre. That’s a huge problem!


By the way, the co-founder of CAIR, the largest Muslim lobbying group in America, said he was “happy” on October 7th. He should be deported back to Jordan!


We are seeing story after story about how the Biden migrant crime wave is making our communities less safe. From illegal aliens robbing homes to squatting in homes and viciously murdering American citizens, open borders make us all less safe.


It’s also straining local taxpayers. School districts all over the country are struggling with the massive influx of non-English speaking children. In New York City, American kids were actually kicked out of their classes, and their school was turned into a migrant shelter.


I heard this morning on Fox News that there are 36,000 English as a second language teaching positions that can’t be filled. What do you think is happening in those classrooms where teachers have 5, 10, or more students who don’t speak English? Teachers slow down their lessons to accommodate the “newcomers,” and our kids are learning less.


I know some people will say, “Gary, Jesus loves migrants, too.” Of course, He does. But that has no public policy impact whatsoever. Jesus also loves the American-born children who are now not learning what they should. He loves the American taxpayer, homeowner, and crime victim.


The bottom line is that immigration policy is supposed to put America and our citizens first. But Biden’s open borders policy is putting America last.




2024 Update


Wisconsin voters went to the polls yesterday and approved two important constitutional amendments to strengthen election integrity. Conservatives strongly supported the amendments, while progressives vehemently opposed them.


The first amendment banned the use of so-called “Zuck bucks,” private money used to interfere in the official duties of local elections offices. The second amendment clarified that only official elections officers are allowed to perform election-related duties.


Both amendments passed by wide margins and will prevent progressive mega-donors like Mark Zuckerberg from rigging the election in Wisconsin again.


Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal just released a new poll showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in six out of seven swing states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Trump and Biden are tied in Wisconsin.




Threatening Democracy


The Democrat Party has declared war on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. They have set up a massive operation to keep him off the general election ballot, just like they did to Donald Trump. So, while they are yelling about our democracy being in danger, they are doing everything they can to undermine the democratic process.


They are guided by no principles other than keeping their power at all costs. You can see it in the fact that they refuse to protect the physical safety of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., just as they refused to protect the justices of the Supreme Court.


Kennedy’s iconic family has suffered two assassinations – John F. Kennedy, who was pro-life and said, “Ask not what your country can do for your – ask what you can do for your country,” and Robert F. Kennedy, who was gunned down by a furious Palestinian terrorist angered by Kennedy’s pro-Israel views.


Now comes Kennedy’s son. Can you imagine how many nuts out there would like to be the assassin who takes down a third Kennedy?


Incredibly, however, the Biden administration has repeatedly refused his requests for Secret Service protection. Think about that. Joe “Mr. Nice Guy” Biden won’t allow Secret Service protection for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


As you might imagine, he gets many death threats. But he recently said, “There’s a lot worse things than dying. One of those things is living like a slave or having our children lose all their freedoms.” 


I agree completely.




Send French To France


For many conservatives, the name “David French” is like nails on a chalkboard. While French was once a conservative Christian, who worked at outstanding groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom, he has completely gone over to the left, which wants to erase Christianity from the public square.  


Last year, the New York Times hired French to be one of the paper’s so-called “conservative columnists.” French frequently pops up on left-wing talk shows to lecture Christians and conservatives about how wrong we are.


This week, French went on MSNBC to chastise Christians who were posting “Christ is King” to celebrate Easter. He said:


“During Holy Week, Christians all over Twitter were posting 'Christ is King' specifically aimed at Jewish Americans, specifically aimed to assert religious dominance in a very gross and ugly way. . . It is very distressing. But even more than that, it is very dangerous.”


So, at a time when pro-Hamas mobs are taking over college campuses and demonstrating in the streets, French thinks Christians are the ones threatening America’s Jews by saying, “Christ is King.”


What exactly is so “gross,” “ugly,” “distressing,” and “dangerous” about Christians saying, “Christ is King”? Why does French see that phrase as equivalent to hate speech?


It happens to be a central tenet of the Christian faith. The Bible even refers to Christ as the “King of kings.”


Sadly, French doesn’t seem bothered at all by Joe Biden’s proclamation celebrating “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Easter Sunday.


Speaking in Wisconsin yesterday, Donald Trump declared that November 5th, Election Day, will be “Christian Visibility Day.”


I like the sound of that!




Stop The Trans Insanity


As I noted earlier this week, Joe Biden had far more to say about transgenderism than he did about Easter. Six times more, in fact. It’s clear from his two statements that Biden wants us to believe the lies of radical gender ideology that defies biology over the truth of the Bible.


Read more in my latest opinion piece at AFA’s The Stand.