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Wednesday, April 26, 2023 -- Dealing With The Debt, Biden's Culture War, The Pentagon v. Carlson

Dealing With The Debt


House Republicans are scheduled to vote today on legislation raising the debt limit.  But contrary to the demands from the Biden White House, Speaker Kevin McCarthy is attempting to force a little fiscal discipline into the debate.


The national debt is a metastasizing cancer.  We cannot ignore it any longer as higher interest rates are causing debt payments to balloon.  Last year, a record $475 billion was paid just to cover the interest payments on the national debt.


To tackle this growing problem, House Republicans are proposing relatively modest changes to federal spending. 


In addition, they want more work requirements for food stamps.  They want to stop Joe Biden’s unconstitutional student loan scheme.  They want to claw back unspent pandemic recovery funds, and the $80 billion that Democrats want in order to create a new army of IRS agents. 


But Joe Biden is refusing to negotiate


And while House Republicans are attempting to deal with the national debt, what are Senate Democrats doing?  They’re wasting time attempting to resurrect the long dead, pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment.



Biden’s Culture War


I want to revisit Joe Biden’s reelection announcement video.  We mentioned yesterday that it was notable for what it did not include – any reference to a significant accomplishment.  Now I want to focus on what Biden did say.


Biden began the video by talking about freedom.  But it’s not the freedom conservatives talk about.  It’s not the freedom this country was founded on – free speech, religious freedom, Second Amendment freedoms, all listed in our Constitution.


No, almost immediately, Biden brings up abortion, “banning books and telling people who they can love.”  In other words, Joe Biden’s “freedom” is left-wing licentiousness, and he fully intends to run for reelection as a hard-left culture warrior.


Now, the media tell us all the time that only “right-wing Republicans” care about the culture war.  But that’s a false narrative.  It always has been. 


The left started the culture war as part of its larger war against America and traditional American values.  Conservatives have been on defense for decades.  But if this is the debate Biden wants to have, BRING IT ON!


When it comes to abortion, Biden and the pro-abortion Democrats are the real extremists


If you ask the American people, “Should a woman have a right to an abortion,” many Americans will say yes, especially under certain rare circumstances.  If you ask Americans, “Should a baby in the third trimester be aborted,” Americans overwhelmingly say, “No.” 


But that’s Joe Biden’s position.  There isn’t one abortion he would prevent.


When it comes to “banning books,” Biden’s not talking about left-wing efforts to ban Shakespeare, Huckleberry Finn or other literary classics by “dead white men.”  And he’s definitely not talking about banning the Bible, which the left did decades ago.


No, Biden is bashing parents who don’t want their young kids taught about sodomy or exposed to graphic sexual content in kindergarten!  And, yes, these books are graphic. 


Parents who have tried to read them aloud at school board meetings have had their microphones shut off because of how explicit the books are. 


If you ask Americans, “Should we ban books,” they’ll say no.  If you ask them, “Should children in kindergarten be taught about radical gender theory,” Americans overwhelmingly say, “No.”


When Biden talks about “love,” he’s doubling down on the left’s promotion of the radical LGBTQIA+ whatever-else-no-one-has-thought-of-yet agenda.


If you ask Americans about “gender affirming care,” you’ll confuse a lot of people.  But if you ask them, “Should children be subjected to mutilating surgery and powerful, irreversible and sterilizing drugs,” Americans overwhelmingly say, “No.”


The things Joe Biden highlighted in his announcement video are all the cultural and values issues that GOP consultants insist we must avoid.  Well, if Democrats talk about those issues and we avoid them, they will win again.  You can’t beat something with nothing!


The GOP cannot take a pass on the culture war.  But for the sake of the country, it must learn how to engage in this debate.




Another Strange Announcement


The worst day of Biden’s presidency was August 26, 2021, when a suicide bomber attacked the Kabul airport, killing 13 American soldiers and more than 160 Afghans.  Now within hours of Biden’s reelection announcement, we’re served up something that appears to be closure on this terrible event.


The Taliban reportedly took out the ISIS mastermind behind the Kabul airport attack.  It’s one heck of a coincidence that we got this news yesterday.  But, as we’re learning regularly, nothing is a coincidence in modern America. 


Let’s not forget why this mastermind was successful in the first place.  The Biden Administration entrusted the Taliban with security around Kabul.  The Taliban allowed the bomber to get through their checkpoints and to the airport gate, where massive numbers of people were gathered. 


A U.S. sniper identified the suicide bomber.  But he couldn’t get permission from his immediate superiors to take him out.  They didn’t have the authority, probably because Biden’s appointees at the Pentagon took it away from them.


Something smells rotten about all of this. 




The Pentagon v. Carlson


The speculation around Tucker Carlson’s abrupt departure from Fox News continues.  Some say his fierce criticism of our involvement in Ukraine with no apparent plan to end the hostilities offended the growing number of voices who are doubling down on our involvement.


But there’s another report this morning that’s getting traction.  According to Politico and Breitbart, high-level Pentagon officials are gloating about Carlson’s demise.  One of them said, “We’re a better country without him bagging on our military every night in front of hundreds of thousands of people.”


Think about that.  Senior leaders at the Pentagon are siding with the left in cheering the silencing of one of the most effective conservative spokesmen. 


It’s likely that these officials are Biden political appointees who are all in on the radical “diversity, equity and inclusion” agenda that Carlson has repeatedly exposed.


Carlson wasn’t attacking our military.  He’s a patriot.  He’s also been critical of the way Biden and the left are destroying the military culture. 


Responding to the reports of cheering at the Pentagon over Carlson’s dismissal, Senator J. D. Vance said, “Every ‘senior Pentagon official’ who commented on this story while hiding behind anonymity is a coward.  Call me old fashioned, but senior military officials should maintain neutrality about hot button political topics.”


This Pentagon can’t meet its recruitment goals because it is struggling to get Middle America’s sons and daughters to sign up for Biden’s “thoroughly modern military.”  And they’re attacking a guy who most Middle Americans love. 


Go figure!




Stop Biden’s Surrender


Please take a few minutes out of your busy day to listen to my latest podcast for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute. 


On this week’s “Defending Faith, Family & Freedom” podcast, I’m taking on Biden’s surrender of our sovereignty to the World Health Organization, a corrupt UN bureaucracy controlled by communist China.


Click here to listen to the podcast.  Pray about this critical issue.  And then take action by calling your representative and senators at 202-224-3121. 


Tell them to oppose any effort by the Biden Administration to surrender our sovereignty and decision-making authority to the World Health Organization.




Honoring Israel


The House of Representatives voted 401-to-19 yesterday to approve a resolution honoring the modern state of Israel on its 75th birthday, and to support the expansion of the Abraham Accords, which promise to bring peace and stability to the region.


While I’m glad the resolution passed overwhelmingly, the vote should have been unanimous.  But for whatever reason, 18 Democrats and one Republican couldn’t bring themselves to stand with Israel, our most reliable ally, on such a momentous occasion.