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Wednesday, April 24, 2024 -- Columbia's Cowards, Appeasement Never Works, Biden's Blasphemy

Columbia’s Cowards


The pro-Hamas demonstrations at Columbia were just given the green light by the university’s leadership. After giving the extremists a midnight deadline to clear out, the administration announced that they can stay for 48 more hours while negotiations continue. 


Negotiations about what? What demands from these haters is the university willing to entertain? No one at the negotiating table represents the American people.


Some are asking, “Well, what can the administration really do?” I have plenty of suggestions. Here are a few that immediately come to mind:


  • Start by deporting anyone involved who is here on a student visa.
  • Start arresting any agitators on campus who are not students or staff.
  • Announce that any student found repeating calls for genocide and intimidating other students will have that flagged on their transcripts and official records. This will help any prospective employer know about the character of a job applicant.
  • The Education Department and the Justice Department should fine any university that cannot maintain safety for all students on its campus.


The Biden administration recently fined Liberty University $14 million, claiming it was not maintaining security on campus. Yet another example of Biden’s ideologues waging war on Christians.


And the administration is currently threatening to withdraw federal money from any school that refuses to allow a pervert to go into your daughter’s bathroom!


There are plenty of things that can be done to get Columbia’s campus under control. But the administrators are all leftists. They are the same kind of people who think the solution to peace in the Middle East is for Israel to surrender its territory.


And if they continue negotiating with these pro-Hamas radicals for another 48 hours, I wouldn’t be surprised if Columbia’s President Shafik emerges wearing a burka!




Appeasement Never Works


Here’s what appeasement and surrender get you.


Chuck Schumer surrendered to the Hamas wing of his party on the Senate floor when he demanded new elections in Israel and said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the problem in the Middle East today.


Schumer has not set foot on Columbia University’s campus, on New York University’s campus, or any other campus where young Jews are living in fear. The highest-ranking Jew in the United States government cannot find the courage to go to these campuses, confront the pro-Hamas radicals, and stand with young Jews.


I hope he is banned from his synagogue.


So, what did he get for his efforts to appease Hamas-lovers and Jew-haters?


The haters showed up at his house last night and demanded he stop anything that militarily aids Israel as the Jewish state fights off the Islamic supremacists of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.


That’s what appeasement gets you, whether it’s in the Middle East or in New York.


Gee, Chuck, did you go out and offer them milk and cookies? Did you invite them in for a Passover dinner?




Who’s paying For This?


It’s not gone unnoticed that almost all the tents used in these campus protests are the same, and that the “struggling” student radicals who need us to pay off their college loans have professionally made signs and posters.


This is not an organic, grassroots movement. These protests are clearly organized.


Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies has investigated the organizations funding Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which is now on 200 campuses across the country.


A primary SJP benefactor is American Muslims for Palestine, based in Falls Church, Virginia. It is connected to actual terrorist groups and is driving much of the anti-Semitic chaos we’re seeing on our college campuses.


Other groups involved are funded by the various tentacles of George Soros. What irony! One of the wealthiest Jews in the world is responsible for the fact that we can’t keep street thugs in New York and other big cities in jail. And now he’s funding the thugs attacking young Jews throughout America.


He must really be proud of himself.




How Deep Is The Rot?


If you want some idea of how deep the rot at Columbia goes, just look at a recent vote held by the undergraduate student body:


  • 77% voted for Columbia University to completely divest from Israel.
  • 68% voted to close Columbia’s Tel Aviv Center.
  • 65% voted to shut down Columbia’s dual-degree program with Tel Aviv University in Israel.


Clearly, the radical demonstrators setting up “No Jews Allowed” camps on campus are not just a fringe group. Anti-Semitism is pervasive at Columbia and it has been growing for years.


The extremism isn’t just isolated to the students. Columbia Professor Joseph Massad praised the October 7th Hamas massacre as “awesome” and “a stunning victory.”


Massad is not alone. America’s colleges and universities are full of left-wing extremists pretending to be “educators.”


According to a 2022 survey of Harvard’s faculty, 82% of professors self-identified as “very liberal” or “liberal.” Only 16% said they were “moderate,” and less than 2% identified as “conservative.” Not one professor claimed to be “very conservative.”


A nationwide survey of more than 7,000 professors found that self-identified Democrats outnumbered Republicans 12 to 1. (That is the same political ratio that Biden hopes the illegal aliens crossing his open borders will be when he eventually makes them citizens.)


Today’s colleges and universities are not “institutions of higher learning.” They are “re-education” and indoctrination camps. Saving America requires serious reforms in academia.




Speaking Of Groupthink. . .


Anyone thinking they can tune into one “mainstream” news network to get an independent analysis of the Trump trials and then go to another network for a different opinion has been played for a fool. Everywhere you look, you’re getting the exact same storyline with virtually identical analysis.


If you’ve ever wondered why it is that when a controversy erupts, the entire left-wing media complex has the same talking points, here’s an example of how it happens. 


It turns out that a group of “legal analysts and experts” have been coordinating their talking points before they go on national TV shows to ensure that they are all saying the same things and stressing the same points.


Not surprisingly, the group is led by a former Obama official who was a key figure in the first Trump impeachment. Another regular is Andrew Weissmann, the partisan pit bull behind the Mueller Russia collusion investigation. Other members of the group are rabid Never Trumpers, including a number who used to be prominent Republicans.


Just more evidence that major “mainstream” networks aren’t offering news or analysis, but left-wing propaganda.




Biden’s Blasphemy


While some “Christian apologists,” like David French, are telling pro-life and pro-family Christians that they are hurting the cause of Christ and should get out of the public square, “devout” Catholic Joe Biden used Christianity yesterday to promote killing pre-born babies.


Biden constantly tells us that he’s not just Catholic, but a “devout Catholic,” even as he promotes abortion on demand in every way he can up until birth.


He was standing on a stage with the fanatically pro-abortion chairwoman of the Florida Democrat Party smiling as she was railing against the Sunshine State’s pro-life law. Then, Biden made the sign of the cross to suggest that Christ Himself would approve.


To do that when the Democrat Party chairwoman is expressing her anger that babies are being saved is an intentional mockery, not just of his Catholic faith, but of the entire teachings of the Bible about the sanctity of life.


This happened just 48 hours after he failed to unequivocally condemn the harassment of American Jews on college campuses. 


It’s pretty clear that Biden doesn’t like “People of the Book,” whether they are Jews or Christians.




Election Results


Pennsylvania voters went to the polls yesterday for important primary elections. Turnout was reportedly low, and the results were largely predictable.


Presidents Biden and Trump easily won their respective contests. But a Palestinian protest movement claimed victory last night, noting that more than 100,000 Democrats “withheld their vote from Joe Biden.” He carried the state four years ago by just over 80,000 votes.


Another noteworthy result occurred in the Democrat primary for the 12th Congressional District, where Squad member and AOC acolyte Summer Lee faced a serious primary challenge. In the end, however, Lee crushed her opponent 60% to 39%, demonstrating the “prog” stranglehold over the Democrat Party.