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Wednesday, April 14, 2021 -- More Minnesota Riots, A Disturbing Disconnect, Storm Clouds On The Horizon

More Minnesota Riots
Last night saw another round of rioting in Minnesota.  At least 60 people were arrested.  Not surprisingly, Antifa is now stoking the violence.  Unfortunately, it's also being encouraged by a number of left-wing politicians. 
As we noted, Democrat Rashida Tlaib wants to end policing and prisons because she believes they are systemically racist.  Let's try that in her district first and see how it works out. 
Sadly, she's not alone. One of the Democrat Party's rising stars, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, blasted law enforcement yesterday. She tweeted that policing in America is an "indefensible system" that rewards violence and is systemically corrupt.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House were asked if they agreed with this anti-police rhetoric.  They were smart enough to say they didn't.  But their statements were far from reassuring. 
They were essentially variations on the same theme.  Tlaib and AOC say the whole system is racist.  Pelosi and Biden say the system is racist but there are some good cops.  That's a distinction without a difference. 
Let me be as clear as I can:  Are there racists in America?  Yes.  There are racists of all races.  (See next item.)  Is America systemically racist?  No, it isn't.  Anyone who tells you that has another agenda. 
We are the most diverse major nation in the world.  Unlike every other major nation, we have actually elected a black president and a black vice president.  Many of our major cities have black mayors and black police chiefs.
But if we keep stoking these fires, and teaching our children that they are living in a racist country, we shouldn't be surprised when more cities burn, just like last summer. 
We must stop teaching our children anti-American history!
Speaking of history, today is the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination.  Our nation's first Republican president gave his life to end slavery in America.  Today is a good day to remind your children and grandchildren of that fact.
A Disturbing Disconnect
Yesterday morning, President Biden spoke at the memorial service for Capitol Hill Police Officer William Evans.  As you'll recall, Evans was murdered by a supporter of Louis Farrakhan, a black supremacist and the rabidly anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam. 
But later in the afternoon, Biden met with several members of the Congressional Black Caucus at the White House, a meeting which seemed disturbingly disconnected from reality.
How are these two events linked?  Unfortunately, many members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) have close ties to Louis Farrakhan.  For example:


  • House Majority Whip James Clyburn invited Farrakhan to a private Washington, D.C., event in 2000 when he served as chairman of the CBC.  In 2011, Clyburn appeared with Farrakhan at an event in Pittsburgh, saying he wasn't "bothered in the least" by criticism of his association with "America's leading anti-Semite." 
  • Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock has praised Farrakhan as an "important voice in the development of black theology."  Would that theology include Farrakhan's teaching that white people are devils and that Jews are "satanic"? 
  • Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee hailed the Nation of Islam for its "leadership without embarrassment, shyness or apology." 
  • And, of course, there was the secret CBC meeting with Farrakhan in 2005 that also included then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. 

Now, let's take the same set of facts and just swap out some names: 
"Yesterday morning, Donald Trump attended the funeral of a black police officer who was killed by a supporter of David Duke.  Later in the day, he attended a meeting of Duke supporters." 
Can you imagine the media's outrage?  If such a horrific scenario occurred, the outrage would be more than justified.  But yesterday such a horrific scenario actually did occur, and our biased media didn't say a word. 
Storm Clouds On The Horizon
Former Australian Defense Minister Christopher Pyne is warning that communist China is preparing for a war.  Here's what Pyne said during an address at the University of Adelaide:

"I would have to say that the possibility [of war] is more likely. . . Not a cyber war, but a real one involving loss of life, destruction of military platforms. . .  This isn't rhetoric, this is something that you and I may well have to confront in the next five to ten years."

Australia's former defense minister is not the only one issuing such dire warnings.  America's top naval commander in the Pacific recently said that he believed communist China would attack Taiwan sometime in the next six years.
Would we win such a war?  I wish I was more confident.  Wargames consistently show us losing.  (Here and here.)  That's mostly about tangible issues like ships and supply chains.  But all things being equal, morale matters too. 
Patriotism vs. Critical Race Theory
Serious people around the world see what's on the horizon.  Everything coming out of communist China shows a society, which has an ethnic minority in concentration camps, that is supremely confident. 
Its youth are on fire with patriotism.  (Here and here.)  Communist China has no problem teaching its children "China First," and they believe the future belongs to them. 
And while patriotism in China is surging, it's dying here in America.  Younger generations of Americans have been fed a steady diet of anti-American history.  They have been indoctrinated to believe that their country is evil, founded on genocide and slavery.  As a result, our younger generation is the least patriotic in history.
But it gets worse.  As we reported yesterday, the Pentagon is now scrutinizing the social media posts of active-duty personnel and potential recruits for "extremism."  As we know, the left has a very broad definition of extremism. 
Believing in traditional marriage or that there are only two genders is extremism.  "Make America Great Again" and "America First" were blasted as examples of racism and extremism.  After all, the left insists that America was never great
Even our military academies are buying into the left's woke ideology.  Critical race theory is being taught at West Point.  So, while we're training our future officers and leaders, we're telling them their country is systemically racist. 
In other words, we're telling them exactly what the communists told our diplomats in Alaska!
How exactly do you encourage young military officers to lead their men into battle for one of the most racist nation's on earth, most likely against a nation whose youth are on fire to die for their country?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how that conflict will end. 
Happy Birthday, Israel!
Israelis have a unique way of commemorating Memorial Day and Independence Day -- they are observed back-to-back.  It would be like Memorial Day in America being July 3rd with Independence Day, of course, on July 4th. 
Ceremonies marking Israel's Memorial Day began last night as Israelis honored the memories of 23,928 fallen soldiers and the civilian victims of terrorism.  Today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a powerful tribute to Israel's fallen heroes at Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem.
Tonight, Israelis will begin celebrating Yom Ha'Atzmaut or Independence Day.  In recognizing the modern state of Israel in 1948, President Harry Truman said, "I had faith in Israel before it was established, I have faith in it now."
Israel was promptly attacked by virtually all of its Arab neighbors.  Israel prevailed, only to be attacked again and again and again.  Yet to this day, 73 years later, Iran's leaders repeatedly vow to annihilate the Jewish state, and many Muslim states still refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist.
But in the midst of this hatred, Israel has thrived.  It has done so because of God's blessing, because of the determination of the Jewish people and with the strong support of the United States of America.