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Wednesday, April 10, 2024 - Bidenflation Bites Again, Biden's Groveling, An Unholy Alliance

Bidenflation Bites Again


The consumer price index, a key measure of inflation, rose 0.4% last month, more than expected. Inflation now stands at 3.5%.


While 0.4% might not seem like much, it would be 4.8% for the year if it continues rising at that pace, far from the Federal Reserve’s 2% target.


The Biden White House and its left-wing media allies will try to gaslight you into believing that the economy is really great. It’s not. And this is a really big deal.


For months now, all the financial markets have been anticipating that the Federal Reserve will lower its key interest rate in response to improving inflation numbers.  Lower rates would stimulate the economy, including the critical housing market, and make it cheaper to finance our debt.


But as Biden continues to spend like a drunken sailor (apologies to drunken sailors), inflation isn’t improving. It’s getting worse. And expectations of lower interest rates are fading fast.


Today’s higher inflation figure raises the very real possibility that inflation is not yet under control. We’ve now had three months in a row of higher-than-expected inflation. Many people will likely conclude that there won’t be any Federal Reserve interest rate cuts at all this year.




The Big Lie


I want to address again the “big lie” that Joe Biden and the media are pushing. When they tell everyone that inflation was up but now it’s down, they are engaged in a deception.


The inflation is continuing, and it builds on the previous month’s increase. Everyone feels it every time they fill up at the gas station or go to the grocery store. For example, $100 in groceries five years ago, before Biden’s inflation, now costs you $137. If inflation goes up at a nearly 5% rate, it will be $144 at the end of the year.


The White House and media pundits keep insisting that the economy is just fine, and you’re too dumb to understand it. But people know their budgets are being busted and pushed to the limit every single month.


And the federal budget is being busted, too. Every time the Biden administration has to refinance our massive debt from rates that were 1% or 2%, we have to pay a much higher interest rate to get people to buy Biden’s debt. 


So this year, the interest payments on our national debt will be greater than the entire defense budget.


The left-wing media gave our side “bad news” yesterday when the Arizona Supreme Court decided to make a law passed in 1864 the law in Arizona today. They know Arizona is a key swing state, and they are trying to make it harder for Donald Trump and Republicans to win there.


What just happened this morning on inflation won’t get the same dramatic headlines, but it is bad news for the entire country and families everywhere. And it’s bad news for the Biden campaign.




Biden’s Groveling


Biden’s sellout of Israel is being coupled with a sickening groveling to Islam.


Yesterday, in an interview with Spanish language media, Biden blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strategy against Hamas, saying, “I think what he’s doing is a mistake. I don’t agree with his approach.”


He then called for an immediate ceasefire without any mention of the remaining hostages still being held by Hamas.


But wait. . . There’s more.


Yesterday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement marking the end of Ramadan.  (I couldn’t find his Easter statement.) His entire Ramadan message was about how bad life is for Muslims around the world. 


Here’s a fact check: The overwhelming majority of the world’s Muslims live in Muslim countries. So, if things are so terrible for Muslims, they should take it up with their Muslim rulers.


Blinken then proceeded to get specific. He threw the Uyghurs of communist China, who are literally in slave labor camps, in with the Muslims living in Gaza. The Uyghurs are in slave labor camps because communist China is a racialist society at war with all religions. 


The people of Gaza, up until October 7th, enjoyed relatively decent lives compared to Muslims in most parts of the world, and certainly compared to Uyghurs. Thousands of Gazans regularly went into Israel to work and returned home at night.


Any Muslim suffering in Gaza is first and foremost at the hands of Hamas, which the people of Gaza voted for.


A few days ago, a faction of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, held a public protest in the middle of the day. They chanted, “Death to Israel!” and “Death to America!” The president of the United States said nothing.


Biden rails against MAGA every day. He calls it “semi-fascist” and the most horrible thing we’ve ever seen. It stands for “Make America Great Again.”


It’s interesting what makes Biden angry. He is incensed by calls for American greatness but not calls for America’s destruction.




An Unholy Alliance


Jack Petocz is a radical student activist who was very prominent in fighting the parental rights movement and defending LGBTQ material in Florida’s public schools. His efforts got the attention of the New York Times and he was even invited to the Biden White House.


Mr. Petocz is making headlines once again. He just got expelled from Vanderbilt University for leading a mob of students in assaulting a security guard during a protest against Israel.


This is now a clear trend on the left.


You begin by declaring yourself to be LGBTQ, and in short order, you’re chanting, “Death to America” and supporting an Islamic terrorist group against the only democracy in the Middle East.


What leads someone to support those two causes – “Death to the Jews” and boys in your daughter’s bathrooms?  There’s only one thing I can think of that unites these ideas – a hatred of Judeo-Christian civilization. 


The transgender movement is an attack on the way God made the world – male and female. In the Middle East, Israel is built on the relationship that the Jewish people have had with the God of the Bible. It is the place where Jesus walked the earth. All around it are the death-worshippers of Hamas and Hezbollah.


So, comfortable American kids promoting gay rights and condemning anyone opposing them as “bigots” can look at the Middle East and side with the bigots who are putting Muslim women in burkas and slaughtering innocent Jewish civilians, including women and children.


All of this is evidence that the war we are in is a spiritual war.




Is Nebraska Key In November?


A battle is raging in Nebraska that could decide whether we get four more years of decline under Biden. 


Imagine it’s Election Night. Donald Trump has carried all the states he won in 2020 and flipped toss up states like Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. But he still loses by one electoral vote.  It could happen.


Forty-eight of 50 states award all their Electoral College votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote in the state. The two exceptions are Maine and Nebraska, which award some electoral votes by congressional district.


In Nebraska, an overwhelmingly Republican state, the congressional district that includes Omaha has voted Democrat before. That means Joe Biden could come out of Nebraska with that one vote, potentially sending him back to the Oval Office.


The unicameral state legislature in Nebraska now has a Republican supermajority that can defeat any filibuster and make Nebraska a winner-take-all state like 48 other states.


Just a few days ago, an effort to do that failed because, of course, a couple of weak Republicans wouldn’t vote to bring the proposal to the floor for a vote.


The Trump campaign is pushing for action before the legislature goes out of session or to hold a special session if necessary. Our friend and conservative leader, Charlie Kirk, has made this a top priority.


He held a packed rally in Omaha last night and reports that the Republican governor has pledged to do what it takes to get it done.


As usual, the challenge will be to get Republicans to be as tough as the left is. The Biden forces are now running TV ads in Nebraska against making the state winner take all.




Stop The Deep State Spying


Today, I joined dozens of other conservative leaders in demanding that House Republicans take action to stop the Deep State’s spying on the American people.


The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is up for reauthorization, and there is a serious push to amend the law to require a warrant in order to use what’s called “Section 702” powers.


Those powers allow the government to surveil foreign terrorist suspects without a warrant and also collect vast amounts of information on everyone else they communicate with, including American citizens.


The intelligence community opposes the warrant requirement, and we all know why. The Deep State has routinely abused this power.


Our freedoms are under siege like never before. Enough is enough! Small government, pro-Constitution conservatives need to act like they mean it. Now is the time.


We won a vote in the House this afternoon, but this isn’t the end of the battle.