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Tuesday, October 27, 2020 -- Justice Barrett, The Reaction, Evangelicals Sticking With Trump

Justice Barrett
Last night, just before 8:00 PM, the Senate voted 52 to 48 to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.  Moments later, she was sworn in at the White House by my good friend Justice Clarence Thomas.
The symbolism of Clarence Thomas, the first conservative black justice, swearing in Amy Coney Barrett was extremely powerful. 

The left, led by Joe Biden as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, desperately tried to destroy Thomas, a black conservative who dared to think differently.  We all know what Biden thinks of black men and women who think for themselves -- "You ain't black!"
But there Thomas was last night, swearing in another historic first – the first conservative, pro-life female justice.  Justice Barrett is an inspiration to all the young women in America who believe in the sanctity of life and the values of faith, family and freedom. 
In her remarks, Justice Barrett said, "I love the Constitution and the democratic republic that it establishes, and I will devote myself to preserving it." 
I know those words resonate with millions of Americans.  We must all do our part to preserve our country by voting in this critical election! 
As expected, not one Democrat voted for Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation, in spite of polling that showed a majority of Americans supported her.
This issue alone – restoring balance to our courts – is reason enough for every conservative and every moderate to vote for Donald Trump and Republican Senate candidates.
The left's agenda is extremely unpopular, but the left has frequently relied on unelected judges to impose its agenda on the American people. 
Thankfully, President Trump has made great strides toward reining in our rogue courts by appointing a record number of constitutionalist judges in his first term.  Promises made, promises kept. 
But there is still much more to do.
Media Malfeasance
If you need another example of why our country is so divided, just look at how the media handled last night's historic news.
Fox News covered the entire swearing in ceremony, which was relatively brief.  They broadcast Barrett's comments about the difference between a judge and legislator, and they also aired the president's inspirational remarks.
Any American watching that event would have been proud.  But that's the rub.  MSNBC didn't show one second of the vote or the White House event.  CNN cut in and out of their coverage, as if there was something more important to discuss.
The Reaction
The left suffered a big defeat last night, and they know it.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth on social media. 
Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer denounced Barrett's confirmation as "one of the darkest days in the Senate's 231-year history."  Mazie Hirono wasn't content to simply vote "No" on Barrett's confirmation.  She yelled "Hell No!"
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatened to pack the Supreme Court, and even suggested expanding the number of lower court judges, giving "President Biden" the opportunity to appoint hundreds of new judges.
Joe Biden suggested rotating justices off the Supreme Court and onto other courts so someone else could be elevated to fill their seats.  
Sen. Chris Coons, who is actually the co-chair of the National Prayer Breakfast, said it was "chilling" that Barrett was sworn in by Clarence Thomas.  He implied that Barrett and Gorsuch were illegitimate justices occupying "stolen seats." 
But he didn't stop there.  Responding to Rachel Maddow's call for "retribution," Coons said there were "hundreds" of "too unqualified, too far-right" judges "to be allowed to sit peaceably."  Even Sen. Coons fears the left-wing of his party.
Socialist Squad members AOC, Omar and Tlaib all tweeted demands to "expand the court."
This movement would be difficult for a strong centrist Democrat president to resist.  But it will have no problem pushing Joe Biden aside.  In fact, progressives are confident he won't stand in their way.  (Here, here and here.)
What Cooler Heads?
Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy has done much for the conservative movement over the years.  But I think he missed the ball this morning on Fox News
The Fox hosts read him some of the left's unhinged comments and McCarthy said that things will calm down after the election and that he expected cooler heads to prevail.
I don't.  I know we keep hoping there will be a return to normalcy, but we must keep reminding ourselves that the left is in the grip of a revolutionary fervor to fundamentally transform America or else.
I am increasingly frustrated that so many good people on our side just don't get it.  There is no going back to the 1950s or even the 1980s.  The left is intent on implementing its secular, neo-Marxist agenda. 
Donald Trump has put up three huge walls in their path in the form of Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett.
Does anyone think that the left will hesitate for a second to do whatever it must in order to prevail?
Iran's Missiles
The United Nations recently failed to renew its arms embargo against Iran.  As a result, the Islamic Republic of Iran is selling its weapons in exchange for hard currency, which it desperately needs to prop up its failing economy. 
In recent days, U.S. intelligence has discovered some of Iran's long-range missiles are headed to Venezuela, and the Trump Administration has issued a strong warning. 
Elliott Abrams, the State Department special representative for Iran and Venezuela, said, "The transfer of long-range missiles from Iran to Venezuela is not acceptable to the United States and will not be tolerated or permitted."
Another administration official added that the missile shipments would either be stopped or "eliminated" if they arrived in Venezuela.
Just as President John F. Kennedy refused to allow Russian missiles in Cuba, President Trump is refusing to allow Iranian missiles in the Western Hemisphere.
International Religious Freedom Day
Today is International Religious Freedom Day.  On this day 22 years ago, Congress passed the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act, making religious freedom a key priority in U.S. foreign policy. 
The act reaffirmed a central tenet of America's founding – that liberty comes from God, including the right to worship Him freely.  It's not just an American right, but a right that should be enjoyed by people everywhere.  Sadly, that is not always the case.
In recognizing International Religious Freedom Day, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo specifically called out China, Iran and North Korea as the world's most egregious abusers of religious freedom.
As President Trump stressed in his recent interview with the Religion News Service, his administration has taken a number of unprecedented actions to promote religious liberty overseas. 
And I am proud to serve as a Trump appointee to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).  You can read USCIRF's statement recognizing International Religious Freedom Day here.
Evangelicals Sticking With Trump
Recently, a group called Vote Common Good released a list of more than 1,600 faith leaders who are endorsing Joe Biden for president.  These "leaders" are the same bunch of socialist progressives who are trotted out every four years.
The endorsement was covered in the media as the latest sign that Biden may be able to cut into a key part of Trump's base. As a Politico headline put it, "New signs point to Trump losing a sizeable chunk of his Christian voters, upending his path to reelection."
Nothing could be further from the truth. Trump retains the support of most faith-based voters because he has delivered on the issues they care about most.
Read more in my latest opinion piece at The Washington Examiner.