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Tuesday, October 25, 2022 -- Biden's Border Insanity, Biden Loses His Way, Appeasing The Ayatollah

Biden’s Border Insanity


We noted in yesterday’s report that Joe Biden’s open borders policy has resulted in record illegal immigration.  Nearly 2.8 million illegal aliens were detained at the border in the 2022 fiscal year.  Of course, Biden is releasing most of them into the country. 


This insane policy is not just causing chaos for border communities.  It’s dangerous and deadly. 


It’s dangerous because thousands of criminals, gang members and a record number of suspected terrorists are walking across the border.  During the entire four years of the Trump Administration, only 11 suspected terrorists tried to enter America and were caught crossing the border.


But in the two years of the Biden Administration’s open borders, 113 suspected terrorists have been caught, and experts say many more were “got aways.” 


It’s deadly because a record number of migrants have died attempting to cross the border, enticed to their deaths by Biden’s open borders policy.  Where’s the compassion in that?


It’s also contributing to a record number of drug overdose deaths here in America, as more and more illegal drugs pour across our border. 


It can’t be repeated often enough:  Border security IS national security.


Help CWF defeat the open borders Democrats!




Biden Loses His Way


That statement could apply to a number of things involving Joe Biden, but in this case, I mean it literally. 


There was an event at the White House yesterday recognizing Groundskeeper Dale Haney for his 50 years of service at the executive mansion.  The president and first lady planted a tree in Haney’s honor.


After the event on the South Lawn was over, however, rather than returning to the White House with the first lady, the president started wandering off in the wrong direction.  He can be heard on video asking, “Where are we going?” 


Seriously, folks, how can he get lost on the White House grounds?  It’s always a safe bet when an outside event is over to just head back to the big white building where you live!  Instead, some commentators suggested that Biden was heading toward a busy street. 


This isn’t the first time he has done something like that.  He wandered off recently after finishing a speech at FEMA’s headquarters.  He appeared to get lost on the stage after a recent campaign event in Pennsylvania. 


Any day now, I expect we’ll hear that the Secret Service has issued the following Silver Alert:  “Be on the lookout for a tall, thin, balding white male, approximately 80 years of age.  Last seen with an ice cream cone.  AKA ‘the Big Guy.’”




Biden’s Pep Talk


Joe Biden stopped by the Democrat National Committee yesterday to give a pep talk to the staffers there.  I’m sure they needed the encouragement.  The polls certainly don’t have much good news for Democrats these days!


Biden wrapped up his speech by telling the young progressives, “We believe anything is possible when we do it together. . .  Anything is possible for us.”


I think Biden just described the mindset of the secular left.  They just “believe” that boys can be girls and girls can be boys.  (See below.)


If we just “believe” that a preborn baby isn’t a human being, then we can abort it. 


If we just “believe” we can make people’s debt disappear, then we can just do it – and pretend that it passed Congress by a vote or two.


We can just “believe” that the economy will be powered on alternative energy.  Ask Europe how that’s going for them right now.


On the one hand this sounds insane and mentally unstable.  But among individuals and a society unmoored from Judeo-Christian civilization, where more people believe there is no god and we’re just a cosmic accident, it is rational.  Radical leftists are trying to rip God out of America because they believe they are gods who can do anything they want. 


The Bible they think they don’t need clearly outlines what happens to societies that believe that lie.




Biden’s Revisionist History


Biden said something else during his DNC remarks that caught my attention.  He said, “We’re the only nation in the last 400 years that’s come out of crises stronger than we went into the crisis.  And our diversity is one of those reasons.”


Platitudes aside, his history is totally wrong.  By Biden’s reckoning, America was founded in the early 1600s, not 1776 when the founders declared our independence.


That’s an insane lie pushed by the radical left to smear America as an evil country founded on racism, slavery and genocide.  It’s being pushed by the 1619 Project and advocates of critical race theory to teach our children anti-American history.


And Joe Biden has evidently bought into that lie.


The entire modern left is built on lies.  In case you missed it, check out my latest opinion piece exposing the lies of the left.


But Joe Biden did say one thing in his remarks at the DNC that I do agree with.  He said, “We just have 15 days until one of the most important elections in our lifetime.  And it’s going to shape the way this country looks for the coming decade.  For real.”


My friends, we are two weeks away from the most consequential midterm election in modern history.


Please help me elect more pro-life, America First conservatives to Congress!




Common Sense Prevails


For several years now, the trans supremacy movement (which is erasing women and crushing the dreams of young girls) has been aided by the left’s intolerance for free and open debate. 


Anything the left doesn’t want to hear, read or see, it tries to ban.  Any contrary voices that speak up, it tries to intimidate into silence.  Just ask J. K. Rowling or Martina Navratilova


Well, they’ve got a big problem now. 


Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) just declared that it is banning transgender procedures on minors.  The NHS said that puberty blockers for children would be generally banned, and medical doctors, not therapists, will supervise all treatments.


Why?  Because it’s a “phase,” and most kids will come to accept the biological reality of what they really are, and, therefore, should not be permanently disfigured and sterilized.


Moreover, the NHS statement added that there is “scarce and inconclusive evidence to support clinical decision-making,” while a “significant proportion of children” claiming to be transgender actually have “neuro-development issues or [multiple] social problems.” 


In other words, too many activists have ignored the real underlying issues, and this radical experimentation on children is over.  Common sense has prevailed – at least in England.


The NHS went a step further, telling doctors that “social transitioning” – the use of preferred pronouns and how one dresses – is not a “neutral act” and can have significant psychological impacts (Duh!) and should be discouraged. 


Translation:  Sometimes children need to be told “No!” and responsible adults should stop encouraging their delusions.


Unfortunately, as I noted in yesterday’s report, this president is all in on this bizarre agenda.  He’s even holding school lunches for poor children hostage to this ideological extremism, while Democrat legislators are plotting to turn concerned parents into criminals if they don’t “affirm” their child’s gender confusion.


What are you doing to protect your children and grandchildren from the left’s insanity? 


Voting for commonsense conservatives in this election may be the most important thing you can do!


Help me defeat Biden’s radical Democrat allies!




Appeasing The Ayatollah


With so many domestic issues dominating the headlines, it’s easy to overlook what is happening overseas and just what a fiasco Biden’s foreign policy has become. 


For example, while the mullahs of Iran help Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden is still trying to appease the ayatollah with a new nuclear deal.


Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said over the weekend that the Islamic Republic refuses to “give any concessions to the American side” in the ongoing nuclear talks.  But he added that Biden’s negotiators are being “contradictory in their words and behavior, as they are in a hurry to reach the agreement.”


The fact that these negotiations are still going on after nearly two years should worry us all.  Biden desperately wants this agreement with Iran.  But the only reason it hasn’t happened already is because he hasn’t yet surrendered enough to make the ayatollah say “Yes.”  And the longer the talks go on, the more Biden gives up, the worse the deal gets.