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Tuesday, October 10, 2023 -- Monsters Are Real, Clarity On Diversity, Climate Change Crazy

Monsters Are Real


This morning, I watched a powerful interview with a young Israeli woman whose brother is currently fighting in the Israeli Defense Forces.  She said:


“This is a massacre.  We are not fighting militants.  We are fighting monsters.  We are fighting ruthless, ruthless savages. . . This was not just an attack on Israel, but on the entire Western world.  You can see it in New York, in Los Angeles, in Chicago, in London. . .  This is deep, deep embedded hatred of the Jewish people.”


She’s right.  The terrorists who murdered innocent Israelis are monsters. 


These monsters swooped down out of the sky like birds of prey.  They slithered on the ground like poisonous snakes.  They prowled the streets like savage beasts.  They crawled out of tunnels like demons. 


They killed Holocaust survivors in nursing homes.  They killed children in front of their parents.  They killed parents in front of their children.  They decapitated babies.


Parents spend countless hours telling our children, who may think there’s something vicious hiding in the closet or under the bed, that monsters aren’t real.  But as our children grow up, they soon discover that there are, in fact, many monsters.  And it’s a mistake to think they are only in Gaza.


The monsters were in the streets of major cities all over the world this weekend chanting, “Gas the Jews” or “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a call for the destruction of the Jewish state.


And then there are “normal” people who do monstrous things, like giving the Iranian regime, which dreams of a second Holocaust, $6 billion.  That’s what Joe Biden did just a few weeks ago!  (See below.)


We may never know the total size of the terrorist army that infiltrated Israel.  But as of this morning, the IDF confirmed that it killed at least 1,500 Hamas fighters inside Israel.  We know that many Israeli hostages were carried back to Gaza, so the number of monsters that invaded Israel is obviously much larger.




Clarity On Diversity


We have been told – at indoctrination levels – that “diversity is our strength.”  We’re supposed to believe it in our schools, in our workplaces, in our military, everywhere and without question.


Diversity of race, sex, and ethnic backgrounds can be a strength – as long as the individuals, who may disagree on minor things, share the same core values. 


If they do not share the same core values, then diversity, far from being a strength, is a dangerous weakness that tends to tear societies apart. 


We see this all the time all over the world.  It’s called “balkanization” or “tribalism.”  Without agreement on core values, diversity leads to division.  We saw that division on display this weekend as many cities erupted in chants of “Gas the Jews.” 


Being able to agree that genocide is evil should be a core value we can all agree on.


But ask any Jew who had the misfortune of being in Times Square this weekend to hear chants of “Gas the Jews” how she feels about the concept of “diversity is our strength.”  Ask any Jew in Sydney, Australia, who was told to stay home for his own safety if he feels diversity is such a strength.


When you hear that people from 106 different countries entered America illegally, is your first thought, “Wow, we’re so much stronger today because diversity is our strength”?  Of course, that isn’t your first thought. 


By the way, a record number of terrorist suspects are crossing the border illegally because of Joe Biden’s open border policies.


Ask a pro-Israel Christian at Harvard (if there are any) and the Jewish students at Harvard whether they believe “diversity is our strength” when they read the letter signed by 31 student groups standing with Hamas. 


Just look at the diversity on this list:


African American Resistance Organization

Bengali Association of Students

Harvard Arab Medical and Dental Students Association

Harvard College Pakistan Students Association

Harvard Divinity School Students for Justice in Palestine

Harvard Kennedy School Bangladesh Caucus

Harvard Undergraduate Nepali Students Association


Wow!  That’s a lot of diversity – all on the side of hate.




Back To Gaza


Here’s a random observation I wanted to share with you.


Eighteen years ago, Israel gave up Gaza to the Palestinians.  It did so under intense pressure from the “international community,” the Bush Administration and every so-called “foreign policy expert,” who insisted there was no chance of peace in the Middle East as long as Israel “occupied” Gaza.


So, every Israeli – living and dead – had to leave Gaza.  The Gaza withdrawal deeply divided Israelis, but they did it, much to the chagrin of many people, including me. 


Did Israel get peace?  Did Gaza become a flourishing center of Palestinian culture and democracy?  No.  Hamas turned Gaza into a launching pad for more attacks against Israel. 


This experience is proof that “land for peace” does not work.  Radical Islamic supremacists are not interested in peace with Israel or even a piece of Israel.


Now, 18 years after Israel left Gaza, Gaza came into Israel this weekend and killed 1,000 Israelis who were not in Gaza.  It dragged at least a 100 Israelis and some Americans – wait for it – back into Gaza! 


Now that’s one heck of a circle to ponder!




The Spirit Of Anne Frank


I’m sure most of you remember the story of Anne Frank.  Because she was a Jew, she had to hide in the attic of an Amsterdam home during World War II until she was eventually captured by the Nazis. 


As Christians, we take solace in knowing that many Jews were hidden in Christian homes.  But we feel everlasting shame at how many German churches displayed the crooked cross of Nazism alongside the Cross of Christ.


But as I was thinking about Anne Frank, the horror hit me that for much of Saturday, many Jews in Israel experienced firsthand what it was like to be Anne Frank, unable to do anything but hide in fear from the monsters trying to kill them.


Israeli Jews hid anywhere they could – in dumpsters, underneath cars, in drainage ditches, sewage pipes and storage sheds.  They hid for hours as they heard the voices of the men sent to rape and murder them.


But now that day is over, and a very determined and angry Israeli army is going to demonstrate that Jews will never hide again!




Climate Change Crazy


White House spokesman John Kirby broke down on CNN yesterday when asked about the carnage suffered by Israel.  I’m glad he’s been “convicted” by the evil that was unleashed on Israeli civilians.  But, in all honesty, he has been a smooth propagandist for the Biden regime, and he’s got a lot to answer for thanks to all his lies. 


For example, Kirby told Fox News that in spite of what’s happening in Israel right now, Joe Biden still believes that the real existential threat to the world is climate change!


He also repeated the absurd line that not one dollar of the $6 billion Biden just turned over to Iran has been withdrawn yet, so it wasn’t used for Hamas.  That totally misses the point.


Again, money is fungible.  It can be moved from one pot to another.  When Biden says to the ayatollah, “Here’s $6 billion for food and medicine,” we know Iran now can take $6 billion out of its domestic budget and use that money for weapons.


But it’s not just the $6 billion.  That was Biden’s most recent “gift” to Tehran’s terrorist regime.  Earlier this summer, Secretary of State Antony Blinken allowed Iraq to give Iran $2.7 billion.  Biden is also ignoring illegal Iranian oil sales to China.


So, it is not a lie to suggest that the Biden Administration is bankrolling the bankrollers of Hamas.


Republicans in the House and Senate should immediately introduce legislation to claw back the $6 billion before Iran gets any of it.  Biden could do it on his own since he allowed South Korea to transfer the money. 


Take it all back now, and give it to Israel in immediate military aid.  Do it now! 


Unfortunately, Kirby won’t even commit to that – which would be the bare minimum we should do.


ACTION ITEM:  Call the White House comment line now at 202-456-1111.  Tell President Biden to stand with Israel and to stop any and all cash transfers to Iran, including the $6 billion from South Korea.




Final Thoughts


Think of the moment we’re in.  No one knows what’s going to happen next.  But all this is happening in an area of the world defined by energy. 


And Joe Biden drained our strategic energy reserves to their lowest level in 40 years.  He even sent some of our oil to communist China, which is building up its reserves as Beijing prepares for war.


Lastly, you’ve probably heard over and over again that the lack of a House speaker is paralyzing America when we urgently need to help Israel.  Again, you’re being manipulated. 


There’s one major fact the people saying this are failing to mention:  The Senate is not in session.  Most senators are not in Washington, D.C., right now, and no one is calling them back.  Nor is the White House specifically requesting anything from Congress. 


So, the lack of a House speaker is not holding up anything.