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Tuesday, November 8, 2022 -- Biden's Election Interference, Early Races To Watch, Later In The Evening

Biden’s Election Interference


The Biden Justice Department announced yesterday that it was sending federal officials to 64 jurisdictions in 24 states to “monitor” today’s elections for compliance with federal voting rights laws.


We’re supposed to trust this same “Justice Department” that is persecuting parents and pro-life activists with ensuring the integrity of our elections?  No way!  I don’t trust Biden’s bureaucrats with a single ballot!


House Republicans just released a 1,000-page report outlining corruption in the Department of Justice!  They refuse to enforce federal immigration laws, they refuse to prosecute Hunter Biden for obvious crimes and they refuse to enforce federal laws intended to protect the safety of Supreme Court justices. 


I am pleased to report that state officials in Florida and Missouri have told the DOJ to “Back off!” 


Brad McVay, general counsel to Florida's Department of State, told the Biden Justice Department that it had no business meddling in Florida’s elections.  McVay wrote:


"None of the counties are currently subject to any election-related federal consent decrees.  None of the counties have been accused of violating the rights of language or racial minorities or of the elderly or disabled." 


In Missouri, Cole County Clerk Steve Korsmeyer said, “The DOJ won’t be allowed into our polling locations.”  Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is standing by Korsmeyer, saying he reached out to federal officials but they provided no details to justify any intervention.


Meanwhile, we are closely following reports of serious irregularities in Maricopa County, Arizona, where vote tabulators in a significant percentage of precincts are malfunctioning, and in Mercer County, New Jersey, where all voting machines went down. 


The RNC had better be filing lawsuits now!




Early Races To Watch


The general consensus regarding the 2022 midterm elections seems to have settled on a possible split decision:  The House will go Republican, while Democrats have a chance to hold the Senate. 


Of course, Democrats are hoping for a major upset, bucking history, Joe Biden’s low approval ratings and the mood of the country.  But given that Nancy Pelosi is suddenly speculating on her retirement, the House seems certain to flip.


The size of the Red wave tonight will determine how large the House GOP majority is, and whether Republicans take back the upper chamber.  With that in mind, here are some key races to watch as the polls close. 


In Virginia, Governor Glenn Youngkin, who shocked the pundits last year with his surprise victory, has been rallying conservative voters in three key House races. 


Watch the Second District in the Virginia Tidewater region.  Republican Jen Kiggans should unseat incumbent Democrat Elaine Luria.  If she doesn’t, it could suggest a disappointing night for Republicans.


Heading north on I-95, two districts outside Washington, D.C., are key battlegrounds.  In the Seventh District, CWF-endorsed Yesli Vega is making a serious run against Democrat incumbent Abigail Spanberger. 


To the north, CWF-endorsed Hung Cao is taking the fight to incumbent Jennifer Wexton in the Democrat-friendly Tenth District.  If Cao wins, the Red wave could be big.


Continuing north to New England, the Republican Party has been shrinking here for years.  But tonight, there could be a strong GOP comeback. 


If CWF-endorsed Don Bolduc defeats incumbent Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire, Republicans are virtually guaranteed to control the Senate.  And if the Red wave is really big, the GOP could flip Democrat House seats in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.


In Pennsylvania, I do not expect a clear winner tonight in the Senate contest.  State officials have made it clear that it’s going to take several days to count all the mail-in ballots, and legal challenges have already been filed.


But we will be watching to see if CWF-endorsed Jim Bognet can capture PA-8, which includes Scranton.  It will be a big symbolic victory for Republicans if they can win Joe Biden’s hometown.


Looking to the South, there are key Senate races in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.  Sen. Rubio appears safe in Florida, and Republican Ted Budd should hold North Carolina for the GOP.  He is up six points in the latest poll.


In Georgia, we’ll be watching to see how big Gov. Kemp’s margin of victory is over Stacey Abrams, and whether Herschel Walker wins outright tonight or is forced into a December runoff.  A Walker win is critical to retaking the Senate.




Later In The Evening


As the night goes on and more polls close, we’ll be looking to the Midwest where Republicans must hold key Senate races in Ohio and Wisconsin.  Incumbent Senator Ron Johnson appears safe in Wisconsin, and J.D. Vance should win comfortably in Ohio.  I predict he will win by seven points!


We’ll also be watching key House races in Indiana’s First District, Michigan’s Third District and Ohio’s First District.  If the GOP sweeps all three, it will be evidence of a big Red wave that will hopefully carry other contests like the governor’s races in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Swinging south, we’ll be watching to see if Republicans continue to make inroads with Hispanic voters in three Rio Grande Valley House seats – TX-15, TX-28 and TX-34. 


Moving west, we come to the toss-up Senate contests in Arizona and Nevada.  A strong Red wave will likely sweep Republicans Blake Masters and Adam Laxalt into the Senate, as well as Republicans Kari Lake, Joe Lombardo and Mark Ronchetti into the governor’s mansions in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. 


Of course, the results in Arizona largely depend on how the mess with malfunctioning machines in Maricopa County is resolved.


A significant Red wave may also save several Republican House seats that California Democrats targeted in redistricting, specifically CA-22, CA-27, CA-40, CA-41 and CA-45. 


And if there’s a Red tsunami, the GOP could win other contests like Senate seats in Colorado and Washington State, and the Oregon governor’s race.  We will also be watching in the days ahead to see whether Alaska sends pro-life conservatives Kelly Tshibaka to the Senate and Sarah Palin to the House of Representatives.




You Made It Possible!


I have no idea how this election is going to turn out.  I’m hoping for a big Red wave, but I want you to know that we gave it everything we had. 


I lead a variety of organizations -- a non-profit public policy group, a legislative action group, a political action committee and super PAC.  I also serve as the senior vice president of public policy for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute. 


  • We partnered with the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute to produce and distribute voter guides in eight key Senate races.  We recorded multiple educational radio shows and produced weekly public policy updates to hundreds of thousands of Christian activists.  Dr. Dobson also graciously allowed me to write key portions of his newsletters in the critical weeks leading up to the election.


  • We helped to finance hard-hitting pro-life ads in the crucial Georgia elections.


  • We worked with key allies to develop messaging in defense of our pro-family, pro-life values.


  • We produced special reports on major issues like critical race theory and abortion policy.  Our “American Values Agenda” highlighted the broad public support for conservative policies in contrast to the left’s radicalism.


  • In the wake of the Dobbs decision, overturning Roe v. Wade, we financially supported a major ad campaign exposing the left’s pro-abortion extremism.


  • We conducted scores of interviews with reporters, making the case for commonsense conservative policies. 


  • We produced daily radio commentaries reaching more than 60 million people highlighting the importance of values issues, including religious liberty, the sanctity of life and the vital importance of men and women of faith being engaged in public policy battles.


  • We published numerous opinion pieces in multiple publications making the case for Biden’s impeachment for the border crisis, exposing his insane energy policies, revealing his radical pro-abortion agenda and how the left constantly lies to us. 


  • We sent millions of educational messages to grassroots activists and voters with vital talking points on the major issues confronting our country. 


  • We blasted out targeted special alerts highlighting breaking news in the top contests.


  • We endorsed more than 190 candidates, and provided direct financial contributions to more than 40 pro-family, pro-life, America First conservatives.


This is by no means a fully inclusive list of everything we did, but I hope it provides you with a better understanding of what we do day in and day out.  I promise you that nothing was left on the table. 


All of our efforts are only possible because of the prayers and generous financial support of friends like you!  Once again, I want to thank you for all you do to make our work possible. 


Whatever happens today, this great battle for America will continue, and we will be here tomorrow morning defending Faith, Family and Freedom.


On to victory!




Note:  We will send a special report late tonight with our reaction to the initial results.