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Tuesday, November 3, 2020 -- Another Attack, Trump's Ground Game, Ignore The Media

Another Attack
There are significant news items that on any given day, we would comment on.  But this is "THE DAY," and the election will dominate everything. 
I do, however, want to offer my condolences to the latest victims of radical Islamic terrorism, this time in Vienna, Austria.  There has been a spate of these attacks in recent weeks across Europe, targeting Christians and Jews. 
Even French President Emmanuel Macron appears to have woken up, insisting that Muslims and immigrants adopt French values, not the other way around.  Here's some of what he said during a recent Al Jazeera interview:
"[T]here are groups [of] violent extremists who act in the name of Islam and by hijacking religion, who teach . . . using all the freedoms and rights that the [French] Republic offers . . . that we must not respect France, that we must not respect our law, that we must somehow get out of our laws. 
"They teach that women are not equal to men. They teach that little girls should not have the same rights as little boys. Not our values!  I'm telling you very clearly: not our values! . . . People who think like that, let them do it somewhere else, but not on French soil."
It's a reminder that this enemy still exists, and why we need strong leadership, not Joe Biden.
Trump's Ground Game
Virtually every political analyst and every major poll is showing that Joe Biden is likely to win the election.  The betting odds claim that he is going to win. 
But the evidence on the ground – Trump's unprecedented rallies across the country, the spontaneous parades of cars, boats and tractors – are leading many, including me, to think there is something else afoot.
There seems to be a new Silent Majority that is not being picked up by polling organizations, which never really corrected for their mistakes in 2016, let alone comprehend what is happening now.
Joe Biden and the left have dominated the airwaves with paid and free advertising from the mainstream media.  The Trump campaign has dominated the ground game – door-to-door contacts, phone calls and text messages identifying every last sympathetic voter. 
That ground game is today experiencing its "moment of truth."
Can what I believe is the most impressive ground game in history overcome the entire political, media and cultural establishment? 
We'll find out soon enough.
Ignore The Media
Don't panic when you hear exit polling on major networks tonight.  The exit polling is no better than regular polling.  It suggested four years ago that Hillary was going to win an easy victory. 
I recall that in 2016 Rush Limbaugh received a confidential sample of one network's exit polling, and he addressed it on air, saying it was just a way of suppressing the conservative turnout on the West Coast. 
The fact of the matter is that the same conservatives who despise pollsters when they call at home or on their cell phones, don't want to talk to them when they leave their polling location. 
And where do you think the networks send most of their pollsters?  They're not in rural Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania counties. They're in Minneapolis, Detroit and Philadelphia.  As a result, they are never able to fully capture our vote.
I don't know what the final tally will be, but I'm not going to make any conclusions based on a Democrat activist masquerading as a journalist claiming around 6:30 this evening that it's going to be a very long, bad night for Donald Trump.
Please, my friends, just go vote!
Red Wave or Red Mirage?
There have been enough leaks of Democrats plans and internal memos, and some people like, Nancy Pelosi, have been very outspoken about their strategy.
No matter how significantly Donald Trump may be leading, they are going to refuse to concede, saying, "It's not a red wave, it's a red mirage."  And they are going to do everything they can through ballot harvesting and legal maneuvers to block him from winning reelection. 
Multiple networks and social media outlets have declared that they won't let anyone say they have won a state until every last vote has been counted.  All this shows once again that the left's hunger for power leads them to do whatever they have to do no matter how badly it damages the country.  
The Trump campaign has assembled an army of lawyers, just like the left has.  There could possibly be dozens of places around the country where the election is fought out in multiple courtrooms. 
But here's the bottom line:  The left's cheating won't work if the election isn't close.  This is why it is so important that every voter who shares our values gets out and votes TODAY
Even if you live in a solidly conservative area or a solidly liberal area, take nothing for granted.  We don't know yet how people are voting.  And just like last time, I suspect there could be some surprises.
Later this afternoon, we will be sending out an analysis of the Electoral College and President Trump's paths to victory.
Just The Beginning. . .
By the way, if you have a neighbor or family member who is still on the fence and thinks Joe Biden is a moderate, share this with them. 
Bernie Sanders and the Socialist Squad (that sounds like a terrible hippie band from 70s) held a Zoom call Friday where they discussed their post-election plans for a "Biden/Harris Administration."
Sanders told Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley that "electing Biden is not the end-all.  It is the beginning. . .  We're not giving up on our agenda. . . We're not retreating."
Sanders added that if Democrats win the election, the left would "organize our people to make sure that Biden becomes the most progressive president since FDR."
And Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also made it clear that she is planning "great big initiatives" on socialized medicine, amnesty and erasing your Second Amendment right to protect your family.
The Early Vote
The early votes are in.  Dixville Notch in New Hampshire counted its votes just after midnight and it was a landslide for Biden.  In fact, it was unanimous – all five votes went for Biden. 
But don't panic, friends.  Hillary Clinton won Dixville Notch in 2016 too.