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Tuesday, November 1, 2022 -- The Deep State vs. Free Speech, A Pandemic Amnesty, Halloween Isn't Over




U.S. forces are on high alert following intelligence warnings that Iran is plotting attacks in the Middle East, allegedly to distract from domestic protests that threaten to topple the ayatollah’s repressive regime. 


The intelligence indicates that the Iranians may be targeting opposition groups in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.  The Wall Street Journal reports that Iranian officials have “publicly accused Saudi Arabia, along with the U.S. and Israel, of instigating the demonstrations.”


Needless to say, any attack on Saudi Arabia right now is going to have a major impact on oil and gasoline prices.  But there’s no word yet from the White House on when President Biden will unshackle America’s energy industry to secure our energy independence and reduce your pain at the pump.




The Deep State vs. Free Speech


Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives has been a serious issue for many years now.  A big stumbling block in fighting this censorship has been the fact that these are private companies allegedly employing their own “community standards” for “content moderation.” 


The First Amendment is a prohibition against the government silencing speech, and doesn’t strictly apply to private companies.  Many conservatives and libertarians are rightly hesitant to tell private businesses what they can and cannot do.


But what if these companies aren’t acting on their own?  What if they are censoring content on orders from the government?  Increasingly, that’s exactly what’s going on.


An investigative report by The Intercept, a left-wing media outlet, discovered that social media giants were regularly communicating with a cabal of government agencies to target online content.  There was even a special portal for government bureaucrats to directly submit the posts they wanted censored, some of which were satire.


Remember, we now know that a major piece of “disinformation” that the government censored was the Hunter Biden laptop story.  The FBI went to Facebook and essentially said, “Shut this down.”  But it wasn’t “disinformation.”  It was the truth! 


The New York Post attempted to expose the corruption of the Biden crime family and the Deep State shut it down!


This government assault on free speech and a legitimate media organization was an attack on the First Amendment that directly influenced the results of the 2020 election.  The Deep State meddled in our election to support Joe Biden and to defeat Donald Trump.


This is a national scandal!  But I doubt you will hear about it from the state-controlled propagandists in Big Media.


This demands a thorough investigation from Congress.  But that won’t happen as long as Biden’s enablers control the House and the Senate.  Just one more reason to vote Biden’s gang out!


Help CWF restore checks and balances to Washington!




A Pandemic Amnesty?


Here’s another example of just how nervous the left is about the election. 


The Atlantic, one of the left’s leading publications, just published a column calling for a “pandemic amnesty,” whereby we just forgive and forget the “hard calls” that were made over the last two years and strive to “work together to build back and move forward,” whatever that means.


Not surprisingly, teacher union boss Randi Weingarten has wholeheartedly embraced this idea. 


Well, I’m no fan of amnesties -- not for illegal immigration or pandemic tyranny. 


Progressive politicians who ignored the science and put sick patients in nursing homes, causing countless deaths, must be held accountable!


Progressive politicians who ignored the science and closed outdoor spaces must be held accountable!


Progressive politicians who ignored the Constitution and closed our churches, while declaring abortion clinics to be “essential services,” must be held accountable!


Progressive politicians who ignored the science and closed our schools under orders from the teachers’ union bosses, must be held accountable!


Progressive politicians who ignored the law and broke their own election rules to put Joe Biden in the White House must be held accountable!


Stand with CWF now and help us defeat the pandemic tyrants!


Every dollar we raise right now is going right back out to candidates in the most competitive races!




Halloween Isn’t Over


If you thought Halloween was over, guess again.  Someone is trying to scare the heck out of seniors.


Here in northern Virginia, ads just started running claiming that Republican candidates in competitive races want to eliminate Social Security and Medicare.  Where are the “fact checkers”?  Where is the “disinformation police”? 


By the way, the Washington Post fact checker gave Joe Biden its worst rating of Four Pinocchios for lying about “Trump cuts to Social Security” during the 2020 campaign.


But they are rehashing this tired, old lie for this campaign.  Democrats have been pulling this scam for decades, but it often works and that’s why they keep doing it. 


It scares just enough voters to swing close elections to the left.  I’m hearing that similar ads are running all over the country.


Here's something you can do:  If you’re a senior citizen, ignore these ads and vote your values. 


If you are too young to collect Social Security, talk to your parents and grandparents.  Let them know the left is lying. 


The Democrat Party is trying to scare vulnerable seniors by smearing good pro-family, pro-life, conservative candidates.  The Democrat Party will keep lying unless it is sufficiently punished at the ballot box!




The Third-Party Threat


Last week, we warned you against the threat of Libertarian and third-party candidates spoiling the elections.  Anyone who votes for third-party candidates is simply splitting the conservative vote and helping to elect more left-wing Democrats.  It doesn’t take much – a few hundred votes in close races – to make the difference. 


Democrats understand this.  So, not surprisingly, it was recently discovered that progressive, left-wing Democrats are promoting third-party candidates.  (Here, here and here.) 


They know exactly what they are doing, even if some Libertarian voters don’t know what they are doing.


Now, here’s some good news:  Marc Victor, the Libertarian candidate in the critical Arizona Senate race, gets it.  He dropped out this morning and endorsed Republican Blake Masters.




Tragic Irony


We reported yesterday that the man who attacked Paul Pelosi, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, had a long history of leftist politics and mental instability.  (Go ahead, insert your own joke now!) 


But why would someone with a history of progressivism want to attack Nancy Pelosi? 


Well, as I have repeatedly stressed in this report, the left is violent!  That’s just par for the course.  And Pelosi’s home has been targeted by radical leftists before (here and here) who felt she was insufficiently progressive. 


More importantly, it seems that Paul Pelosi is yet another tragic victim of progressive policies.  It turns out that his attacker, David DePape, is an illegal alien, who was undoubtedly taking advantage of San Francisco’s celebrated status as a “sanctuary city.”


This attack never should have happened! 


If only we had an administration that actually enforced our immigration laws.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe there will be a silver lining here because the left never learns from its insane mistakes. 


The only option to change course is to defeat the radical Democrats at the ballot box!




The End Of Affirmative Action


The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in two cases challenging the constitutionality of race-based policies in college admissions known as “affirmative action.” 


By all accounts, the court’s conservative majority appears ready to strike down the practice of racial preferences, and take America one step closer toward Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of a society where we are judged based on the content of our character and not the color of our skin.


There were a number of sharp exchanges between the justices and the advocates of affirmative action.  For example, Chief Justice John Roberts pressed Harvard’s lawyer to explain why race was such an important consideration.  The lawyer inexplicably compared it to the Harvard orchestra needing a highly qualified oboe player. 


The chief replied, “We did not fight a civil war about oboe players.  We did fight a civil war to eliminate racial discrimination.”


At one point, Justice Alito seemed to be trolling Sen. Elizabeth Warren, asking why someone who identified as Native American should be treated differently than any other American.


Justice Thomas noted that progressive arguments for diversity mean little and are frequently used to justify segregation on campus today.