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Tuesday, May 9, 2023 -- Biden's Default Crisis, Biden's Interference, A Hopeful Sign

Biden’s Default Crisis


President Biden and congressional leaders are meeting at the White House today, supposedly to discuss plans to avoid a national default.  House Republicans have acted to avoid a default crisis, but Biden and congressional Democrats are digging their heels in. 


They are demanding that Republicans vote to raise the debt ceiling without any future spending limits, giving Democrats a blank check to spend even more.


The bill House Republicans passed last month freezes spending at 2022 levels, which were already inflated due to the emergency pandemic spending.  It also limits future increases to 1% per year.  So, all the hyperventilating about “draconian cuts” is just fake news, AKA lies. 


This proposal stands in stark contrast to Joe Biden’s budget, which would cause the national debt to balloon to $51 trillion in just ten years!  There’s nothing “responsible” about that.


Forty-three Senate Republicans, including Leader Mitch McConnell, are publicly backing Speaker Kevin McCarthy and their House colleagues by demanding spending reforms.  This was an important step to take in advance of today’s White House meeting. 


No one expects a deal will be agreed upon today.  For weeks now, Biden has stubbornly refused to negotiate at all, and there’s every indication that he considers today’s meeting as nothing more than a “photo op.” 


A top White House adviser told CNN yesterday, “There is no Plan B.”  The White House is also urging corporate CEOs to pressure Republicans to cave. 


But the American people are clearly siding with GOP demands for fiscal responsibility.  A new Rasmussen poll finds that 57% of voters support the House GOP debt limit bill, while a new Gallup poll finds that only 35% of Americans have confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to “do the right thing for the economy.”


We will keep you posted.




Biden’s Interference


Joe Biden has said repeatedly that he is not interfering in the Justice Department’s investigation of his son’s business dealings.  Well, he just openly interfered in a big way. 


In an interview with MSNBC late last week, Biden repeatedly defended his son, going so far as to declare, “My son has done nothing wrong.  I trust him.  I have faith in him.”


With those 14 words, the president of the United States very publicly interfered in the investigation.  He telegraphed to the attorney general, to the FBI director and to the U.S. attorney in Delaware that they had better back off and leave Hunter alone.


Harvard Law Professor Jack Goldsmith blasted Biden’s interference, writing, “Biden’s statement was one of the most egregious and ill-timed breaches of the norms of Justice Department independence since Watergate.”


In related news, Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is holding a press conference tomorrow morning.  He is vowing to present evidence that could result in Hunter Biden being indicted “for money laundering, for possible racketeering, for not being a registered foreign agent, and the list goes on and on and on.”




Rekindling The Riots


In Friday’s report, I told you about the left’s despicable efforts to smear Daniel Penny, the ex-Marine Good Samaritan who subdued a deranged man threatening passengers on a New York City subway car. 


Leftist politicians have accused Penny of “lynching” the man, Jordan Neely, who had an extensive rap sheet.  But newly released video shows Penny putting Neely in a “recovery position” after releasing his chokehold, clearly indicating that Penny had no intention of killing Neely.


While a decision on whether to charge Penny has not been made yet, it seems likely he will be charged given how politicized New York City’s justice system is.


Meanwhile, the left is once again exploiting a tragedy, attempting to turn it into a national issue.  And you can see the left’s strategy for this summer and next summer.


The neo-Marxist left is desperately attempting to rekindle the riots that we suffered through in dozens of U.S. cities in the summer of 2020.  The goal is to intimidate you and to intimidate the American people into not electing a conservative president in 2024.


Polling shows that overwhelming majorities of Americans are concerned about the deep divisions in the country today, and they feel our nation is increasingly “out of control.” 


But what you must understand is that powerful left-wing forces want that division to get worse.  They want us at each other’s throats.  That’s how the left gains and maintains power.




A Tale Of Two Shootings


Did you notice how quick the media and elements of federal law enforcement were to report that the Texas mall shooter was “radical right” and motivated by “white supremacy”?  (He was a dark-skinned Hispanic man.) 


Now contrast that quick effort to identify his motive with the shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, where three children and three adults were murdered by a transgender individual. 


Federal law enforcement has put a lid on anything being released in that case that could tell us what her motives were, even though numerous journals and a manifesto written by the transgendered killer were discovered.


What explains this dichotomy?  It’s very simple. 


The Deep State and the left believe that the shooting in Texas can be exploited to strengthen their narrative that the real danger to America is growing right-wing nationalism, white supremacy, MAGA, etc., etc. 


The same people are overwhelmingly concerned that the motives of the Nashville shooter will hurt the left and help Christian conservatives. 


Well, they might want to rethink that strategy. 


The Texas killer had an extensive social media history.  According to NBC News, he “praised a person who opened fired at a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, this year, killing six people, including three children.”


It’s curious how the media are largely glossing over that fact. 


But the stark difference in transparency is yet more evidence of the left’s politicization of law enforcement and how Biden’s Justice Department and FBI are pushing fake narratives and radical agendas.




A Hopeful Sign


While the left has embraced transgender insanity and its concerted effort to erase real women, many conservatives have asked, “Why are women tolerating this?”  Well, more women are speaking up and fighting back.


Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines is publicly calling out female athletes and demanding they take a stand against men in women’s sports.  Yesterday, she called on tennis superstars Serena and Venus Williams to stand up for women.


Gaines is also urging female athletes to effectively boycott contests with trans athletes.  She’s telling women to refuse to participate in competitions where men claiming to be women are allowed to compete.


“We have to have girls who, when the whistle blows, they don’t run, they don’t swim,” Gaines said. “They stand up on the [starting] block and they don’t go.”  That would certainly draw attention to the issue when the only person running on the women’s track is a man!


Gaines is absolutely right, and she’s not the only one urging such an approach.


Inga Thompson, a three-time Olympic cyclist, is blasting international cycling after a man recently won a major women’s cycling event.  Thompson tweeted:


“Start taking a knee at the starting lines. Team managers need to speak up and protect their riders.  Hold signs at every race ‘Save Women’s Sports.’”


It’s unfortunate that we have even reached this point.  But I am encouraged to see more and more women speaking up and fighting back against this left-wing insanity.  Republicans, conservatives and Christians should stand with them.




Poll Position


According to the latest Morning Consult poll of more than 3,500 Republican primary voters, former President Donald Trump has opened up his largest lead yet in the 2024 GOP race. 


Trump now leads Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by 41 points – 60% to 19%.  No other candidate received double-digit support.