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Tuesday, May 4, 2021 -- CIA Goes SNL, Speaking of Weakness, Biden's Border Crisis

The Central Intelligence Agency recently released a recruitment video that could easily be mistaken for a Saturday Night Live parody.  The ad, featuring a young Hispanic woman, presumably is trying to appeal to Millennials.  But let me share with you a few of the actual lines from the ad:
"I am a woman of color."
"I am a cisgender Millennial."
"I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder."
"I am intersectional."
This is what a woke CIA looks like.  Sadly, this trend has been going on for a long time now, at least since John Brennan was running the agency during the Obama years. 
There are so many problems with this ad, I couldn't possibly list them all here.  One problem is that it won't reach its target audience.  Many Millennials wouldn't want to serve in the CIA.
As I have repeatedly warned, we have been teaching our children "anti-American history" for many years now.  Thanks to the 1619 Project and critical race theory, we're teaching them that the country of their birth is evil. 
As a result, America's youth are among the least patriotic generation ever.  Why would they want to devote their lives to defending a country that they have been taught was founded on genocide and slavery?
But here's the biggest problem:  The enemies the CIA is supposed to defend us from aren't woke.  Communist China isn't woke.  Vladimir Putin isn't woke.  North Korea isn't woke.  The radical Islamists aren't woke. 
They will look at this woke ad, which reeks of weakness, and wet their pants laughing at us! 
Speaking Of Weakness. . .
Secretary of State Antony Blinken was interviewed on "60 Minutes" this weekend about the Biden Administration's approach to communist China.  It would have been better if the interview had never aired.  Here's what Blinken said:
"[Communist China] is the one country in the world that has the military, economic and diplomatic capacity to undermine or challenge the rules-based order that we care so much about and are determined to defend. 
"But I want to be very clear about something, and this is important. Our purpose is not to contain China, to hold it back, to keep it down.  It is to uphold this rules-based order that China is posing a challenge to. . .  I think that over time, China believes that it can be and should be and will be the dominant country in the world."
Well, Mr. Secretary, if communist China is a threat to American interests, and it is. . .
If communist China is a threat to international law, and it is. . .
If communist China intends to dominate the world, and it does. . .
Then I suggest we'd better have a plan to contain communist China ASAP!
Instead, it seems that the Biden Administration just signaled that we don't have any such plans, and that we are returning to "business as usual" where terrible trade deals are the most important item on the U.S./China agenda.
The Left's War Against Cops
There's a war going on against the police in America.  And you're being lied to.  Let me explain.
Radical left groups and progressive politicians have accelerated their smearing of law enforcement.  Some have called for defunding the police.  The Black Lives Matter organization recently issued a list of seven demands.  Number five on the list was defund the police.  Has there ever been a dumber idea? 
But this isn't just a weird idea on the fringe left.  There are members of Congress who want to defund the police.  And serious contenders for the Democrat presidential nomination flirted with this radical idea.  (Here and here.)  Even Joe Biden said he "absolutely" wanted to "redirect funding" away from the police.
Well, the American people absolutely reject this insane idea.  So, Biden and others now say, "No, we don't want to defund the police."  But here's what you need to know:  They are in fact defunding the police by demoralizing the police.
As we have previously reported, cities across the country are reporting massive police resignations and retirements.  Meanwhile, recruitment of new officers is nearly impossible.  Why? 
Because many of our elites, including the president, constantly claim that American law enforcement is racist.  Hollywood celebrities compare our police to Nazis.  Millionaire athletes call our police pigs.  Now the Biden Justice Department is launching investigations of entire police departments.  (Here and here.)
Would you stay in a job where you risked your life every day only to be called a racist, a Nazi and a pig? 
Make no mistake about it:  There is a war against cops in America.  Some on the left are open about it.  They demand we get rid of the police.  Others claim they disagree.  But they use rhetoric and push policies that will result in only one logical outcome – more crime and fewer police to protect you. 
Biden's Border Crisis
Joe Biden raised eyebrows recently for suggesting that his administration has "gotten control" of the border crisis.  The American people clearly disagree.  A new Harvard/Harris poll finds that 80% of Americans believe the situation at the border is a crisis that demands immediate attention.
And they're right.  Just consider these headlines:
"Rio Grande Sector Remains Nation's Busiest, Over 2,200 Illegal Busts A Day"
"Border Patrol In California Sees 51 Percent Rise In Illegal Immigrants In April"
"Migrant 'Got-Away' Total Exceeds 185K This Year"

"12 Texas Counties Declare Emergencies As Border Crisis Worsens"

"Del Rio Border Sector Chief: Sex Offender Arrests Up Over 2,000%"
Does any of that sound like "control" to you?
Here's what many still don't understand:  Joe Biden's idea of "control" isn't your idea of control.  
He's not talking about border security or controlling illegal immigration, which is expected to hit a record two million crossings this year.  He's talking about faster processing of children and illegal migrants at the border. 
The "crisis" Biden is concerned about is that there's a record number of illegal aliens in border detention facilities.  The "control" he's talking about means getting them out of the detention facilities as quickly as possible, giving them access to medical care and teachers, getting them into hotels or your community even faster.
Joe Biden and the Democrats have no intention of "controlling" who crosses the border and enters our country.  Their goal is to make it easier for them.