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Tuesday, May 18, 2021 -- Mixed Messages, Marxists In The Military, Strength In Numbers

Mixed Messages On The Middle East
While Joe Biden continues to figure out how he can surrender to Iran, he has found a way to surrender to the socialist Squad. 
In recent days, Biden has signaled support for Israel's right to defend itself as the terrorists of Hamas fire thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians.  But the progressive wing of the Democrat Party upped its attacks on the "apartheid state of Israel," a disgusting smear against the most diverse and most democratic state in the Middle East.
Sadly, Biden is changing his rhetoric.  Now, he's pressuring Israel for a cease-fire.  This pressure is misguided.  Israel isn't the problem.  The genocidal terrorists of Hamas and their Holocaust-denying sponsors in Iran are the problem!
The bottom line is that the more the White House caves to anti-Israel radicals, the more likely it is that there will be a major war in the Middle East.
The region knows that Israel is unbeatable, especially if the United States stands solidly with the Jewish state.  But if there is any question about the U.S.-Israeli alliance, it will hasten the day when Israel is set upon by its enemies. 
Ironically, the socialist Squad is attacking Biden for not being sufficiently critical of Israel, when in fact he is engaged in the one thing that could literally result in the destruction of Israel. 
While thousands of rockets rain down on the Jewish state, our negotiators are still sitting at a table in Vienna desperately trying to negotiate a deal that will provide Iran's ayatollah with billions of dollars of sanctions relief. 
That money will immediately be used not only to replenish the rockets that have been fired into Israel, but to give Hamas and Hezbollah even more powerful rockets and missiles to kill even more Israelis. 
If Biden can't stand up to radicals like AOC, Omar, and Tlaib, how can we expect him to stand up to the mullahs of Iran?
Just in case you have any doubt that anti-Semitism is driving much of the left's opposition to Israel, just ponder these examples: 

  • Adeel Raja has worked as a freelance writer for CNN since 2013.  He was fired over the weekend after tweeting, "The world today needs a Hitler."  Such disgusting statements were not unusual for Raja.  
  • In London, anti-Israel protesters were heard chanting, "F--k the Jews.  F--k their mothers.  F--k their daughters.  Rape their daughters." 

And in another sign of growing division on the left, Black Lives Matter has publicly declared its support for Hamas.  Yesterday, the group tweeted this:
"Black Lives Matter stands in solidarity with Palestinians.  We are a movement committed to ending settler colonialism in all forms and will continue to advocate for Palestinian liberation. (Always have. And always will be.) #freepalestine"
Standing With Israel
Former Vice President Mike Pence came out swinging against Biden's policy in the Middle East.  In a new "must read" opinion piece at National Review, Pence warns that Biden has "replaced strength with weakness, moral clarity with confusion, and loyalty with betrayal. . . and Israelis are paying the price in blood."
You can read more here.
Marxists In The Military
I'd like you to imagine a nightmare scenario.  Imagine that communists, whether Soviet-era communists during the Cold War or the Chinese communists now, infiltrated our military. 
Imagine that they were teaching our brave men and women in uniform that the country they are being asked to fight and die for is actually an evil nation built on white supremacy, slavery and discrimination. 
If an enemy could ever do that to us, America would be doomed.  No army is going to fight and die for a nation it believes is evil.  But that is exactly what is happening in the American military right now.
Under the guise of fighting racism, our military personnel are being required to read books and watch videos promoting critical race theory, which is simply repackaged Marxism based on the lie that people's lives are determined by their race.  It teaches that white people are inherently oppressors, and that America is evil.
Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier of the Space Force, an important new wing of our military, recently had to read a book that repeatedly called America "a white supremacist nation." 
He was shocked at what was being taught to the troops, like the lie that America began in 1619 when the first African slaves were brought to the British colonies.  America began in 1776, and it wasn't founded on slavery!
Lohmeier blew the whistle on this radical ideology, and now he's fighting to keep his job. 
Whatever happens, he's already a hero.  He is battling domestic enemies who are undermining the very idea of America and trying to erase over 100 years of racial progress.  Lt. Col. Lohmeier doesn't deserve to be fired.  He deserves a medal.
Little League Too?
Sadly, the left's poison continues to infect all aspects of society.  Believe it or not, all Little League coaches in Alexandria, Virginia, have been ordered to cancel practices on May 24th so they can attend a course on "diversity, equity and inclusion," as if there is a big problem with racism in Little League.
During this course, which costs as much as $10,000, local Little League coaches will be instructed on now they can identify "their own 'internalized racism' and 'potential institutional racism' in the community." 
In other words, the coaches are going to sit through a course to be told how racist they are and what a bunch of bigots their neighbors are. 
This is insane!
Strength In Numbers
As we have noted in previous reports, several states have passed laws to protect girls' sports.  In most cases, the laws are very simple:  If you're going to play school sports, you have to play on the team that matches your biological sex.  (Oh, the horror!)
The whole point of girls' sports is so they don't have to compete against a biological boy who claims to be a girl.  If we can't maintain that simple standard, then we may as well abolish girls' sports entirely and make every sport unisex. 
Last week, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed legislation into law that also preserves private spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms, so that women and girls are not forced to share bathrooms with biological men.  This seems perfectly reasonable, yet it is stunning that we're even having to debate this. 
Major corporations are threatening states that pass these commonsense laws.  Upping the ante even more, the NCAA said it would ban major games and championships in states that passed such laws.  Some governors lost their nerve.
But several states refused to be intimidated, and now the NCAA has apparently caved.  It announced Sunday that several significant tournaments will be held in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma – states that require athletes to play on teams that match their biological sex.
The lesson here is that there is safety in numbers. There are 23 states with Republican governors and Republican legislatures. If conservative elected officials stick together, there is no way corporations and organizations can boycott half the country. 
And politicians who can't stare down woke corporations and bureaucrats in the NCAA, should get out of politics.  They are precisely the kind of feckless wimps who frequently disappoint conservative voters as they move up the political ladder.