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Tuesday, March 9, 2021 -- Biden's Super Spreader Policy, What's Wrong With Joe, Good News

Biden's Super Spreader Policy
The Biden Administration, liberal Democrat governors and the left-wing media have taken virtually every aspect of American life that people yearn for and labeled those activities as "super spreader events."
For example, they have kept the schools closed because they said they would be super spreader places. That was completely contrary to the science, yet in many big cities they still won't open our schools. 
They have almost completely destroyed American sports.  When the Super Bowl took place, we were told that many experts were having sleepless nights, worried that it would cause a spike in virus infections.  It didn't happen.
I went to an outdoor event at the White House to celebrate the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.  Several people who worked at the White House were later diagnosed with COVID. 
USA Today not only called it a "White House super spreader event," it published a photo of all of us outside in the Rose Garden.  They identified most of us by name, and asked for help identifying the others at this "White House super spreader event."  They stopped just short of issuing "Most Wanted" posters for us!
Now the same people who haven't wanted American citizens to enjoy one ounce of normalcy over the past year are proud of the fact that they have created a crisis at the southern border.  Thousands of illegal immigrants are flowing into our country, many of whom are infected with the coronavirus
What is happening on the southern border right now is, without any fear of contradiction, a Biden super spreader policy that should be condemned by everyone.
Not Helpful
While we're all happy about the progress being made on the coronavirus vaccinations, the CDC continues to mystify everybody with its guidelines. 
Yesterday, the CDC made a big announcement.  If you have gotten the vaccination and are visiting with other people who have been vaccinated, the CDC now says you have permission to take your mask off indoors.  Wow! 
But the CDC also said that even if you have your vaccination, non-essential travel is discouraged. 
Excuse me?  Why is our government telling people who have been vaccinated that they still can't travel? 
What's Wrong With Joe?
The evidence of President Biden's cognitive decline is growing.  I don't say that with any glee.  Sadly, I feel he is being exploited by those around him who don't have his best interests, or the country's, in mind. 
I believe it is one of the reasons his staff hid him in the basement during last year's campaign, and why they had so many "lids" or down times on his schedule. 
Sometimes I see him deliver a speech and think maybe I am wrong.  But then I realize that Biden was just reading from a teleprompter.  Of course, even that hasn't always gone well, and there were times when he read out instructions that he wasn't supposed to.
But when Biden attempts to speak off-the-cuff, he increasingly seems to have difficulty finding his words.  In Texas recently, Biden struggled to remember the names of prominent Democrats. 
During an online event, the White House staff cut off the live feed rather than let him take questions.  Biden tried to take a victory lap this weekend after the Senate passed his $1.9 trillion bailout bill, but he had difficulty conveying essential points.
At a White House event yesterday recognizing the appointment of two female generals, Biden seemingly forgot the name of his secretary of defense and the building where he works, eventually referring to him as "the guy who runs that outfit over there."  (It's the Pentagon, Joe!)
Biden is obsessed with masks.  He wears them outside, and he ordered all of us to do so, which is completely unnecessary.  He regularly lectures us about masks. 
Yet even after telling us, "For God's sake, wear a mask," he still forgot his!  He's done it before.  And he did it again yesterday.
Here's another odd thing.  There are multiple reports that Vice President Kamala Harris is "playing an unusually large role" in foreign policy, including making calls to foreign leaders. 
Why is that?  Is Harris taking on more work because there are "lids" on the commander-in-chief's days in the White House too?
Not surprisingly, a majority of voters are growing increasingly concerned that Biden still hasn't held a formal press conference yet.
You Read It Here First
Two weeks ago, I told you that China's Communist Party was increasingly parroting the rhetoric of the radical left to attack America and our allies.  Or is the left parroting the communist Chinese to attack America?  Either way, it's difficult to tell the difference between Chinese communist rhetoric and American progressive rhetoric.
I'm pleased to see that Wall Street Journal picked up on this.  The Journal published an editorial Sunday entitled, "The Woke Chinese Communist Party." 
Last week, I told you that Biden's Blue State bailout bill included reparations for black farmers.  I am pleased to see that Senators Lindsey Graham and Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) are speaking out against it. 
On Fox News yesterday, Toomey blasted the bill, saying:
"There's reparations for minority farmers [who] don't have to demonstrate any financial stress or any adverse effect from COVID, but they'll get 120% of whatever indebtedness they have just paid for by the taxpayer.  But not if you're a white farmer. It's outrageous and, I think, unconstitutional."
This morning on CNBC, Toomey said the bill was "an embarrassment" and "a disaster," and he again called out the plan's reparations for minority farmers.
Frankly, every Republican member of Congress should be exposing the radical left as pawns of communist China, and they should be exposing the obscene and indefensible spending in this Democrat bailout bill. 
I am glad that our keen insights in these daily reports are on the cutting edge, keeping you up-to-date and informed.  It's your support that makes it happen, and we can't do it without you!
Please stand with me right now!
Good News
There was an important victory for free speech and religious liberty at the Supreme Court yesterday.  The justices ruled 8-to-1 that speech codes at Georgia Gwinnett College unconstitutionally prevented a student from sharing his Christian faith on campus.
Friday, federal Judge Rudolph Contreras rejected a Democrat lawsuit attempting to force the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.  The lawsuit was brought by the attorneys general of Illinois, Nevada and Virginia after their states recently ratified the ERA, even though the deadline for ratification passed decades ago.
Thankfully, Judge Contreras (an Obama appointee!) wasn't having any of it.  In his opinion, he stated that the ratification deadline was "just as effective as . . . the text of a proposed amendment."
In other news, election reform measures are continuing to advance at the state level.  The Georgia Senate passed legislation yesterday limiting "no-excuse absentee voting" and tightening voter ID requirements for absentee ballots.
And Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed legislation into law that enacts numerous commonsense election reforms, including efforts to return her state to the concept of an Election Day rather than an Election Month.