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Tuesday, March 7, 2023 -- Tucker Reveals The Truth, Speaking Of Insurrections, China's Spy Cranes

Tucker Reveals The Truth


Last night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed just a small portion of the thousands of hours of surveillance video from the January 6th conflict on Capitol Hill.  More will be unveiled tonight.


It was immediately clear that the Pelosi-controlled January 6th Select Committee was in fact a kangaroo court and a massive state-sponsored disinformation campaign. 


Of course, we knew that was the case when then-Speaker Pelosi stacked the committee with leftists and RINOs, and then brought in a high-powered media executive to help “produce” the hearings for prime time.  It was every bit the Stalinist show trial that it was meant to be.


But thanks to Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Tucker Carlson’s efforts, we can now see how Democrats tampered with the evidence and lied to the American people about the events on that fateful day.


Yes, rioting and vandalism occurred in the Capitol Building.  It never should have happened.  There’s no excuse for it, and no one is defending it.


But the videos Carlson showed last night revealed many people walking peacefully through the Capitol Building – staying inside rope lines, admiring the art and snapping selfies. 


Hardly the stuff of “violent insurrections.” 


We saw the infamous “QAnon shaman,” Jacob Chansley, being calmly escorted through the hallways by multiple police officers as if they were his personal tour guides.  At one point, they walk through another group of at least six police officers and no one moves to question or arrest him. 


Once Chansley reached the Senate floor, he prayed and thanked God for the officers’ assistance! 


Hardly the stuff of “violent insurrections.”


Carlson proved that the January 6th Committee deliberately edited the surveillance video to mock Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and make him look like a fleeing coward. 


He was in fact part of a larger group of elected officials who were being escorted out of the building.  Hawley was at the back of the pack, and was running to catch up.  But that’s not at all what Pelosi’s kangaroo court showed the American people.


Carlson revealed how Democrats and their media allies shamelessly exploited the death of Officer Brian Sicknick, claiming he was killed by “Trump supporters” in a “deadly insurrection.”  Sicknick wasn’t murdered and he didn’t die on January 6th.  Nevertheless, Democrats turned this Trump voter into a liberal martyr.     


And Carlson also demonstrated that Ray Epps, at a minimum, lied in his testimony about his role in the events of that day.  We reported yesterday that 61% of voters believe federal agents may have provoked the violence on January 6th. 


In one hour last night, Tucker Carlson performed more real journalism than most of the American media did over the past two years.  He exposed the January 6th Committee as the kind of propaganda you’d expect in Moscow or Beijing, not in the capital of what should be the freest nation in the world.




What’s Up With Fox?


As we have previously noted, many Americans understand that the January 6th Committee was another massive fraud, a total propaganda tool deployed against conservatives, the Republican Party and Donald Trump.  It was done to influence the 2022 elections, and it may have been one of the factors that limited conservative gains.


Now there’s even more evidence, thanks to Tucker Carlson’s exposure of the surveillance video. 


But for whatever reason, Fox News initially buried any coverage of it.  It wasn’t mentioned once on today’s early morning Fox shows, and it wasn’t until lunch time today that a significant report was prominently featured on the Fox News website. 


Fox & Friends spent a lot of time this morning talking about a South Carolina man who killed his family members.  But they said nothing about the Democrats who are trying to kill our constitutional Republic!




Speaking Of Insurrections. . .


There is remarkably little outrage in the “lamestream media” regarding the violent attack by left-wing revolutionaries and anarchists in Atlanta, Georgia.  These very real insurrectionists firebombed a facility that is being constructed to train police officers, which is what the left always says the police need – more training.


On the left, there is tremendous support for what these insurrectionists did.  Left-wing bail groups are holding a special fundraiser to get them out of jail.


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) claims the demonstrators were merely holding a legal protest, and their lawyer was only present to make sure the demonstrators’ rights were not violated.  They also said he was there in his capacity with the National Lawyers Guild. 


For those of you not familiar with the National Lawyers Guild, it’s been a communist front group for most of its existence, and has been called the “legal arm of Antifa.”


The SPLC itself is a far-left fringe group that has declared war on conservatives and Christians.  It regularly labels normal conservative organizations as “hate groups,” “white nationalists,” “bigots,” etc.  The SPLC labeled Ben Carson an “extremist.”  And this group is giving advice to Joe Biden’s FBI and Pentagon!


If SPLC staff lawyers are working with communist front groups and violent insurrectionists to attack law enforcement facilities, that should immediately end the SPLC’s involvement with any government agency.




China’s “Spy” Cranes


According to a new Wall Street Journal report, U.S. intelligence officials are increasingly worried that communist China may have sophisticated spying operations hiding in plain sight at major ports and military bases.


For decades, communist China has pursued industrial policies designed to undercut foreign competitors and dominate global markets.  In many cases, they have succeeded. 


One example of this would be the large cranes that load and unload shipping containers at ports around the world.  Eighty percent of the cranes used at U.S. ports are produced by one company in communist China.  These cranes are often operated by Chinese-made software and frequently manned by Chinese workers in the country on two-year work visas.


Two years ago, a ship delivering these cranes to the port of Baltimore was raided by the FBI and agents discovered intelligence gathering equipment on board. 


The Chinese software that operates the cranes could be tracking everything that comes in and goes out of every port.  It could also be maliciously programmed to cause massive supply disruptions in the event of a conflict between the United States and communist China.


And given what we already know about the extent of spying and espionage by the Chinese communist regime, we should assume the worst.


It’s all part of the most unprecedented data collection effort in history.  From TikTok to federal employees, college campuses to Washington’s subway railcars, police drones to military security cameras, communist China is sucking up incomprehensible volumes of information.


Meanwhile, speaking to delegates at a top Community Party meeting yesterday, President Xi Jinping blasted the United States in “unusually direct comments,” while another top communist official warned of “conflict and confrontation” between China and the U.S.


The communist Chinese are robbing us blind, and they have the audacity to warn Joe Biden that he had better back down.  That’s what an “America Last” foreign policy gets you.